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Articles related to "release"

Let's revisit Java in 2019

  • It's been 6 years from now since Java 8 was released and people are still not able to digest the features of it, wasn’t Java 8 a fantastic update to the language?
  • Lot's of changes that happened in the last couple of years news-wise that you need to be aware of if you're running Java inside your organizations.
  • Same thing applicable to Oracle also and obviously Oracle didn't want to support every one of these releases for three years because, at some point, they'll be supporting like six or seven different versions of Java.
  • People who are using versions of Java later than 8, which are the features they use the most?
  • This was a feature that I thought was a little bit missing from Java 8, the ability to do things like process this stream until some condition is met.

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Atatiana Jefferson's family says officer's arrest is just a start

  • Interim Police Chief Ed Kraus said that he was deeply sorry for Jefferson's shooting death three days earlier at the hands of Officer Aaron Dean, 34, who resigned from the force and was arrested on a murder charge.
  • Two Fort Worth police officers responded to a call from a neighbor who said the home's exterior doors were open early Saturday, authorities said.
  • At 2:23 a.m. Saturday, Jefferson's neighbor, James Smith, called the non-emergency police number to ask that officers check on Jefferson after he saw that her doors had been open for a while, he told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
  • When asked on Tuesday why the officers parked away from the house, and why they didn't ring a doorbell or knock on a door, Kraus stressed that the officers "believed they were responding to an open-structure call," and not just a wellness check.

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Prince estate releases unheard acoustic track

  • The acoustic demo of "I Feel For You" was released Thursday on all streaming platforms and as a limited 7-inch vinyl with the acoustic version of the song on the A-side and the original studio recording on the B-side.
  • The recording was created in the winter of 1978-79 around the time Prince was preparing to make his solo debut at the Capri Theater in North Minneapolis, according to the singer's website.
  • The fully produced studio recording for "I Feel For You" was on the album "Prince," which was released October 19, 1979, the singer's website said.
  • It became a top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1984 when Chaka Khan performed a cover of it on her solo album.
  • Chaka Khan's version won two Grammys, including Best R&B song that honored Prince as a songwriter.

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Amazon Releases New Public Data Set to Help Address “Cocktail Party” Problem

  • Maarten Van Segbroeck, an applied scientist in the Alexa International group and first author on the associated paper, cowrote this post with Zaid Ahmed.
  • Amazon today announced the public release of a new data set that will help speech scientists address the difficult problem of separating speech signals in reverberant rooms with multiple speakers.
  • Each participant was outfitted with a headset microphone, which captured a clear, speaker-specific signal.
  • Also dispersed around the room were five devices with seven microphones each, which fed audio signals directly to an administrator’s laptop.
  • The data set we are releasing includes both the raw audio from each of the seven microphones in each device and the headset signals.
  • The headset signals provide speaker-specific references that can be used to gauge the success of speech separation systems acting on the signals from the microphone arrays.

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Johnson & Johnson just recalled a batch of baby powder after a test found asbestos. The company is facing thousands of lawsuits over the product.

  • Johnson & Johnson is recalling a single lot of its Johnson's Baby Powder after the Food and Drug Administration found a small trace of asbestos in samples from a single bottle purchased from an online retailer.
  • While the trace of asbestos was minute, J&J said it is initiating the recall out of caution.
  • The company says that its baby powder is safe.
  • The recall draws fresh attention to product safety concerns surrounding J&J's baby powder, which is made from talcum powder, or talc.
  • Baby powder has been at the center of thousands of lawsuits against J&J, the Wall Street Journal recently reported.
  • Plaintiffs claim that baby powder contributed to their cancer, the Journal said.
  • J&J's stock fell 1.7% to $133.10 in New York trading.
  • J&J stated in a press release today that it has a "rigorous testing standard" to ensure the safety of baby powder.

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Mobile game startup Madbox raises $16.5 million after 100 million downloads

  • The company is developing mobile games and handles everything from start to finish, from game design to publishing and user acquisition.
  • After a couple of months, the startup released its first game, Dash Valley.
  • And the game quickly ended up trending in the top 50 of top free game downloads in the App Store in the U.S. The company has released a handful of games since then.
  • (once again, free game downloads) — StickMan Hook, Sausage Flip and Idle Ball Race.
  • In addition to reusing assets from one game to another, Madbox also tries to apply the same method when it comes to user acquisition and marketing.
  • The company hires slowly and doesn’t release dozens of games in a year.
  • Madbox now wants to tackle a wider range of mobile games, from hyper casual to idle games and less casual games.

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What Death Stranding’s Unusual Review Embargo Really Means

  • With the unusual news that the Death Stranding review embargo will lift on Nov. 1, a full week before launch, there’s a sense that Sony is bullish about the prospects of Hideo Kojima’s next game.
  • Most games bank the most cash at launch, with a steady decline in sales as time wears on, so there’s a real incentive to push back reviews as close as possible to release to mitigate the effects of bad press.
  • The perception was that Gearbox was confident enough in the game to allow potential players to read reviews despite enough time to smother pre-orders and day-one sales.
  • In comparison to Death Stranding, the usual embargo-to-release gap feels almost overly cautious.
  • The fact that Death Stranding basks in intrigue, even this close to launch, will serve well in terms of sales too.

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Intel pledges to release data on race and gender pay gap

  • Intel will voluntarily publish detailed pay data with information on race and gender, the company told Bloomberg in an announcement today.
  • This year, as Bloomberg reports, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will require companies with more than 100 employees to file the same data, but it won’t require businesses to release the information.
  • Companies like Google and Facebook regularly publish diversity statistics, but the data from Intel could provide a deeper look at race and gender gaps in the tech industry.
  • The data will likely be welcome by transparency advocates, but the announcement also comes as Intel deals with accusations that its female, black, and Hispanic employees faced pay discrimination in some states.
  • In an announcement this week, the Department of Labor said Intel had agreed to pay $5 million to settle the accusations.

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A comprehensive look at OnePlus’ mistakes and wins with its T series of phones

  • OnePlus released its 7T Pro last week, and many people were confused as to why a product with such minimal updates exist.
  • This was the fourth consecutive year of the company releasing the T series of products.
  • Last year, the company partnered with prestigious car company McLaren for a special edition phone.
  • This year, for the OnePlus 7T pro’s special edition, the phone maker formed a partnership with McLaren again.
  • Phones like the OnePlus 5T and the OnePlus 7T have offered genuine spec bumps with upgrades in screen and camera.
  • They felt like the company has pushed engineers to get a product out, because they have to release it rather than providing a visible upgrade.
  • After the T release, the company usually phases out sales of the phone released earlier in the year instead of lowering its price and giving consumers another option.

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Justice Department announces takedown of the 'largest' Darknet child pornography site

  • Washington (CNN) - The Justice Department announced Wednesday the takedown of what it calls the largest Darknet child pornography site, along with charges against the South Korean national who allegedly ran the site and more than 300 users of the site worldwide.
  • The department said in a news release that Jong Woo Son, a South Korean national, allegedly ran the site, "Welcome To Video," and is in custody in South Korea where he also faces charges.
  • Worldwide, 337 users of the site have been arrested and charged in the US, UK, South Korea, Germany, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Brazil and Australia, according to the department.
  • According to the Justice Department, a former Homeland Security Investigations agent, Richard Gratkowski, was among the more than 30 site users charged in the US.

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