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Articles related to "report"

A robot named Little Peanut is delivering food to people in quarantine amid the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

  • A robot named Little Peanut is delivering food to people being quarantined after traveling on a flight with patients suspected to be infected by the Wuhan coronavirus.
  • Multiple robots were employed on each floor of the 16-story hotel on January 27 and 28 to reduce human contact and prevent spread of the novel coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, Reuters reported.
  • Passengers on a flight from Singapore to Hangzhou are being held under quarantine after two of over 335 people on the plane were found with a fever, according to the Reuters report.
  • As of Wednesday morning local time, the novel coronavirus had killed 132 people in China and infected nearly 6,000 people worldwide.
  • It has spread to at least 16 countries outside of China, including Australia, Cambodia, Canada, France, Germany, Ivory Coast, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, the US, and Vietnam.

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THE GLOBAL 5G LANDSCAPE: An inside look at leading 5G markets, key players, and how they are defining the future of connectivity

  • The next generation of wireless is here, and several countries are locked in a fierce battle for the top spot in global 5G development.
  • Telecoms in 18 countries will roll out 5G networks by the end of this year, and by 2020 over one-fifth of the world's countries will have launched 5G services.
  • The report compiles 5G snapshots of the three countries, with each providing an overview of the market's telecoms space and details on what is contributing to — or hindering — its development.
  • We look at the notable telecoms in each geography and identify their 5G launch efforts, as well as discuss what the opportunities are for each company.
  • But however you decide to acquire this report, you've given yourself a powerful advantage in your understanding of the fierce global 5G battle.

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US Special Ops chief says leadership shortcomings contributed to 'conditions for unacceptable conduct'

  • Washington (CNN) - The Pentagon is acknowledging that leadership failures within the US special operations community helped foster "conditions for unacceptable conduct," according to a new report released Tuesday, which comes on the heels of several high-profile scandals and disciplinary cases involving members of the elite units.
  • Gen. Richard Clarke, the head of Special Operations Command, highlighted those concerns in a memo to service members that accompanied the 71-page report documenting the initial findings of a comprehensive ethics review he ordered last August following a flurry of incidents, including allegations of sexual assault and cocaine use against Navy SEAL team members.
  • The release of the report and memo comes as units have struggled to deal with the fallout from several controversial disciplinary cases, including the one involving former Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher, who was convicted of taking a photo with a dead ISIS prisoner but later allowed to retire honorably after President Donald Trump personally intervened.

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IoT 101: Your Essential Guide to the Internet of Things

  • You’ve likely heard the phrase Internet of Things, or IoT, at some point if you have been following any tech news in the last several years.
  • But at the same time, you might be scratching your head figuring out what it is or what it means past a flashy buzzword.
  • Simply put, the IoT refers to the connection of devices (other than typical fare such as computers and smartphones) to the Internet.
  • Cars, refrigerators, juicers, wine racks, heart monitors, ovens, watches, and more are all candidates for connection.
  • In The IoT 101 Report, Business Insider Intelligence outlines the basics of the Internet of Things and what this next wave of technology means to the everyday individual.
  • The report dives into key IoT terms, predictions and trends for the IoT, the industries that the IoT will affect the most, and the biggest challenges facing the IoT.

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US military's Special Operations Command says its newest recruits may have an 'unhealthy sense of entitlement'

  • A new internal review by US Special Operations Command says an "unhealthy sense of entitlement" was fostered among its newest candidates during their training process.
  • The unclassified report, titled "Comprehensive Review of Special Operations Forces," focused on the culture and ethics in the special-operations community, which includes Navy SEALs, Army Delta Force, Marine Corps Raiders, and Air Force Pararescue specialists.
  • The review also comes amid numerous reports of misconduct within the elite communities in recent months.
  • In one instance in September, three senior leaders from a Navy SEAL Team were fired after "leadership failure," including sexual assault and drinking alcohol during a deployment to Iraq.
  • In a letter to SOCOM members following the report, the command's senior leaders stressed that there were areas where improvement was needed.

