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Articles related to "recently"

The Strength of Being Misunderstood

  • It seems like there are two degrees of freedom: you can choose the people whose opinions you care about (and on what subjects), and you can choose the timescale you care about them on.
  • The most impressive people I know care a lot about what people think, even people whose opinions they really shouldn’t value (a surprising numbers of them do something like keeping a folder of screenshots of tweets from haters).
  • But what makes them unusual is that they generally care about other people’s opinions on a very long time horizon—as long as the history books get it right, they take some pride in letting the newspapers get it wrong.
  • But there are lots of other ways–the key observation is that as long as you are right, being misunderstood by most people is a strength not a weakness.

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'The Voice' contestant abruptly leaves the competition

  • Gallagher was part of Kelly Clarkson's team.
  • The former contestant took to his Instagram stories to tell fans that the reason for his departure was not family related, after having recently shared that his mother was hospitalized for Covid-19.
  • Perhaps the show will share more information during Tuesday night's episode.
  • CNN has reached out to NBC for comment.

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Study: Security flaw could allow hackers to trick lab scientists into making viruses

  • Cyber-security researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev recently discovered a computer attack that could allow hackers to remotely trick laboratory scientists into creating toxins and viruses.
  • The setup: Medical professionals use synthetic DNA for a variety of reasons, including the development of immunogens for creating vaccines.
  • The Ben-Gurion researchers developed and tested an end-to-end attack that changes data on a bioengineer’s computer in order to replace short DNA sub-strings with malicious code.
  • When that researcher goes to order synthetic DNA, the malware obfuscates the order so that it looks legit to the security software the DNA shop uses to check it.
  • The DNA shop fills the order (unknowingly sending the researcher the dangerous DNA) and the researcher’s security software fails to uncover the obfuscated sub-strings so the researcher remains clueless.

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Facebook buys customer service and chatbot startup Kustomer

  • Facebook has just completed its latest acquisition, buying up a company called Kustomer.
  • The startup’s software creates a single-screen interface for businesses to manage their online conversations with customers and automate some interactions with the help of chatbots.
  • However, according to The Wall Street Journal, the company was valued at approximately $1 billion going into today’s deal.
  • The acquisition comes as Facebook makes a big push into online shopping.
  • The social media giant recently launched a feature called Shops that allows businesses to turn their Facebook and Instagram pages into online storefronts.
  • It also recently redesigned the main interface of Instagram to add a dedicated shopping tab.
  • As the WSJ points out, Facebook is no stranger to making splashy deals, having bought up more than 100 companies and startups over its 16-year history.

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To the next US secretary of education: It's time to focus on students (Opinion)

  • That's why I hope the next US Secretary of Education truly sees public education as the great equalizer for students like mine -- children beating the odds, growing up in a neighborhood with limited access to fresh produce, on the edge of the Callaway-Garrison neighborhood that was redlined in the 1930s, nearly four miles from where Freddie Gray, a Black man whose death while in police custody sparked protests, lived.
  • I took part in leadership development programs like New Leaders because I knew that kind of training -- coupled with the doctorate that I'm working on right now -- would put me on the path to being the most effective school principal and advocate for even more students in my adopted home of Baltimore.

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Students create device to capture car tyre microplastic debris

  • We hear a lot about pollution from single-use plastics like bottles and packaging, but tyre wear from vehicles is another big environmental issue.
  • A study by the UK's Air Quality Expert Group, which advises the government, recently warned about a lack of legislation to limit or reduce tyre microplastics.
  • Now a group of graduate design students may have come up with a solution, and their idea has just won a runners-up prize at the International James Dyson Awards.
  • Video edited by Trystan Young and Daniel South.
  • Listen to more stories on Newshour.

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The story I had to share after Kyle Rittenhouse posted his $2 million bail

  • The thought that enough people -- after hearing details of the shooting -- could see Rittenhouse, who is White, as innocent or justified enough in his actions to supply $2 million to get him released, made me think back to an experience I had in 1993: the moments that led up to my arrest as a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Florida, where I was on a full academic scholarship.
  • Batteries inside my book bag had caused the theft detector to beep as I exited Eckerd's that Sunday morning.
  • As these memories flood my mind, I can't help but ask: How is it that the employees in that pharmacy couldn't give me the benefit of the doubt over a $2.49 package of batteries, but Rittenhouse, who has been charged with killing two people, can be extended this courtesy?

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Dell, Switch to Build Edge Computing Infrastructure at FedEx Logistics Sites

  • Informa PLC's registered office is 5 Howick Place, London SW1P 1WG.
  • They will use its logistics centers to set up edge computing facilities and charge other companies for using that infrastructure to run their applications closer to their end users to reduce network latency.
  • (FedEx has been a Switch data center customer for years.) Dell spokesman Lon Levitan said the company wasn’t prepared to share details about the platform it would deploy, saying only that it would include Dell servers, hyperconverged infrastructure (VxRail is Dell’s HCI flagship), storage, and networking.
  • Dell and Switch, both of whom will sell the edge computing platform, will deploy it in other locations based on demand, be it from FedEx or another customer, Kramer explained.

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