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Articles related to "qbasic"

Serverless QBasic

  • Through circumstances that I don’t fully recall, we eventually learned that our computers hosted a DOS program called QBASIC.EXE: a development environment for BASIC.
  • In the rest of this post, I get back to programming in QBasic; in particular, I’ll show how to build a serverless function that runs QBasic programs in the cloud, using the original environment from Microsoft,2 Docker and OpenWhisk.
  • When running it, a DOSBox window will show up, then flash through the QBasic IDE, and finally close itself, having written the result to LOG.TXT.
  • There we have our final product; a webpage with a JavaScript function that calls a web API, which triggers the execution of a Python script in a Docker container, which starts a DOS emulator, itself running QBasic to encode our message into Morse.

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