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Articles related to "resource"

Cleantech needs more AI talent to help save the world

  • Across North America, clean energy providers already benefit from increased access to consumer data and connections to machine learning technology that heats homes, trades electricity, boosts wind power production, and keeps pipelines safe.
  • The cleantech industry needs a noble crop of people to develop algorithm-driven systems that pull data from diverse, trusted sources and ensure the integrity of that information as it’s applied to industry-specific work.
  • Global companies like General Electric are using AI to boost different forms of energy production and pull from tech-driven data reports to anticipate performance and maintenance needs around the world.
  • Specifically, we need to grow, and sustain, a community of dedicated AI developers who create and innovate upon AI-driven systems that transform critical cleantech industries, energy consumption habits, and people’s lives around the world.

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Deploy AWS Lambda functions with aws-sam-cli and Travis-CI

  • This 2-part series will share a basic workflow I've developed for developing and deploying serverless functions to AWS.
  • The first part will end with us having a local development environment with the aws-sam-cli tool, as well as a basic, working example of an AWS Lambda function.
  • It offers an incredibly streamlined and easy to way to develop, test, and provision AWS Lambda functions.
  • For the serverless function, we'll be deploying some basic Python code that generates a list of active EC2 instances.
  • The aws-sam-cli tool provides an awesome feature that enables users to generate mock event payloads for local development and testing.
  • Now we've got a great local development environment set up for developing and deploying Serverless functions to AWS.
  • In part 2, we're going to use the Travis-CI tool to create an integrated testing and deployment set up for our Lambda function.

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