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Articles related to "provide"

Do face masks help? Studies leaning towards yes

  • And the second is a meta-analysis of all recent studies on the use of protective gear against SARS-CoV-2 and its relatives SARS and MERS.
  • It finds support for a protective effect of masks—as well as eye protection—although the underlying evidence isn't as strong as we might like.
  • Another 30 looked at different types of face masks; 13 focused specifically on eye protection.
  • For face masks, the researchers found that the overall protective effect appeared substantial, but the underlying evidence was weak.
  • The study has some obvious limitations: it's trying to integrate a huge amount of individual bits of research that may use different methods and measures of success.
  • One thing that the authors acknowledge failing to account for is any measure of the duration of exposure, which will undoubtedly influence the effectiveness of different forms of protection.

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Where is it Really Safe to Store Bitcoin?

  • BitAmp is a new generation open-source Bitcoin wallet that emphasizes privacy and security.
  • BitAmp developers have created an easy-to-use open-source bitcoin wallet on the user side.
  • The interface also provides the possibility for users to create new Bitcoin wallets in an instant, just writing down a phrase of 12 words.
  • The ones who have the seed phrases created on other platforms, such as Electrum, Mycelium, Ledger, can access their Bitcoins anonymously and securely via the Bitamp website.
  • Company operations are performed locally in users’ browsers through javascript, while user data and private keys are never transmitted or stored, providing clients complete control over their bitcoins.
  • Bitamp is the perfect solution for those who are looking for an easy-to-use Bitcoin wallet for self-storage.
  • CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the press release.

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Best available evidence supports physical distancing and wearing face masks

  • A new meta-analysis, which brings together a significant amount of research on SARS-CoV-2 and related coronavirus protection, provides the best available evidence for physical distancing, mask use, and eye protection.
  • The authors conclude that there is good evidence that maintaining a minimum distance of 1 meter, or about 3.3 feet, from other people is likely to have a significant effect on reducing the spread of the virus.
  • The authors found good evidence that both face masks and eye masks significantly reduced transmission of the virus for health care workers and people working in the community, such as care home workers.
  • Nonetheless, in the absence of randomized controlled trials that can provide more information and a greater degree of certainty — and until a vaccine or effective treatment is developed — the research presents policymakers and clinicians with valuable interim information on which to base key decisions.

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NYT staff slam paper for Cotton op-ed calling for military to quell protests - Business Insider

  • New York Times staff openly protested against the publication after the paper ran an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton calling for military action to quell Black Lives Matter protests.
  • Cotton, a GOP senator in Arkansas, dubbed protesters as rioters in the editorial and said "outnumbered police officers ...
  • In light of Cotton's op-ed, several Times writers, including Pulitzer winner Nikole Hannah-Jones, posted the line, "Running this puts Black @nytimes staff in danger," on Twitter, while others condemned the publication's decision to run the op-ed.
  • Other journalists and Twitter users have also tweeted the line, expressing solidarity with The Times' reporters.
  • In a story published by New York Times media reporter Marc Tracy on Wednesday, three Times journalists said that their sources would no longer provide information in light of the op-ed.

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Frontier users must pay “rental” fee for equipment they own until December

  • A law approved by Congress and signed by President Trump in December 2019 prohibits providers from charging device-rental fees when customers use their own equipment, and it was originally scheduled to take effect on June 20.
  • As the nation tackles the COVID-19 pandemic, multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) and providers of fixed broadband Internet access service are among the entities that are integral to the Commission's ongoing, nationwide effort to keep Americans informed and connected during this national emergency.
  • The new law, the FCC noted, "prohibits MVPDs and providers of fixed broadband Internet access service from charging consumers for equipment they do not provide." Compliance with the rental-fee provision and other billing-transparency requirements in the new law "may require that subject entities make changes to existing billing systems, provide employee training, or take other compliance measures, thereby requiring providers to divert resources away from other consumer demands brought on by the pandemic," the FCC said.

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BBC releases its own ‘Beeb’ voice assistant in beta

  • Beeb’s is an attempt by the BBC to have more control over user experience and user data, rather than ceding it all to large tech firms like Amazon and Google, whose Alexa and Google Assistant command the vast majority of the voice assistant market.
  • In the past, the BBC has been reluctant to indiscriminately provide all its content over third-party platforms like Google Podcasts and TuneIn. The BBC’s voice assistant has launched with a relatively limited selection of features.
  • Over the past year, other major voice assistant providers have been hit by scandals as it’s emerged that their employees and contractors have been able to listen to voice recordings from the services.
  • BBC News notes that beta testers will be asked to provide details of their accent to help further train the assistant.

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Instacart will expand sick pay to more shoppers

  • Under the agreement, the company is also launching a telemedicine pilot in the DC area to remotely diagnose shoppers who believe they may have contracted the disease, and provide childcare assistance pay to eligible workers while schools are closed.
  • In March, Instacart announced that employees who were quarantined or tested positive for COVID-19 would receive 14 days of sick pay, meant to encourage them to stay home rather than spreading the disease further.
  • Under the new policy, anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 by their health care provider would be eligible for sick pay — even if they have not received a positive test.
  • Instacart also pledged to provide sick pay to shoppers who live in the same residence as someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, seeing them as particularly at risk of contracting the disease.

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What motivates innovative entrepreneurs: Money or altruism?

  • Working closely with over 100 global social entrepreneurs at MIT Solve, I’ve noticed a very different profile than the Silicon Valley hero.
  • He wanted to find a solution that would help everyone know what to do, and “feel like a good parent.” Since its founding, Kinedu has impacted 4 million lives, and now, in response to COVID-19, Kinedu is offering free subscriptions to any parent in need of support while they self-isolate at home.
  • Global entrepreneurs can submit their business solutions to be selected for funding, mentorship and support.
  • These are all ways to make your program feel accessible to an innovator without an MBA or tech background — someone like Arturo Hernández, a comedian turned startup founder who created Supercívicos, an app whose 1.5 million users geolocalize urban challenges and crowdsource support for public officials to address them.

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Appway raises $37M, its first-ever funding, for financial customer management tools

  • Appway, which provides software to help banks and others that transact with customers to build banking, mortgage, regulatory compliance and other service management tools, has raised $37 million in equity funding from a single investor, Summit Partners.
  • Hans Peter Wolf, Appway’s CEO who co-founded the company with Oliver Brupbacher, said in an interview that the money will go towards continued expansion of its business, both by adding more customers and by building more tools for those customers in turn to provide services to their own users.
  • The services that it provides range from online banking, mortgage software and wealth management, through to account management, onboarding of new services and customers, and a long list of back-office tools to manage customers and data to help the financial services companies comply with regulatory requirements.

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Nest users now covered by Google’s ultra-secure Advanced Protection Program

  • Accounts for Google’s Nest line of smart home devices are now covered by the company’s Advanced Protection Program, which traditionally has provided enhanced security for journalists, politicians, elections workers, and other people who are frequently targeted by hackers.
  • Once an account is enrolled and each device (including a phone) is authenticated through the physical-key process Google calls bootstrapping, people can use their iOS or Android devices as a security key.
  • Once users have ownership of two or more (non-phone) physical security keys, enrolling in APP takes five to 10 minutes, most of which is taken up with the one-time enrollment of keys and the logging out and subsequent logging in of each computer or handheld device during the bootstrapping process.
  • On Monday, Google said that it’s extending APP to Nest, a line of devices that allow users to remotely control thermostats, locks, surveillance cameras, home entertainment systems, and other household devices.

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