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Articles related to "right"

Biden appears to remove Trump's Diet Coke button in the Oval Office - Business Insider

  • A button former President Donald Trump used to order Diet Cokes while sitting at the Resolute Desk in the White House has apparently been moved since President Joe Biden took office.
  • He showed reporters that with a push of a red button, a White House butler would bring him a glass of soda in the Oval Office.
  • In the years after, Trump was pictured regularly with the rectangular wooden box on the desk, right next to his phones.
  • The call button is not new and isn't only used for soda — President Barack Obama was once pictured with it on a table during a lunch with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.
  • Biden replaced a portrait of President Andrew Jackson with a portrait of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and opted to feature a number of progressives and activists through the room, including Robert F.

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Google agrees to pay French news sites to send them traffic

  • For years, European news organizations have tried to force Google to pay them for the privilege of indexing their articles, and for years Google flatly refused to do so.
  • The French Competition Authority held that the deal Google offered to news sites—let us index your site for free or we won't index it at all—was an abuse of that market power and contrary to the spirit of the new French law.
  • The agreement is particularly significant because it offers a model for other European countries that want to force Google to fork over cash to their own news sites.
  • Google's capitulation in France will weaken its bargaining position as other European countries pass their own versions of the French law and news organizations in other countries line up for their share of Google cash.

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Why Trump’s Twitter ban isn’t a violation of free speech: Deplatforming, explained

  • But thanks to Trump and many of his supporters, it has inevitably become a permanent part of the discourse involving free speech and social media moderation, and the responsibilities that platforms can and should have to control what people do on their sites.
  • The more obscure and hard to access an extremist’s social media hub is, the less likely mainstream internet users are to stumble across the group and be drawn into its rhetoric.
  • Still, the courts have consistently rejected free speech arguments in favor of protecting the rights of social media companies to police their sites the way they want to.

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Tableau’s relationships are pretty cool

  • Relationships preserve the native level of granularity of each table.
  • When we create summaries that involve measures from these tables, each measure is summarized using its native level of granularity.
  • Since age comes from the directors table whose native granularity is director, the average is calculated across directors.
  • This is natural to anyone new to Tableau, but to those of us used to using LOD expressions to correct for duplication, and used to thinking of our data as one joined flat file, this is rather revolutionary.
  • Tableau adds up box office revenue for each movie from the box office table, but it takes director’s age from the director’s table and since each director is in that table only once, age does not get duplicated.
  • This makes sense since each table preserves its level of granularity and thus has its own number of records.

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Proud Boys leader Joseph Biggs arrested in Florida in connection with the Capitol riot

  • Joseph Randall Biggs, 37, of Florida was arrested Wednesday and is facing three counts -- obstruction of a proceeding, entering restricted grounds and disorderly conduct -- for his part in the siege of the Capitol on January 6, according to the Justice Department and an FBI affidavit.
  • The FBI described Biggs in the affidavit as an organizer for the Proud Boys.
  • Ahead of the Capitol riot, Biggs posted messages on Parler, the social media platform favored by the far right, telling his followers to blend in and not wear identifiable clothing, an FBI special agent wrote in the affidavit.
  • Authorities say Biggs said, "This is awesome!" on livestreamed footage of rioters entering the Capitol building, according to the affidavit.
  • The FBI said that Biggs told agents he entered the Capitol but not by using force, and denied knowing about any planning for the storming of the building.

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Right-wing media holds Biden bash-fest, foreshadowing its next four years of coverage

  • New York (CNN Business) - President Joe Biden implored Americans in his inaugural speech to come together and unify, but the right-wing media machine has wasted no time dishonestly trashing him — foreshadowing what the next four years of coverage from outlets like Fox News will look like.
  • On Fox News Wednesday night, the network decided against airing most of the "Celebrating America" inauguration special — which every other network carried — opting to instead allow propagandists like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity to deliver fiery anti-Biden sermons.
  • Hannity went on to call Biden "weak" and "cognitively struggling" -— two themes he and other allies of former President Donald Trump had pushed hard during the campaign, and that voters had resoundingly rejected — before saying he felt like he had to "puke" after watching news coverage of the inauguration.

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Joe Biden: President to unveil COVID-19 strategy in first full day

  • They were among the small but pivotal minority of state and local office holders whose opposition helped thwart Trump and the Republicans who aided him in an attempt to deny Joe Biden his victory.
  • At the Capitol riot, Trump supporters urging Congress to overrule the 81 million Americans who had voted for Biden were waving the yellow Gadsden flag — once a ubiquitous sight at Tea Party rallies where conservatives railed against government tyranny.
  • Deep in the deadliest coronavirus wave and facing worrisome new mutations, President Joe Biden will kick off his national COVID-19 strategy to ramp up vaccinations and testing, reopen schools and businesses and increase the use of masks — including a requirement that Americans mask up for travel.
  • President Joe Biden revoked a recent Trump administration report that aimed to promote “patriotic education” in schools but that historians mocked and rejected as political propaganda.

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KEF’s new basketball-sized subwoofer promises ‘maximum bass in minimum space’

  • In other words, the ‘guts’ of the two woofers are combined, which KEF claims “allows the cabinet size to be reduced by over a third while equaling or exceeding the driver excursion of a much larger subwoofer.” The excursion capability is also improved by a fancy origami-like design to the woofer’s surround, and built-in distortion-monitoring technology the sound from becoming too colored.
  • If the company can deliver bass extension to, say, 20-25Hz at reasonable listening levels, and with well-controlled distortion, that would still be very impressive and outperform almost any subwoofer this size.
  • The exact amount will depend on your room dimensions and placement, but if KEF’s claims hold true, I suspect this relatively tiny subwoofer will more than suffice for most listeners (KEF’s got the KF92 if you need something more powerful that still isn’t ginormous).

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Biden rescinding the 1776 Commission doesn't end the fight over history

  • Editor's Note: Nicole Hemmer is an associate research scholar at Columbia University with the Obama Presidency Oral History Project and the author of "Messengers of the Right: Conservative Media and the Transformation of American Politics." She co-hosts the history podcast "Past Present" and "This Day in Esoteric Political History." The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.
  • The commission, an advisory committee of academics and conservative activists convened by then-President Donald Trump, issued a 41-page report on Monday, seeking to counter the 1619 Project, a New York Times initiative that explored the central role of slavery and anti-Black racism in US history.
  • The commission's stated aim of "patriotic education" was part of a broader right-wing effort to refocus attention on how schools teach American history.

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Why conservatives’ favorite Twitter alternative has disappeared from the internet

  • Parler — the conservative social media platform that brands itself as a “free speech” alternative to sites like Twitter — was kicked off of its Amazon web-hosting service after midnight Sunday, ending for now a site that has become a nexus of extremism.
  • The push to take action against Parler follows decisions this week by Twitter and Facebook to ban President Donald Trump from their platforms for inciting violence — and thus deprives the president of what could have been an alternative to those services.
  • While Parler was seen as a small, but growing rival to sites like Twitter, an email from Amazon Web Services obtained by BuzzFeed claims Parler was deplatformed for more prosaic reasons — that it has seen “a steady increase in this violent content,” which violates Amazon’s terms of use.

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