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Articles related to "protected"

Google is illegally moving EU citizens data to US

  • As you may have heard already, because of brexit, Google is moving UK citizens data from the Northern Ireland data controller to the US one (Google LLC).
  • Leaving the EU, UK citizens are not protected anymore by GDPR, and while this may be unfair, Google is legally allowed to do it.
  • The "small" detail is that I'm an Italian citizen, living in Italy.
  • I have nothing to do with UK (even if lived there for a few years in the past, my account was created from Italy) and I'm fully entitled to GDPR protection and to have my data owned by a European data controller.
  • no pun intended) but I couldn't find a single contact form to report this issue and of course they are ignoring both Twitter and that forum I linked previously.
  • Should I report them to the Privacy Authority?

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