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Articles related to "projects"

Grocon terminated as builder of $111m Melbourne office project

  • The crisis at Daniel Grollo's Grocon has deepened, with the company terminated as the developer and builder of an $111 million office project where hardly any work has been done for months.
  • The Northumberland project in Collingwood ā€“ a 12-level inner-city office block ā€“ has been acquired in a fund-through deal by Impact Investment Group, a fund manager backed by the wealthy Liberman family.
  • In a statement, Grocon CEO Daniel Grollo confirmed that Impact had served his company with a notice to terminate its contract for the Northumberland project.
  • In an email sent to subcontractors on the Melbourne project, Impact Investment Group said Grocon had been terminated as builder/developer with subcontractors owed $8 million and the fund manager left $20 million out pocket.
  • Impact said three quality builders were interested in taking on the project and it expected to appoint a new builder by the end of the year.

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Jetson Nano 2GB for AI & IoT projects

  • On 5 October 2020, NVIDIA launched Jetson Nano 2G Developer Kit, a small, powerful, and 59 American Dollars computer for learning and developing AI, IoT, and robotics applications.
  • The Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit requests a USB-C of 5VāŽ“3A power supply; you can check the supported power supplies.
  • The Jetson Nano, 2GB Developer Kit, doesn't come with a Wireless or Bluetooth integrated; instead, you can use a USB dongle connecting to the USB 3.0 port for better performance.
  • Not all the regions include an external USB 802.11ac wireless adapter and extension cable in the Developer Kit. Parallel processing may become hot; never touch the heatsink (big black metal) during or after use.
  • NVIDIA launched an affordable 59 dollars device that, I think, will change how we learn and develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) projects because of the combination of Ubuntu Linux and the power of NVIDIA hardware in a small device.

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