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Articles related to "range"

Belgian F-16s scrambled to intercept 2 Russian nuclear-capable supersonic bombers over the Baltic Sea

  • Belgian Air Force F-16s scrambled to intercept two Russian Tu-160 Blackjack supersonic, nuclear-capable bombers, accompanied by two Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker fighters over the Baltic Sea on Tuesday.
  • The Belgian Air Force has been guarding the Baltic airspace since September 3, when it took over the police mission from fellow NATO member Hungary, which was supported by Spain and the UK in its mission.
  • Four Belgian F-16s and at least 60 soldiers have been deployed to protect Baltic airspace from unwelcome incursions, according to the Belgian Ministry of Defense.
  • Tuesday's interception was Belgium's first since it began its rotation over Baltic airspace, and seemingly at very close range.
  • Russian aircraft have engaged in several provocative actions over NATO airspace this year.
  • In June, British Typhoon fighter jets scrambled to intercept Russian Su-30 Flanker fighters twice in two days.

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The Army is working on a new missile that will make the Apache helicopter deadlier from even farther away

  • Apache helicopters can currently knock out enemy tanks, light bunkers, and personnel from over 7.5 miles away.
  • But the Army is looking at a future world where a new generation of attack and scout helicopters might be engaging Chinese ships and Russian air defenses on islands in the Pacific or mountains across Eurasia.
  • The Army's Future Vertical Lift Cross-Functional Team, an organization named by an old Xerox machine that gained sentience, is testing the Spike-NLOS on an AH-64E Apache attack helicopter.
  • This time-tested bad boy can deliver a shaped-charge warhead against a target 7.5 miles away.
  • Now imagine them needing to secretly cross 17 miles of desert under enemy radar coverage before they could launch their missiles.
  • It has a fiber-optic cable that spools out behind it as it flies, allowing the pilot to give new commands while the missile is in the air.

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Trump will likely be let down on his demand for a ‘Big Interest Rate Drop’ this week

  • Businesses and investors will breathe a sigh of relief this week if the Federal Reserve takes steps to insulate the economy from growing risks, as is widely expected.
  • Policymakers are poised to lower interest rates Wednesday for the second time since the financial crisis, bringing the target range a quarter percentage point lower to between 1.75% and 2%.
  • The White House began to call for large interest-rate cuts over the past several months, ranging from a half a percentage point to nearly four times that amount.
  • In the weeks since a key recession warning flashed, Trump has often in the same breath floated plans to stimulate the economy and downplayed concerns about growth.
  • He has also sought to shift any blame away from his escalating trade dispute with China, which has increasingly weighed on business outlooks and rattled financial markets in the US.

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Missiles and drones that hit Saudi oil fields: Made in Iran, but fired by whom?

  • While the mix of weapons involved and where they came from is still in dispute, this would hardly be the first time the Houthi "anti-Saudi resistance militia" used cruise missiles or drones for an attack on Saudi civilian targets.
  • For the last four years, the Houthi forces in Yemen have used a mixture of missiles and drones seized from the Yemeni military and—based on forensic evidence from downed missiles and drones—provided by Iran.
  • The Qaseth-1, according to analysis by Conflict Armament Research has been used by the Houthis since at least 2017, including in attacks targeting radars for Saudi and UAE Patriot Missile batteries.
  • The Houthis unveiled the new cruise missiles this past July and claimed to have new longer-range drones as well.
  • Regardless of who launched the attack on the Saudi Aramco oil facilities or what used, the evidence suggests that the weapons capability that allowed the precision strike came from Iran.

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Geekbench suggests Google will launch a 5G Pixel 4 XL

  • Google has actively leaked numerous details of its next-generation Pixel 4 smartphone ahead of its expected October launch, but one detail — support for fast 5G networks — appeared to be absent.
  • Early 5G networks are delivering peak speeds in the 700Mbps to 2Gbps range, depending on the network’s configuration, with more typical speeds averaging seven times faster than the current LTE connection.
  • As such, a 5G version of the Pixel 4 would likely be able to download movies, TV shows, and games much faster than non-5G versions, as well as supporting real-time streaming of mixed reality content and Twitch games over cellular connections.
  • While Sprint’s 5G network uses sub-6GHz radio frequencies similar to ones initially adopted in China, Europe, and South Korea, the top three U.S. carriers all launched with millimeter wave technology that delivers higher peak speeds over smaller coverage areas.

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Motorola’s doing smart TVs now – starting in India with 6 models from $196

  • Motorola has been making reliable budget and mid-range Android phones under Lenovo’s guidance for the past few years.
  • It’s now putting its badge on a smart TV for the Indian market, with a range starting at 32 inches and going up to 65 inches.
  • The Android 9.0-based 4K model was developed in partnership with Flipkart, a major ecommerce store that’s owned by Walmart and rivals Amazon in India.
  • The company also offers a range of budget gadgets and tech accessories.
  • Manufactured in India, this TV features an IPS panel, which makes for a 178-degree viewing angle, and Dolby Vision support.
  • These models will all go on sale across India on September 29, on Flipkart.
  • The smart TV market has been steadily growing in India over the past couple of years with the likes of Samsung, LG, TCL, and Xiaomi having thrown their hats in the ring.

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Attack on Saudi oil field a game-changer in Gulf confrontation

  • Houthi rebels in Yemen claimed the attack, saying that 10 drones had targeted Abiqaiq, as well as the Khurais oilfield.
  • But attacks of this scale and accuracy would represent a sudden and remarkable increase in Houthi capabilities, and neither the United States nor Saudi Arabia is buying the claim.
  • The Houthis have sent dozens of drones and short-range ballistic missiles against Saudi Arabia in the past two years.
  • A source with knowledge of the incident told CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen late Saturday that preliminary indications were the drones/missiles "did not originate from Yemen and likely originated from Iraq." A second source in the Gulf region told CNN that while there was no proof yet, the indications were that the attack originated in southern Iraq.
  • Earlier this year, some regional analysts assessed that a drone attack on a pumping station at Afif in northern Saudi Arabia originated in Iraq.

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