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Articles related to "release"

Ballista: Distributed compute platform implemented in Rust, using Apache Arrow

  • Ballista is a proof-of-concept distributed compute platform primarily implemented in Rust, using Apache Arrow as the memory model.
  • It is built on an architecture that allows other programming languages to be supported as first-class citizens without paying a penalty for serialization costs.
  • With the release of Apache Arrow 3.0.0 there are many breaking changes in the Rust implementation and as a result it has been necessary to comment out much of the code in this repository and gradually get each Rust module working again with the 3.0.0 release.
  • The following diagram highlights some of the integrations that will be possible with this unique architecture.
  • Ballista releases are now available on, Maven Central and Docker Hub. Please refer to the user guide for instructions on using a released version of Ballista.
  • The user guide is hosted at, along with the blog where news and release notes are posted.

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Microsoft Edge beta is now optimized for your M1 Mac

  • You don’t have to use Chrome if you want a Chromium-powered browser optimized for Apple’s M1-based Macs.
  • Windows Central reports that Microsoft has released a beta version of Edge with native support for Apple Silicon.
  • If you live in Microsoft’s ecosystem or just prefer its take on web surfing, you should see better performance and avoid quirks that might pop up using Rosetta 2 translation.
  • Canary and Dev versions arrived in December and early January respectively, although those were very rough compared to this new software.
  • The beta still isn’t a polished release, so you might run into bugs.
  • You might want to hold off if you depend on Edge for work.
  • It should still be viable for everyday use, though.
  • This also suggests that a stable release is coming relatively soon —even if you’re cautious, you’ll have yet another M1 browser choice if Safari, Chrome or Firefox doesn’t suit your tastes.

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Looking Back: Cloud Computing in 2020 Experienced Massive Growth

  • Informa PLC's registered office is 5 Howick Place, London SW1P 1WG.
  • By the end of October the same trends first seen in April were still clearly apparent as the public cloud vendors disclosed their final set of financial results for the calendar year.
  • While the revenue growth in the public cloud during 2020 is undeniable, there is a parallel trend that also advanced during the year – hybrid computing.
  • Hybrid cloud adoption has become such a large trend in cloud computing in 2020 that IBM is betting its business future on it.
  • With growth in the public cloud, adoption of hybrid cloud approaches and open source options there is no reason to expect that cloud won't continue to be the engine of digital transformation for years to come.

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Your Movie Is About to Be…Delayed, Again

  • LOS ANGELES—When it comes to the movie release calendar, Hollywood studios are stuck in a “Groundhog Day” routine of delays.
  • A fresh batch of films scheduled for theatrical release in February, March or April are being postponed or sold to streaming services as cases of Covid-19 stay at high levels across the country.
  • Executives say to expect a cascade of rescheduling that stretches into the summer moviegoing season.
  • Hollywood executives anticipate more major releases to follow, including the twice-delayed James Bond installment “No Time to Die,” currently planned for an April release that now seems a remote possibility.
  • prequel “The King’s Man,” both scheduled for release within the next two months, could get bumped as well.
  • For his part, he has scheduled one of his studio’s biggest 2021 movies, “Top Gun: Maverick,” to premiere July 2, and said he doesn’t expect that date to change.

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  • Some images of the test scenes are shown below, but you can find more test scenes on GitLab. Very detailed scan of a small statue with over 4.3 million triangles, illuminated by a few area light sources.
  • The scene can be found within the repository (assets/scenes/ganesha.tar.gz).
  • For more info look at the Wiki page or the release notes.
  • Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

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Software Distributions and Their Roles Today

  • Their role vary widely, they could write the software that stores all the packages called the repository, maintain a package manager with its format, maintain a full operating system installer, package and upload software they built or that someone else built on a specific time frame/life cycle, make sure there aren’t any malicious code uploaded on the repository, follow up on the latest security issues and bug reports, fix third party software to fit the distribution philosophical choices and configurations, and most importantly test, plan, and make sure everything holds up together.
  • Or if it’s targeted at advanced users that love having control of their machine, the maintainers will choose to let the users make most of the decisions, providing as many packages as possible with the latest version possible, with a loose way to install the distribution, having a lot of libraries and software development tools.

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Deno in 2020

  • With API stabilizations, several large infrastructure refactors, the 1.0 release, and shipping the single most requested feature, 2020 brought a lot of action to the Deno project.
  • August 3, we released a new registry that uses webhooks to integrate with GitHub. When a module is updated our system downloads and forever preserves the source code, so that we can rely on immutable source code links.
  • This month the benchmark system was rewritten in Rust; which marked the start of tedious efforts of reducing the number of build dependencies for the Deno project.
  • This setting changes the behavior of TypeScript in such a way that ensures that each file can be transpiled in isolation (without knowledge of types and/or other modules) by tools other than TSC like SWC and Babel.
  • This month we also adopted the new bundle feature in SWC, yet another step in the direction of using Rust over the original TypeScript compiler.

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dhewm3 - DOOM3 Source Port

  • Note that while the Doom3 source code has been released under GPL, you still need to legally own the game and provide dhewm3 the game data to play.
  • On Windows you can just install the game and the official 1.3.1 patch for Windows and then get the files from the installation directory (or copy dhewm3 in there).
  • On Windows, just install it and copy the game data from there (see above for what files are needed).
  • On macOS unfortunately you can't just install the game (unless you run Windows Steam in Wine), because it's Windows-only on Steam and Steam (currently?) doesn't use Proton on Mac. However, you can still download it with SteamCMD.
  • You can either extract them into your Doom3 installation directory, or into a fresh directory and copy the needed game data (see above) in there.

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HannStar EMC-3412 a retro x86 SBC

  • Single board computers aren’t anything new infact they have existed since 1976 when the dyna-micro was released based on the Intel C8080A CPU.
  • Since then they have been used in many embedded applications from digital signage to satellite and aerospace applications, in 2012 the Raspberry Pi foundation released the Raspberry Pi Model B which redefined the SBC standard with many manufacturers producing boards based on the Raspberry Pi form factors and GPIO standard ever since but what was the prior standard?
  • The HannStar EMC-3412 is a PC104 compatible SBC produced sometime between 2001 and 2005, the board features a PC133 SODIMM slot, a USB header, PS/2 connector, RS232 Male and RS232 Female, VGA Video, CF and IDE.
  • The PC/104 standard is still widely used in embedded computing with lots of manufacturers producing new boards with modern CPU’s however they are very expensive and designed for very specific applications.

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NSA Recommends How Enterprises Can Securely Adopt Encrypted DNS

  • The National Security Agency released a cybersecurity product, “Adopting Encrypted DNS in Enterprise Environments,” Thursday explaining the benefits and risks of adopting the encrypted domain name system (DNS) protocol, DNS over HTTPs (DoH), in enterprise environments.
  • Encrypted DNS is increasingly being used to prevent eavesdropping and manipulation of DNS traffic.
  • As encrypted DNS becomes more popular, enterprise network owners and administrators should fully understand how to properly adopt it on their own systems.
  • DoH encrypts DNS requests, preventing eavesdropping and manipulation of DNS traffic.
  • While good for ensuring privacy in home networks, DoH can present risks to enterprise networks if it isn’t appropriately implemented.
  • NSA recommends that an enterprise network’s DNS traffic, encrypted or not, be sent only to the designated enterprise DNS resolver.
  • This ensures proper use of essential enterprise security controls, facilitates access to local network resources, and protects internal network information.

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