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Articles related to "protest"

Why Four Versions of Wikipedia Have Deliberately Gone Dark

  • In particular, the protest is targeting Article 13 of the law, which would effectively force large online platforms—Wikipedia included—to install technology that scans through everything people upload, in order to spot potential copyright violations.
  • As noted in a statement by the Wikimedia Foundation, the online encyclopedia has been blacked out before in digital rights protests—notably those against the SOPA and PIPA anti-piracy laws in 2012, which were successfully defeated.
  • It’s not just the digital rights crowd that oppose the new law, as the United Nations’ free-speech rapporteur, David Kaye, has repeatedly warned against Article 13.
  • Earlier this month, Kaye said the final draft had not fixed concerns in earlier versions as, even though it does not explicitly demand upload filters, it will in effect force companies to use them in order to escape legal liability for copyright violations.

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