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Articles related to "public"

Senior administration officials on the road to sell Trump's 'law-and-order' campaign message

  • Speaking from Arizona, a battleground state, Wolf ran through a litany of immigration policy changes, touting them as successes while delivering veiled criticisms at Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's immigration proposals.
  • In recent weeks, Wolf has appeared at a number of press conferences, of which some have been focused on singling out jurisdictions that limit cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities, a policy Trump has repeatedly criticized.
  • Immigration enforcement also falls under Trump's "law-and-order" push and on Thursday, Wolf delivered a full-throated defense of the myriad immigration policy changes ushered forward by this administration.
  • Barr, who was appointed as the attorney general in February 2019, has refrained from responding each time Trump criticized his life's work with law enforcement and has continued making public appearances at various law enforcement organization events to spread the same tough-on-crime rhetoric.

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Activists turn facial recognition tools against the police

  • Law enforcement has used facial recognition to identify criminals, using photos from government databases or, through a company called Clearview AI, from the public internet.
  • The New York Times reported in July 2019 that Colin Cheung, a protester in Hong Kong, had developed a tool to identify police officers using online photos of them.
  • Mr. Howell gathered thousands of images of Portland police officers from news articles and social media after finding their names on city websites.
  • In 2016, an anti-surveillance group in Chicago, the Lucy Parsons Lab, started OpenOversight, a “public searchable database of law enforcement officers.” It asks people to upload photos of uniformed officers and match them to the officers’ names or badge numbers.
  • Mr. Howell originally wanted to make his work publicly available, but is now concerned that distributing his tool to others would be illegal under the city’s new facial recognition laws, he said.

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Leverage public data to improve content marketing outcomes

  • Recently I’ve seen people mention the difficulty of generating content that can garner massive attention and links.
  • It’s my strong opinion that there’s no shortcut to earning press mentions and that only truly new, newsworthy and interesting content can be successful.
  • One of the best ways you can create press-earning, data-focused content is by using existing data sets to tell a story.
  • There are tens of thousands — perhaps hundreds of thousands — of existing public datasets that anyone can leverage for telling new and impactful data-focused stories that can easily garner massive press and high levels of authoritative links.
  • The last five years or so have seen huge transparency initiatives from the government, NGOs and public companies making their data more available and accessible.

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Inside Melania Trump's unprecedented campaign trail absence

  • Melania Trump has never been comfortable in the public eye and campaign travel is not something she enjoys, a source who has worked with the first lady said.
  • Trump's unwillingness to campaign or attend fundraisers has been an at times frustrating concept for members of the Trump campaign to swallow, according to two campaign sources, as having a first lady speak to voters is historically the most compelling and effective mode of surrogacy.
  • On Tuesday, after Trump's abrupt cancellation, a source familiar with the first lady's schedule told CNN there was no "rain date" given.
  • When she does ultimately participate in a campaign event, the timing would follow the pattern she opted for in 2016, where she gave her longest speech to date, in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, just five days before the election and after a four-month hiatus from campaign appearances.

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Global stocks slide as progress on stimulus stalls with just two weeks to go to the US election

  • Global stocks dropped on Thursday, driven lower by another blow to expectations that US lawmakers may agree on a stimulus framework before the November election.
  • The dollar index edged higher by 0.1%, to $92, but was still around its lowest in almost two months.
  • S&P; 500 futures edged lower overnight after a top US official said Russia and Iran have "taken specific actions to influence public opinion" relating to the presidential election.
  • Elsewhere in Europe, shares fell for a fourth day after new records of coronavirus cases were set across the region and governments continued to re-impose movement restrictions on citizens.
  • Economically-sensitive commodities like copper and nickel also dropped about 0.4%, suggesting deteriorating expectations for the global industrial economy.
  • The price hit a 15-month high the previous day after PayPal said it would soon allow users to buy, sell, and hold Bitcoin.

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AFL kicks business goal in league country

  • In Queensland, where to say “"Emperor of Lang Park" means to talk about rugby league legend Wally Lewis, business is backing the one-off spectacle of an AFL grand final in Brisbane.
  • The Gabba is hosting the game at a 30,000 person capacity thanks to state government support when the whole league moved to Queensland due to the pandemic, a decision sparked by the Victorian heartland suffering from a spike in virus infection rates.
  • Kylie Rogers, AFL’s general manager of commercial at AFL, said the corporate options had sold out too with an overwhelming local level of support.
  • David Elia, the Melbourne-based chief executive of industry superannuation fund Hostplus, is attending the final as a guest of the AFL, having in September spent two weeks in quarantine on the Gold Coast.
  • Hostplus is a sponsor of the Gold Coast Suns AFL team and said Mr Elia was also meeting the local investment managers in the state.

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Senate Republicans defend Barrett against new report highlighting her time on board of school system that reportedly has anti-LGBTQ policies

  • Washington (CNN) - Senate Republicans are defending Judge Amy Coney Barrett a day before her Senate Judiciary Committee vote against Democratic criticism of her record and a new report from the Associated Press that highlights her previous position on the board of an private Christian school system that the AP reports has anti-LGBTQ policies.
  • The comments from McConnell come on the same day as a report from The Associated Press detailing Barrett's involvement with Trinity Schools, Inc., a private anti-LGBTQ Christian school system whose board she served on for nearly three years, according to the report.
  • But Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Wednesday took aim at Barrett for previously sitting on the school system's board, arguing the new report from the AP demonstrates what's at stake for Americans should she be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

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Respected scientific journals publicly oppose Trump

  • In an unprecedented move, a number of high profile scientific and medical journals have declared their opposition to President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2020 election.
  • As of this week, The Lancet Oncology, Science, Nature, and the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) have all publicly announced their opposition to President Trump.
  • If you would like to check your registration status or register to vote, we have added some useful links at the bottom of this article.
  • Closer to home, they also remind us that the current administration has interfered with health and scientific agencies, thereby undermining public trust in these important institutions.
  • In particular, the authors worry that the current administration has weakened the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • In agreement with the Nature piece, The Lancet Oncology‘s article mourns the budget reductions imposed on important scientific and health agencies under President Trump.

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Charlotte removes the name of a white supremacist North Carolina governor from a branch library

  • The results of that audit found 10 items that needed to be removed from public display along with the name change of one of the branches -- The Morrison Regional Library.
  • The Morrison Regional Library was named after former North Carolina Gov. Cameron Morrison.
  • In 1898, before he was governor, Morrison was a leader of the "Red Shirts," a vigilante group that promoted white supremacy tactics and intimated Black people from voting, according to the North Carolina History Project.
  • While he participated in the white supremacy campaigns of the turn of the century, as governor, Morrison "sought improved race relations and particularly combated lynching," according to the North Carolina History Project.
  • Library officials and the Harris family worked together to come to a resolution on the name change, Lee told CNN.

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Datto trades modestly higher after pricing IPO at top of range

  • The company’s IPO comes on the back of a rapid-fire Q3 in which a host of technology companies, particularly software, made it to the public markets.
  • Datto’s IPO is one among what appears set to be a smaller Q4 class, though offerings like Airbnb and Affirm are still tipped to be coming in short order.
  • However, Datto’s CEO Tim Weller told TechCrunch in a call that the company will still be well-capitalized after the public offering, saying that it will have a very strong cash position.
  • The company did not entertain a SPAC-led public debut, with Datto’s founder, Austin McChord, saying that his company had long planned a traditional public offering.
  • Closing on the Vista front, McChord said that the removal of Vista’s Brian Sheth was immaterial to Datto’s IPO process.

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