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Articles related to "resource"

NASA confirms the presence of ice at the moon's poles

  • There's water ice on the surface of the moon, a team of scientists has confirmed, and future expeditions could harvest it for human settlements.
  • They used data collected by NASA's Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) instrument aboard India's Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft to prove its presence and found ice deposits at the moon's poles.
  • However, NASA says this is the "first time scientists have directly observed definitive evidence" that there's water ice on what people previously thought was a barren space rock.
  • Those ice deposits most likely formed because temperatures at the moon's poles, which sunlight never hits, don't go above -250 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Unfortunately, NASA already cancelled the Resource Prospector, a rover that was supposed to look and dig for ice and other resources on the moon future manned bases could use.

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My Favorite Free Resources for New Programmers

  • Last week, I shared my tips for new developers and how to start coding.
  • I also wanted to share my favorite free resources for learning how to code.
  • Personally I felt like most of the resources we find online are great, However Harvards CS50 course teaches a student from the ground to the top.
  • I usually recommend to check the "awesome list" for your programming language:
  • And once you're ready to start looking for a coding job, I recommend, which pairs you up with other students to practice interview-style coding challenges.
  • Starting with a language that is simpler can make it easier to learn these basic concepts and prevent frustration (and even giving up entirely on learning to program).

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FDA warns of pet owners using animals to get opioids

  • Gottlieb also said there hasn't been much information about responsible opioid prescribing for veterinary medicine professionals, and so the FDA developed a resource guide on what veterinarians need to know.
  • The FDA statement came one week after a perspective paper in the American Journal of Public Health called for the veterinary, public health, pharmaceutical and regulatory communities to dedicate time and resources to addressing the issue of prescription opioid diversion in veterinary medicine.
  • The survey, which was about the possible abuse and misuse of opioids by pet owners and the role veterinarians play in prevention, was administered in summer 2016, Tenney said.
  • The survey results also showed that 44% of the veterinarians were aware of opioid abuse or misuse by either a client or a veterinary practice staff member, and 62% believed that they had a role in preventing opioid abuse and misuse.

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