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Articles related to "quantum-computing"

Microsoft's quantum boss explains how she rose through the ranks at Microsoft and how to get a job in the hottest emerging tech field

  • Love spoke with Business Insider about the opportunity that exists in quantum computing, and how to make a career out of one of the most important emerging industries.
  • Practical applications for quantum computing, Love said, could include solving hard problems like optimizing traffic in metropolitan areas and training machine learning models exponentially faster.
  • It's hard to give a timeline, Love said, of when quantum computing will become more tangible – but there are career opportunities in the space right now.
  • Love first worked out of Yale University as a quantum physicist before landing a job in semiconductor manufacturing at McKinsey, ultimately taking her into the corporate world, then to Adobe and Microsoft.
  • While Love said almost half of the people on Microsoft's quantum systems leadership are women, the company – much like the tech industry in general – still employs comparatively few women and people of color in technical roles.

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