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Articles related to "robots"

Review: I had a blast making my own AI-powered smart speaker with these Matrix boards

  • The Matrix Voice development board is a Raspberry Pi add-on you can use to build your own voice assistant.
  • The Voice board doesn’t look like much, but it packs all the features you need into a 3.5 inch disc that mounts directly to a Raspberry Pi computer.
  • I was also able to check out the predecessor to the Voice, the Matrix Creator, a board that’s a little more robust.
  • The process is largely the same with both devices, but if you’re going to focus on making a smart speaker you’ll save money going with the Voice.
  • Yet, despite the frustratingly complex signup process on the Amazon side, the sense of accomplishment that came from putting it all together and making it work was immense.
  • With a little research and ingenuity the Voice can make custom virtual assistants, and the Creator can power robots and smart home devices.

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Dancing dinosaurs will teach your kid to code

  • Maybe robot dinosaurs will encourage your kids to code.
  • Mattel showed off a Jurassic World coding toy this weekend, the newest entry in its Kamigami line of educational robots, at the New York City Toy Fair.
  • The robots are essentially the same as the original Kamigami, except the plastic covers you put over the robotic core builds out a dinosaur instead of a bug.
  • You’ve likely seen similar concepts before.
  • The dinosaurs pair over Bluetooth to a new Jurassic World companion iOS / Android app, and kids can drag and drop code to make them do things.
  • Kids can build either Blue, the velociraptor from the new Jurassic World movies, or a “villain dino.” They charge over Micro USB.
  • Look at that little piece of plastic that makes the charger look like meat!
  • I like it.

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No killer robots: German military won't use autonomous weapons

  • Lieutenant General Ludwig Leinhos, head of Germany’s Cyber and Information Space Command, told panel members at the Munich Security Conference yesterday that Germany would abstain from using autonomous weapons.
  • According to the “Campaign To Stop Killer Robots” Germany joins 22 other countries in pledging to keep AI-powered weapons off the battlefield.
  • The big worry when it comes to autonomous warfare systems is that robots don’t have compassion.
  • Meanwhile, the Russian government wants to ensure its military has better killer robots than anyone else.
  • The Kremlin has made it perfectly clear any attempts at banning autonomous weapons on a global scale would be met with refusal.
  • The UN and numerous organizations – such as the Campaign to stop Killer Robots – are doing everything they can to make sure humans stay involved in the people-killing process for the foreseeable future.

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The Robots Are Coming for Garment Workers. That’s Good for the U.S., Bad for Poor Countries

  • DHAKA—At the Mohammadi Fashion Sweaters Ltd. factory in Bangladesh’s capital, a few dozen workers stand watching as 173 German-made machines knit black sweaters for overseas buyers.
  • Occasionally the workers step in to program designs or clean the machines, but otherwise there is little for humans to do.
  • It’s a big change from a few years ago, when hundreds of employees could be found standing over manual knitting stations for up to 10 hours a day.
  • Mohammadi’s owners began phasing out such work in 2012, and by last year, the...

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