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Articles related to "recent"

Bernie Sanders Wants Companies to Give Employees Ownership—a Trend That's Already Growing in the U.K.

  • Seeking to expand the diversity of business models in the British economy, it decided five years ago that a worker can get up to £3,600 ($4,600) in shares from the scheme each year without having to pay income tax on it, and owners who sell a controlling interest in their business to an employee ownership fund don’t have to pay capital gains tax on the sale.
  • Fans of the model point out that employee ownership is a great way to ensure workers are fully behind the company, and making the firm a desirable place to work.
  • According to Tamsin Nicholds, a senior associate at law firm FieldFisher in London, the British model of employee ownership has an edge over the American ESOP approach because of the way it incentivizes workers.

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Alphabet Executives Confronted By Frustrated Employees at Shareholder Meeting

  • The employees—upset about how the company deals with sexual harassment, its employment practices, and its development of a censored search engine for China—risked their jobs to tell Alphabet leadership that they wanted change and transparency.
  • And the fact that Page, who is Alphabet’s CEO, did not attend the meeting upset several people present.
  • In addition to fielding the usual questions about Alphabet’s business and innovations like self-driving cars, they got an earful from Google employees who wanted their voices to be heard.
  • Max Kapczynski, an employee at Alphabet’s life sciences arm Verily, spoke to support a proposal that would require Google to end allegedly unfair employment practices, like forced arbitration for Alphabet employees who don’t work in the Google division.
  • Regardless of the potential ramifications of speaking out, Marie, one of the employees at the shareholder meeting, said workers would continue to do so until the company makes critical changes.

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'Sully' Sullenberger says he struggled to recover Boeing 737 MAX in flight simulation

  • Washington (CNN) - The pilot who orchestrated the dramatic plane landing in the Hudson River 10 years ago told a congressional panel Wednesday that he can "see how crews could have run out of time" during the recent Boeing 737 MAX crashes after he struggled to recover the plane in a simulator running recreations of the doomed flights.
  • The Boeing 737 MAX has come under intense criticism after two planes of that model recently crashed in Ethiopia and Indonesia, killing a total of 346 people.
  • Following the crash of the Ethiopian plane in March, 737 MAX jets were grounded and the company has been working to come up with a fix to the automatic safety feature that has been the focus of crash investigations.
  • A time frame for the 737 Max's return to service has not yet been announced.

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Here are all the times Joe Biden has been accused of acting inappropriately toward women and girls

  • In recent months, former Vice President Joe Biden has faced scrutiny over his interactions with women, as well as his refusal to apologize for his controversial behavior.
  • Eight women have accused Biden of touching them inappropriately or invading their personal space in ways that made them feel uncomfortable.
  • None of them said Biden's behavior amounted to sexual harassment or assault.
  • The Delaware Democrat was further criticized for repeatedly making light of the allegations, and for commenting on the physical appearance of young girls he's met on the 2020 campaign trail in recent weeks.

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Here's everything you need to know about CBD, the cannabis compound that's in everything from coffee to ice cream and could soon be a $16 billion business

  • Cannabidiol, or CBD, is popping up everywhere, from creams to coffee to prescriptions.
  • CBD is one of the key compounds in cannabis plants, though it doesn't cause marijuana's characteristic high.
  • It's being touted as a treatment for all kinds of ailments, but the evidence for some uses is thin.
  • Meanwhile, CBD is already a $1 billion industry, and some on Wall Street think it could reach $16 billion, aided in part by a recent change in US law that made some CBD legal.

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Medium CEO Ev Williams wants to get the internet right this time around

  • Follow our interview with Ev Williams, the CEO of Medium and a co-founder of Twitter, at Code 2019.
  • When Medium founder and CEO Ev Williams co-founded Twitter back in 2006, he had no idea how powerful — for better or worse — the platform would become.
  • Williams recently stepped back from his role on Twitter’s board to focus on Medium, a digital publishing platform for longform content that he co-founded in 2012.
  • Recently, he’s been trying to grow the company’s paid subscription base — a tall order in a time when media giants, local news outlets, and digital media startups alike are increasingly asking readers to pay for content.
  • For more background on Williams, listen to Kara Swisher’s Recode Decode podcast with him from May, read our coverage of his recent departure from Twitter’s board, and see the changes he’s making to Medium’s business model.

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Google pledges $1B to ease Bay Area housing crisis

  • The internet giant said it will help build 20,000 homes in the Bay Area over the next ten years by pledging $1 billion toward the goal.
  • To that effect, The company will repurpose at least $750 million worth of the land it already owns in the Bay Area for residential housing.
  • The housing crisis has exacerbated in recent years, with the Bay Area having the third-largest homeless population in the US, only behind New York and Los Angeles.
  • The company is only leasing the land to developers who will rent and sell the units, helping them secure permits for affordable housing.
  • Google, which is one of the largest employers in the Bay Area, also said it hopes to get housing construction started immediately, and make the homes available in the next few years.

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People keep spotting Teslas with snoozing drivers on the freeway

  • In the last week, two different people have captured video of Tesla vehicles traveling down a freeway with an apparently sleeping driver behind the wheel.
  • The driver "was just fully sleeping, eyes were shut, hands nowhere near the steering wheel," said Miladinovich, who was a passenger in a nearby car, in an interview with NBC Channel 4.
  • Incidents involving Tesla get more attention partly because people are very interested in Tesla stories but also because the design of Autopilot makes it relatively easy for the car to continue down the road without driver supervision.
  • Others have limited "lane-keeping assist" products that will warn drivers that they're drifting out of their lane (and possibly jerk the steering wheel) but won't keep the car in its lane for long periods of time.
  • This is better than nothing; if a Tesla driver lets go of the steering wheel, the system will flash warnings and eventually bring the car to a stop.

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Lululemon is growing beyond the women's yoga pants that made it famous as competition heats up

  • Lululemon's bread and butter has long been women's yoga pants and workout clothing, but increasingly it has diversified into new categories as c ompetition in the athletic wear market heats up.
  • After adjusting for currency fluctuations, same-store sales were up 17% for the year, making it one of the company's strongest years to date, CEO Calvin McDonald said in a call with investors after earnings.
  • As the athleisure craze took off, Lululemon looked to capitalize by offering additional casual, non-athletic wear, and even business casual clothing.
  • Its expansion into business casual has been "well received and superbly executed," Saunders said in a note to clients in March.
  • The company said in a recent earnings call that it is well on its way to achieving this.
  • In December, Lululemon announced that it had been testing a new loyalty program in Edmonton, Canada.

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We’ll Never Solve Immigration If We Don’t Solve Climate Change

  • While there are a number of reasons driving this migration, including violence, poverty, and corruption, researchers now believe that climate change represents a significant underlying factor.
  • According to the World Bank, climate change could displace as many as 140 million people by 2050 in Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia.
  • First, the U.S. must address climate change as the true national and world emergency that it is.
  • In recent weeks, a significant number of American companies have formed innovative new alliances to spur action in the climate debate.
  • The Obama administration had a robust assistance strategy for these nations to increase economic opportunity and stem violence and corruption.
  • If we don’t act on climate change or immigration now with the bold, comprehensive remedies necessary, our challenges will only get worse in the decades to come.

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