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Articles related to "robots"

Tesla Factory Tour

  • Elon Musk discusses what is easy and hard for robotic assembly.
  • People are better wiring harnesses and dealing with floppy and unusual shapes.
  • The robots for a 7X24 hour factory needs advanced robotic technicians at all times.
  • If something breaks and stops the assembly line then they may need to emergency ship a part from an overseas supplier.
  • They are trying to eliminate non-value added movement and complexity.

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If they think immigrants aren’t welcome, tech’s future leaders might never come to America

  • On this episode of Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher, Carnegie Mellon’s Andrew Moore talks about the future of tech education as fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning take center stage.
  • On the new podcast, he also talks about the often-forgotten importance of electrical and computer engineers, who will develop the sensors that make machine learning advance; how educational programs have been complicit in the lack of diversity in tech; and why he’s personally pessimistic that self-driving cars, one of Carnegie Mellon’s areas of expertise, will be ready by the early 2020s, as some have predicted.
  • Yes, the office actually started out doing a lot of work on the machine learning that goes into the advertising systems at Google.
  • And at that point, the interesting thing is the most value that great companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft can bring is to help people choose between a bunch of options and present those options to them in a useful way.

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Tinkering workshop for girls

  • Some months ago I joined an organization called Future Legends in Berlin whose aim is to teach girls aged 6-10 about technology, be it programming, physical interphases, body language and confidence.
  • The objective is to help close the gender gap in technology for the next generation.
  • Yesterday I co-tutored in the first session, we teached the girls some basic electronic principles: what is a motor, what is a battery, what is a closed circuit, and how we can put all these principles together to make an art robot.
  • A robot that draws with its marker legs.
  • They also got to decorate their robots using googly eyes and markers.
  • This way we showed them that technology is also fun and open for creativity.
  • I am interested in the creative uses of media and technology, specially electronics/physical interfaces, VR and AR.

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The Secret to Ant Efficiency Is Idleness

  • He had to come begging the hard-working ant for food when winter came because he had frittered away his summer.
  • And new research at Georgia Tech suggests that although ant colonies are very efficient, that may be because 70 percent of them are doing very little — at least when it comes to tunnel digging.
  • The reason, it seems, is that the ants were working in narrow tunnels where traffic jams could easily clog up the entire effort to build nests.
  • The ants were easily discouraged by traffic jams and were flexible enough to turn around and go back out the tunnel.
  • The formula does not apply only to tunnel digging, but to any situation in which a traffic jam could stop progress, such as a swarm of robots entering a disaster site to search for survivors or hazards.

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