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Articles related to "propellant"

The Space Review: Building a better booster (part 1)

  • On top of that, Orbital ATK promised to fund all of the upfront engineering costs themselves using a combination of internal and Air Force funding and also deliver the new motors at a price some 40 percent lower than the existing AJ-60A, for which ULA charges $5 million.
  • And so in late 2015, ULA selected Orbital ATK to produce all of their future SRBs. The new booster family would come in two versions: the GEM 63 (Graphite-Epoxy Motor case, 63-inch diameter) for the Atlas V and, later, the GEM 63XL (eXtended Length) for the new Vulcan.
  • Inside the GEM 63’s 20.1-meter (66-foot) length, the motor will hold 39,700 kilograms (97,500 pounds) of this propellant and burn it up in just 94 seconds to produce a 1,300 psi flame and some 373,000 pounds-force of thrust for the Atlas V.

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