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Articles related to "range"

The scary and thrilling never fazed John Krasinski

  • At the time, he was watching his wife, Emily Blunt, perform a scene with the two child stars (Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe), who were communicating via sign language.
  • Krasinski and Blunt play husband and wife in the film.
  • Blunt earned a Screen Actors Guild award for her role, an accolade that likely came as no surprise to Krasinski, her self-described biggest fan.
  • He used his paycheck from doing the pilot for "The Office" to buy the rights to "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men," which became the first film he directed.
  • The name of his production company, Sunday Night, is a reference to his days a "a professional waiter" who wanted to be an actor.
  • On Sundays, he and a group of friends would gather and talk about books, films and dreams of creative opportunities that seemed far-fetched at the time.

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Trump: Obama told me that he 'was so close to starting a big war with North Korea'

  • WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump claimed Friday that the Obama administration "was so close to starting a big war with North Korea" when asked for details of the second summit between the U.S. and North Korea.
  • The president then said that "a lot's been accomplished" since meeting in June with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore.
  • Since 2011, the North Korean leader has fired more than 90 missiles and conducted four nuclear weapons tests, which is more than what his father, Kim Jong Il, and grandfather, Kim Il Sung, launched over a period of 27 years.
  • In 2017 alone, Kim launched 24 missiles and carried out North Korea's largest nuclear test.
  • North Korea is the only nation to test nuclear weapons this century.
  • The North's arsenal includes short- and medium-range ballistic missiles, intercontinental ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.
  • The Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile is the most powerful rocket the North has tested to date.

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Trump refused to believe US intelligence on North Korea's ICBM launch because Putin told him otherwise: McCabe

  • When US intelligence first informed the president that North Korea had launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, he reportedly refused to believe them.
  • Instead he relied on the questionable information given to him by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director of the FBI, explains in his new book "The Threat," a detail from which the Washington Post reported Thursday evening.
  • Trump reportedly dismissed the supposed launch of an ICBM as a "hoax," McCabe reveals in his new book.
  • The Trump administration later acknowledged that North Korea had, in fact, launched an ICBM.
  • Russia refused to acknowledge that North Korea had actually tested an ICBM, with Russian media reports referring to the missiles as intermediate-range ballistic missiles.
  • The insider account told by McCabe, who clashed with Trump repeatedly before he was fired last March, is disconcerting yet consistent with the president's past behavior.

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PostgreSQL 11 Reestablishes Window Functions Leadership

  • In some areas, the PostgreSQL implementation was less complete than the other implementations (range frames, ignore nulls), but in other areas it was the first major system to support them (the window clause).
  • The <distance> then refers to the number of groups to cover before and after the current row, i.e. the number of distinct sort key values.
  • PostgreSQL 11 is the first major SQL database to support groups frames.
  • To remove the current row along with all its peers from the frame, use exclude group.
  • Consider the following example, which uses xmltable (introduced with PostgreSQL 10) to transform an XML document into columns and rows.
  • When also considering run time behavior, the Oracle Database would probably win because it properly applies Top-N optimizations based on the result of monotonically advancing window functions (unlike PostgreSQL).

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The 7 best weapons for winning in 'Apex Legends,' according to the game's best players

  • But the long and short is this: Deciding which weapons are best for you in "Apex Legends" comes down to personal taste and play style.
  • The only reason the Longbow is last on this list is because "Apex Legends" prioritizes close-to-medium range combat over all else.
  • Like the Longbow, the Wingman can be paired with the Skullpiercer attachment for even more devastating headshots.
  • BONUS: If you can find the Precision Choke attachment, you can charge shots until they're super tight in scope and extremely damaging, even from mid-to-long range.
  • The Prowler Burst PDW is a bit unwieldy given that it operates as a five-round burst weapon — all that downtime between bursts is likely time you're being shot at.
  • The top two guns on this list are likely to be expected if you've been playing "Apex Legends" since launch.

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One tech stock is up 300 percent in a year, but chart analyst calls it a FOMO rally

  • Twilio has surged more than 300 percent in 12 months, miles ahead of double-digt gains by Adobe, Workday and Salesforce.
  • Blue Line Futures' Bill Baruch says it might be too late to jump into the stock now.
  • On top of its 12-month surge, the stock has risen 20 percent just this year and reached record highs as recently as this week.
  • A "butting bearish wedge" is formed when a trading range narrows as prices rise — Twilio broke out of this bearish channel earlier this year.
  • Instead of getting in now, Baruch is waiting for the cloud software stock to come back down to a more attractive entry point.
  • The bottom end of that range at $85 represents a 21 percent drop from Wednesday's close of $106.87.
  • Twilio fell 7 percent on Wednesday after topping fourth-quarter earnings estimates, but falling short on first-quarter guidance.

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NATO is getting ready for a future where Russia has a lot more missiles after Trump ditched a landmark treaty

  • However, in a background briefing with reporters, a NATO official acknowledged that there was no consensus yet on what the alliance will do if Russia does not destroy the missiles, launchers and associated training equipment.
  • Under the terms of the treaty, Russia can still retain the research labs and data associated with the missile, including prototypes, the official said.
  • A senior US official traveling with Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan told reporters that the US is only considering providing additional conventional weapons to assist in the defense of NATO if the treaty does fail.
  • The NATO official said those options are still premature.
  • Likening the INF treaty to a failed relationship, the NATO official suggested those options could be part of the discussion in the future as it gets ready for post-INF treaty world.

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Asus’ $190 ZenFone Max M2 Pro offers tremendous battery life – but little else

  • The company’s betting on a big battery and clean stock Android software to win over customers looking for a mid-range handset.
  • The device is a good choice for consistent day-to-day performance thanks to a capable mid-range processor, and mostly stock Android software with minimal bloat.
  • The Zenfone Max Pro M2’s camera system churns out sharp and vibrant pictures in daylight, and does well with Portrait mode.
  • That’s generally par for the course with budget devices, but the results from the Pro M2 were worse and less usable than I’ve seen on other handsets like the Realme 2 Pro in this price range.
  • Between the large battery and stock Android, you can rest assured the Pro M2 will outlast most other devices in this price range.
  • Another contender is the Realme 2 Pro, starting at Rs 12,990 ($189), which looks fantastic, and packs a much better camera to boot.

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Five things we learned from profits on Wednesday, February 13

  • The upbeat mood from the first weeks of earnings season was shaken on Wednesday, a diverse range of companies warning of economic weakness from political uncertainty, tightening credit conditions, falling house prices, rising fuel prices and global trade tensions.
  • Just days after the Reserve Bank downgraded its economic outlook, airline Virgin Australia, car parts supplier Bapcor and online classifieds giant Carsales delivered underwhelming profit guidance, with Virgin's outgoing chief John Borghetti warning it was hard to have confidence in the outlook beyond the next three months.
  • Results from retailers JB Hi-Fi and Super Retail Group earlier this week were better than expected, but the caution the RBA signalled when it downgraded its interest rate outlook last week has now been validated.
  • The company had warned late last year that display advertising (that is, the ads that sit around its classifieds) was weak, and its finance business was struggling badly.

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