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Articles related to "prosecutors"

Here's everyone who has been sentenced in the college admissions scandal so far

  • Devin Sloane, the founder and chief executive of a drinking water and wastewater systems business in Los Angeles, California, was sentenced to four months in prison, 500 hours of community service, 2 years of supervised release, and has to pay a fine of $95,000.
  • Prosecutors alleged in court documents that Sloane paid Singer $250,000 to have his son admitted to the University of Southern California as a water polo recruit.
  • In September, Stephen Semprevivo, a Los Angeles-based executive at a privately held provider of outsourced sales teams, was sentenced to four months in prison, two years of supervised release, 500 hours of community service, and a fine of $100,000.
  • In October, Gordon Caplan, a Connecticut-based lawyer, was sentenced to one month in prison, a year of supervised release, 250 hours of community service, and a fine of $50,000.

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Feds arrest hundreds in takedown of massive child porn operation

  • A United States grand jury has indicted the alleged operator of a massive child pornography website, as law enforcement arrested hundreds more in a global crackdown.
  • Justice Department prosecutors said in a statement today that a 23-year-old South Korean man, Jong Woo Son, was indicted for running Welcome To Video, which officials described as the largest market for child exploitation by “volume of content.” In the statement, prosecutors said more than 300 other people across the United States and the world have also been arrested and charged for allegedly using the site.
  • In a nine-count indictment, prosecutors said Son was arrested in March of last year, and the server used to operate Welcome to Video was seized.
  • According to the indictment, law enforcement from multiple countries uncovered eight terabytes of video, 45 percent of which contained footage of child exploitation not previously known to exist.

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Luxury real-estate developer Robert Shapiro just got sentenced to 25 years in prison for defrauding thousands of elderly people in a massive Ponzi scheme

  • On Tuesday, a federal court judge sentenced Shapiro to that maximum, closing the criminal chapter on what has been a two-year-long saga surrounding the massive fraud perpetrated by Shapiro's now-defunct Sherman Oaks-based investment firm, Woodbridge Group of Companies.
  • In all, more than 7,000 property investors were defrauded over five years until Woodbridge went under in late 2017 amid a wide-reaching federal investigation into the scheme, the government said in a release announcing the sentencing.
  • The majority of the prison sentence — 20 years — is for defrauding those investors, and for committing wire and mail fraud.
  • To raise money for the fraud, Woodbridge Group promised investors — many of them elderly — that the cash would go toward building and buying luxury properties that would yield high returns.

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Justice Dept. says it's taken down 'one of the world's largest' child exploitation sites on the dark web

  • The Justice Department says it’s dismantled one of the largest child exploitation sites on the dark web.
  • With the help of international partners in the U.K. and South Korea, U.S. prosecutors have brought charges against a South Korean citizen, Jong Woo Son, for conspiracy to advertise, product, and distribute child abuse imagery.
  • Son was charged in August 2018 but the indictment was only unsealed Wednesday.
  • Prosecutors said the site was only accessible on the dark web, a term used for an encrypted and anonymized version of the internet that’s accessible through services like the Tor anonymity network.
  • Investigators identified the real-world internet location of the site by viewing the source of the website, which pointed to a server hosted at the defendant’s residence in South Korea.
  • More than three-dozen other individuals involved with the site have also been arrested and charged under various state and national laws.

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Cuba Gooding Jr. pleads not guilty to new charges in sex abuse case

  • The new charges include forcible touching and sexual abuse in the third degree, stemming from a second accuser, who according to the District Attorney's office, claims that Gooding "pinched her buttocks" without her consent and made sexually suggestive remarks to her at a New York restaurant last October.
  • It's now a four-count indictment against Gooding, which also includes the two previous misdemeanors: forcible touching and sex abuse in the third degree, related to an alleged groping incident with a different woman in June.
  • Twelve other women have come forward claiming the actor committed "similar bad acts," according to the District Attorney's office.
  • Defense attorney Heller, with Gooding present, spoke outside court after the hearing.
  • Heller said he is "shocked," "outraged" and "absolutely dumbfounded" that the prosecution was moving forward with these "incredulous cases." Heller called the new accuser's claim "less credible" than the first and demanded the District Attorney's office release additional video evidence.

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Prosecutors are scouring Rudy Giuliani's bank records and business dealings in Ukraine as part of a widening criminal investigation

  • Federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York are sifting through the bank records and foreign business dealings of Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor and President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, The Wall Street Journal reported.
  • In addition to examining Giuliani's finances, The Journal reported that federal prosecutors have interviewed witnesses about the former New York mayor since at least August about his potential role in the alleged conspiracy involving Parnas and Fruman.
  • Prosecutors are also looking into Giuliani's own involvement in pushing for Yovanovitch's abrupt removal from her role, as well as his previous consulting work in Ukraine, The Journal reported.
  • The New York Times first reported last week that prosecutors are looking at whether Giuliani violated foreign lobbying laws connected to his push for Yovanovitch's ouster.

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