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Articles related to "record"

Tropical storm Zeta forms, could reach US Gulf Coast by midweek

  • Zeta could be at or near hurricane strength when it approaches the northern Gulf Coast on Wednesday, and could bring storm surge, rainfall, and wind impacts to areas from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle.
  • If it makes landfall in Louisiana, Zeta would become the fifth named storm to do so this year, setting a record.
  • Zeta is forecast to make landfall Wednesday between central Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle as a strong tropical storm.
  • A dangerous storm surge will raise water levels by as much as 1 to 3 feet above normal tide levels along the immediate coast in the Hurricane Watch area near and to the north of where the center makes landfall in the Yucatan Peninsula.
  • If Zeta makes landfall in Louisiana, it would be the fifth named storm to do so this season.

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Dividend Darlings Trail Stock Market Despite Pumped-Up Yields

  • Some big-name stocks are sporting chunky dividend yields.
  • Many yield-starved investors are still saying no thanks.
  • Companies in the S&P; 500 with at least a quarter-century record of paying out and increasing dividends—dubbed “dividend aristocrats” by Wall Street—have trailed the broader stock market this year.
  • That is even as record-low interest rates have resulted in a scarcity of yield across the world.

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An early preview of winter for the western half of the US

  • After a rollercoaster of temperatures in the last few days across much of the Mountain West and northern Plains, another shot of even colder air will arrive Sunday night into Monday.
  • Midland's forecast high on Sunday is 90 degrees, the same as the current record high set in 2011.
  • San Angelo may be in a similar situation since its forecast high on Sunday is also 90 degrees and the current record is 91 degrees from 1950.
  • Then, just 24 hours later, the city is forecast to hit a high temperature of only 47 degrees, which would be two degrees colder than the previous record for coldest high temperature on that date since 1932.
  • Some locations will have heavy bands of snow combined with gusty winds which will bring visibility levels very low, so caution is advised for travelers in the next few days.

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Undefeated UFC fighter announces emotional retirement after latest victory

  • An emotional Nurmagomedov announced his retirement after the bout.
  • With this latest victory -- which came by technical submission with a triangle choke -- Nurmagomedov departs the octagon with a 29-0 career record and 13-0 UFC record.
  • Nurmagomedov's father and coach, Abdulmanap, died in July after complications caused by Covid-19.
  • Nurmagomedov said he talked with his mother for three days before deciding to accept the fight with Gaethje.
  • The 32-year-old Russian fighter said it was his first time fighting without his father.

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After the season of his life, Karsten Warholm wants to win athletics' 'moon race'

  • The 24-year-old dragged his trailing leg on the final hurdle in Stockholm in August to finish in a world-leading 46.87 seconds -- 0.09 seconds shy of Kevin Young's world record, a mark he has inched ever closer to throughout his career.
  • Young's world record, set at the Barcelona Olympics, has stood for 28 years, the longest-standing record in men's track running.
  • Warholm has run four of the 10 fastest times in the event's history, while his two closest rivals, Rai Benjamin and Abderrahmane Samba, make up the only other athletes to ever run under 47 seconds.
  • He occasionally doubles up in disciplines today, and after running the fastest 400m hurdles time of the year in Stockholm, he returned to the track hours later to win the 400m flat.

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  • Under penalty of perjury, we submit that the RIAA is authorized to act on behalf of its member companies on matters involving the infringement of their sound recordings, audiovisual works and images, including enforcing their copyrights and common law rights on the Internet.
  • The above list includes a representative sample of the youtube-dl forks of the youtube-dl source code being hosted on GitHub. Based on our review of the representative sample noted above, we have a good faith belief that most of the youtube-dl forks are infringing to the same extent as the parent repository.
  • The source code notes that the Icona Pop work identified above is under the YouTube Standard license, which expressly restricts access to copyrighted works only for streaming on YouTube and prohibits their further reproduction or distribution without consent of the copyright owner; that the Justin Timberlake work identified above is under an additional age protection identifier; and that the request for the Taylor Swift work identified above is to obtain, without authorization of the copyright owner or YouTube, an M4A audio file from the audiovisual work in question.

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Old Man Winter arrives early for millions across the Great Plains and Upper Midwest

  • A band of heavy snow is spreading across the Upper Midwest Thursday into Friday.
  • Tuesday's snowfall brings Rhinelander's total to over 7 inches for October, meaning they only need one more inch to end up with their snowiest October on record.
  • The two weather systems bringing snow across the Upper Midwest will also pull some very cold air into parts of the South, triggering a roller coaster of temperatures over the next five days.
  • And Denver will go from a high in the mid 40s Thursday to the mid 60s on Saturday, then lows of 24°F on Monday, with two rounds of rain and snow in between.
  • On Friday, areas from Bismarck, North Dakota, to Denver to San Angelo, Texas -- and everywhere in between -- will see temperatures 20 to 25 degrees below normal.

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The many ways we know 2020 will be a banner year for voting

  • Ahead of this year’s presidential election, several states including battlegrounds like Texas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are approaching or passing voter registration records.
  • At this rate, for the first time ever, the majority of voters might cast their ballots before Election Day. Of the states where partisan data is already available, Election Project found that, so far, early votes were twice as likely to be cast by Democrats than Republicans.
  • A number of polls have shown that voters think this election is more important than ever, meaning they’re more likely to actually vote.
  • This summer, the Pew Research Center asked registered voters how much the presidential election “really matters,” and this year a whopping 83 percent said it does — a higher percentage than Pew has recorded in 20 years of collecting data.

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Tesla stock surges after Elon Musk's electric-car company posts record profits

  • Tesla shares surged as much as 5.5% in pre-market trading on Thursday after Elon Musk's electric-car company posted third-quarter earnings on Wednesday that beat Wall Street's expectations.
  • The automaker grew revenues by 39% year-on-year to $8.8 billion, which helped to more than triple its operating income to a record $809 million.
  • It also boosted vehicle deliveries by 44% to almost 140,000, and generated free cash flow of $1.4 billion, marking fresh highs for the company on both fronts.
  • Musk and his team reiterated their target of delivering 500,000 vehicles this year.
  • Hitting that goal will require them to produce roughly 181,000 cars in three months — 29% more than their previous quarterly record.
  • Tesla's stock price has skyrocketed more than 390% this year as of Wednesday's close.

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Gillmor Gang: Something Goes Right

  • Free love, social media, mind-altering drugs — all ideas that seemed good at the time.
  • But what really stands out is the attempt by one of the two major music streaming services to create a composite product reconstituting a post digital radio business.
  • If Apple Music were nudged to support the idea, it would resuscitate a major platform of the tech crowd with a mashup of DJ and playlist content.
  • This in turn would create new leaderboards or charts in old record biz terms that would jumpstart new and catalog music in media.
  • We’re seeing this act out in real time with the election, where early voting and election day registration have produced record turnout for both the safety of mail and absentee voting (mostly Democrats) and more traditional party switching (mostly Republicans or former Democrats more engaged by Trump.) This “new normal” in politics may not bear immediate fruit, but it’s at a minimum a harbinger of things to come.

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