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Articles related to "resource"

Going serverless with React and AWS Amplify Part 4: Hosting

  • We bootstrapped a React project and used the Amplify CLI to provision a secured backend API, a NoSQL database, and Amazon Pinpoint for usage tracking.
  • Open the command line, switch to the directory containing the React project, and follow the instruction below to include a hosting resource to the Amplify project.
  • We will push these files to the cloud, and AWS CloudFormation will create and configure S3 and CloudFront to run our application.
  • With the information logged in the command line, you'll notice it created an S3 bucket with the right policy and configured it for hosting, thereby printing the URL to access it.
  • When the project is built successfully, it uploads the files to the S3 bucket created for hosting and opens the URL in the browser.
  • In previous posts, I walked through installing and configuring AWS Amplify CLI, initializing the Amplify and React project, building and consuming API, and then tracking usage metrics.

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