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Articles related to "range"

Ford’s all-electric SUV gets an official name: Mustang Mach-E

  • Ford’s all-electric Mustang-inspired SUV won’t be revealed to the public until November 17th, so, naturally, the slow drip-drip of information has begun.
  • The company finally announced the vehicle’s official name — the Mustang Mach-E — and you’ll be able to reserve one for yourself starting this Sunday.
  • For a while, Ford was using the codename “Mach 1” to refer to the electric SUV.
  • Ford has said it would introduce up to 40 all-electric and hybrid vehicles by 2022 (across all of Ford’s global markets).
  • The company has already teasing an all-electric F-150 truck that is expected to follow the SUV into the market.
  • But the company is already looking beyond these initial EVs. Ford said last April that it will build an electric SUV using tech from EV startup Rivian as part of a $500 million investment.

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Brand management shouldn't be an afterthought. A Kellogg marketing professor offers 3 ways to come up with a brand as memorable as Lululemon or Airbnb.

  • Roese, a professor of marketing at the Kellogg School who studies the psychology of judgment and decision making, believes it is never too early for entrepreneurs to focus on the customer and their needs.
  • Roese offered three ways entrepreneurs can incorporate early-stage brand management into their startup plans.
  • Understanding your brand's personality, and where it might go in the future, is especially key when it comes time to develop a brand design plan: choosing a color scheme, coming up with a logo, and naming and trademarking the company's products or services.
  • Roese recommended entrepreneurs determine how those branding elements fit along a "general-specific" spectrum — and try to find a sweet spot between abstraction and specificity.
  • Yet the company's branding materials, from its logo to the look and feel of its online platform, have remained consistent, giving customers a sense of familiarity even as its products and experience design have changed.

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Credit Suisse says Tesla is running out of time as the major electric car maker, shares to dive 40%

  • Credit Suisse on Thursday noted that Tesla has nearly an 80% share of the U.S. market for electric vehicles but the firm expects that the automaker's "unique position" with its Model 3 will face a serious challenge from Ford next year.
  • Credit Suisse has had an underweight rating on Tesla shares since the firm began covering the stock in June, with a $200 price target.
  • Levy believes Tesla will soon face a key test as "the only game in town," as Ford is expected to announce the Mach-E on Sunday, a line of a Mustang-inspired electric SUVs. Ford's Mach-E will be available in the U.S, Canada and Europe next fall.
  • Credit Suisse estimates Mach-E will be priced "in the mass luxury range" between $40,000 and $50,000 miles, with an expected 300 mile range.
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Saudi Arabia is 'running out of money' and needs the Aramco IPO cash, ex-CIA director says

  • David Petraeus, former director of the CIA, says that Saudi Arabia is running out of money and needs Aramco's IPO to fuel its investments in the coming years.
  • Petraeus said that the Kingdom's budget deficit depends on the price of Brent crude, which means that the country's economy is in part tied to Aramco's success.
  • Aramco is due to go public next month, with state reports suggesting it could be December 11, though this isn't yet confirmed.
  • Recently it released its prospectus, where after the oil attacks in September, further attacks were highlighted as a risk to Aramco's success.
  • Bloomberg reported that a variety of bank valuations gave the oil-giant a wide range, roughly between$1.2 trillion and $2.2 trillion — state officials are seeking $2 trillion.
  • There are a "number of different elements that will determine the success of Vision 2030," he said, and that the plan is in "everyone's interests" to be successful.

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Living with range anxiety: Two weeks with the Jaguar I-Pace

  • To see what living with range anxiety is like, we talked Jaguar into letting us drive an I-Pace for two weeks: one in January and one in June.
  • On a 9°F (-23˚C) frigid January morning, I was almost startled when I turned on the I-Pace and saw that my range was 100 miles (161km) and that the car was 52% charged.
  • Doing the math results in a number significantly lower than the 234 miles (377km) advertised by Jaguar (max range was 191 miles (307km) at that point), but it highlights an important fact about BEVs: the car's range is heavily influenced by the ambient temperature.
  • The second I-Pace arrived at the end of June, where average high temperatures in Chicago reach into the low-to-mid-80s (27-32˚C) and can jump into the 90s (>32˚C) for days at a time.

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Video: Woman appears to be pepper sprayed, tackled by Hong Kong police - Business Insider

  • A video circulating online shows a woman being sprayed with a liquid directly in the face before being tackled to the ground by police during a tense standoff in Hong Kong.
  • Those who shared the video include Joshua Wong, who rose to fame as the face of the 2014 Umbrella protests, Member of Parliament Ray Chan, and Lo Kin-hei, the vice-chairman of The Democratic Party of Hong Kong.
  • Footage of the incident shows a woman confronting officers before she is sprayed in the face with an unknown liquid.
  • According to Wong and others who posted the video, the woman was believed to be pregnant at the time of the incident, though it is unclear from the video and has not been publicly confirmed.
  • At the Chinese University of Hong Kong, protesters threw petrol bombs at police, who responded with tear gas, according to The New York Times.

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All the best TV deals to expect on Black Friday 2019

  • But some of the best tech deals you'll find will be on TVs, at all price points, from brands across the board.
  • If you plan on shopping for a TV on Black Friday, you'll likely see an overwhelming number of deals and bundles.
  • To make sure you don't waste money on devices that won't last or don't deliver the quality you're looking for, we recommend that you choose the TV you want in advance, and then figure out when (and where) you'll get the lowest price.
  • To find the best TV brand for you, you'll first want to figure out your price range: TCL and Insignia sell a number of widely recommended budget TVs, while Samsung, Sony, and LG are better known for high-end devices.
  • Its LED display delivers better colors and contrast than other TVs in its price category.

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Aramco investors should consider Saudi Arabia's 'control' and 'influence,' analysts say

  • The public listing of Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil company has been highly anticipated by the market, but analysts say investors should consider the influence the kingdom has over the company.
  • Saudi Aramco, the world's largest oil company, announced Saturday that up to 0.5% of its shares will be allocated for individual investors in its initial public offering.
  • The 658-page preliminary prospectus divulged operational information about Saudi Aramco, but didn't list a possible price range for the shares or give a definite idea how many shares will be offered.
  • Even within the lower range of that valuation, Aramco could become the largest stock listing in history, surpassing Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba's $25 billion flotation in 2014, which still stands as the biggest IPO ever.
  • Investors will have to consider the "political influence" of the kingdom, said Daniel Gerard, senior multi-asset strategist of global market at State Street.

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