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Articles related to "reuters"

Wasabi fire alarm a lifesaver for the deaf (2008)

  • Japan has developed a smoke detector for deaf people that is based on the pungent smell of Japan’s spicy green horseradish, an eye-watering condiment more typically found tucked under fish in a piece of sushi.
  • If it detects smoke, the alarm sprays out a synthesized wasabi smell that wakes up people who might have slept through a conventional fire alarm.
  • Assistant professor Makoto Imai from the Shiga University of Medical Science, who built the alarm in collaboration with Seems, a company that makes perfume, says the smoke detector may save lives among the hard of hearing.
  • He said the Wasabi smoke detector was tested on 14 people, including four deaf people.
  • Imai said trial production of the Wasabi smoke detector would be completed in a year and the product would be sold in shops within two years.

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Alphabet raises $10B with the biggest, cheapest bond sale in its history

  • Google parent Alphabet borrowed $10 billion via its biggest — and cheapest — corporate bond sale ever on Monday.
  • The company pledged to use $4.5 billion for corporate moves, like acquisitions, and funnel the other $5.5 billion into environmental and social initiatives.
  • Alphabet also issued the bonds with some of the lowest interest rates in corporate history.
  • Alphabet‘s 10-year bond raised $2.25 billion, sold with a yield of 1.1%, while its five-year tranche promised buyers 0.45% interest.
  • The motivation behind Alphabet‘s bond sale, its first in four years, remains unclear — especially considering the Mountain View tech giant currently sits on $121 billion in cash and short-term investments.
  • Ultimately, Alphabet must’ve considered the costs of the debt simply too cheap to pass up.
  • Them and the swathes of other US companies to take on billions of dollars worth of debt by selling corporate bonds this year.

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