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CBO projects a decade of trillion-dollar deficits and soaring US debt

  • Washington (CNN) - The federal deficit is projected to keep rising over the coming decade, driving US debt to the highest level since World War II over the next 10 years, according to a Congressional Budget Office report released Tuesday.
  • The annual congressional report projects that the US budget deficit is likely to blast through the symbolic threshold of $1 trillion this year despite a healthy economy with record low unemployment.
  • Over that same period, that debt held by the public as a share of the economy will grow from 81% of GDP this year to 98% by 2030 -- the highest percentage since 1946.
  • The CBO warned that rising federal debt would likely reduce national savings and income, boost the government's interest payments, limit policymakers' ability to respond to unforeseen events and increase the likelihood of a fiscal crisis.

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The richest Americans are set to inherit a whopping $764 billion in 2020 — and they'll barely pay any taxes on it

  • The richest people in the US are set to inherit $764 billion this year, but they'll pay an effective tax rate of only 2.1% on it, according to a new Brookings report.
  • The report laid out a proposal dubbed a "silver spoon tax" based on the sum a person amasses over a lifetime and calculated how many additional federal tax dollars it could bring: Lifetime exemption at $2.5 million: The government would raise $340 billion over a decade, affecting top 0.02% of heirs.
  • The richest Americans are set to inherit a staggering $764 billion, but they'll pay an effective tax rate of only 2.1% on it, according to a new report published Tuesday from the Brookings Institution.

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Stocks making the biggest moves midday: 3M, Beyond Meat, Harley-Davidson, Apple and more

  • Harley-Davidson — Shares of the motorcycle company fell more than 3.5% after missing revenue estimates for its fourth quarter earnings.
  • Analysts polled by Refinitiv expect Apple to report earnings of $4.55 per share on revenue of $88.5 billion.
  • United Technologies — Shares of the industrial company rose more than 1% after United Technologies beat analyst estimates on the top and bottom lines of its quarterly earnings.
  • Analysts expected earnings per share of $1.09 on revenue of $2.979 billion, according to Refinitiv.
  • The printer company reported earnings per share of $1.33, topping estimates of $1.11 per share, according to Refinitiv.
  • Whirlpool — Shares of the appliance company jumped more than 4% after topping Wall Street's expectations for its fourth quarter earnings.
  • Polaris — Polaris stock rose about 5% after the power sports vehicle company topped fourth-quarter earnings estimates and told analysts to expect better margins into 2020.

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New SARS-like virus may be spreading outside China

  • Global health policymakers have announced that they are investigating the emergence of a new virus — one very similar to the dangerous severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus — in Thailand and Japan, hinting at worries that it could spread farther.
  • In mainland China, the SARS virus infected more than 5,300 people and led to the death of 349, while in Hong Kong it affected 1,750 people and resulted in the death of 286 individuals.
  • On January 14, authorities in Thailand reported that, using thermal surveillance, they had intercepted a 61-year-old Chinese woman from Wuhan who was visiting the country.
  • Like the Chinese visitor in Thailand, the Japanese man states that he did not visit the seafood market connected with the other cases of infection.The health authorities did, however, indicate that the man had been in contact with other individuals with the infection, suggesting that the viral strain can be transmitted from person to person.

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Iranian state media cited a nonexistent Associated Press report to claim 'nearly 100 corpses' were found after a US military plane crash in Afghanistan

  • Iranian state TV cited a report by the Associated Press (AP) claiming that 100 bodies were found at the site of a US military plane crash in Afghanistan, but the news agency says this report doesn't exist.
  • The news agency also told BBC Monitoring that it did not report this, the monitoring site tweeted Tuesday.
  • Ghazni provincial police chief Khalid Wardak told Reuters on Tuesday "there are four bodies and two onboard were alive and they are missing," but said Taliban fighters repelled Afghanistan's attempt to access the crash site.
  • Iran's state-run Channel One network also peddled a theory that a senior CIA official named Michael D'Andrea had been on the plane.
  • Channel One also claimed that D'Andrea — who leads the CIA's activities on Iran — played a key role in the US assassination of Iranian military general Qassem Soleimani, according to BBC Monitoring.

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