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Articles related to "robots"

Cut the crap: our weekly streaming column recommends one perfect thing to watch

  • There’s so much streaming entertainment these days that picking one perfect thing to watch feels impossible, and what’s supposed to be fun can feel downright intimidating.
  • So our weekly streaming recommendation column, Cut the Crap, is here to simplify the decision.
  • Each Friday, we look at what’s going on in the entertainment world, and we pick something to go with it — one perfect film, show, or episode available on VOD or on major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.
  • We’ll explain why it’s a good time for this recommendation, and why it’s worth your time specifically.
  • Let us help you cut through the world’s ever-growing pile of mediocre entertainment and find one thing worth watching.
  • With Fahrenheit 451 on HBO, it’s a good time to turn to Netflix for more Bradbury — and his thoughts on why people need robots.

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The Army could have robots in every formation 'within 5 years'

  • The Pentagon is investing roughly $1 billion over the next several years for the development of robots to be used in an array of roles alongside combat troops, Bloomberg reported.
  • Last month, the Army awarded a $429.1 million contract to Endeavor Robotics and QinetiQ North America, both based out of Massachusetts.
  • Endeavor has also been awarded separate contracts from the Army and Marine Corps in recent months as the Pentagon pushes for robots in a wide range of sizes.
  • But there are also concerns about the rapid development of robotic technology in relation to warfare, especially in terms of autonomous robots.
  • This past week, roughly a dozen employees at Google resigned after finding out the company was providing information on its artificial intelligence technology to the Pentagon to aid a drone program called Project Maven, which is designed to help drones identify humans versus objects.

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The Swedish Designer Creating Edible Robots

  • Dessert à l’AirAn edible robot that moves via inflatable chambers molded out of lemon-licorice-flavored gelatin.
  • Lumière SucréeSubtle distortions algorithmically engraved in the surface of a minty lollipop bend light to display a hidden image.
  • Mange DisqueDark chocolate, Marthins found, works better than milk chocolate for creating a vinyl-like record (that really plays tunes).
  • "But if you’re eating it, maybe that can help you understand it better." Working with engineers and scientists, Marthins uses tech to add motion, sound, and visuals to food.
  • There’s a secret message encoded on its surface by an algorithm.
  • Or consider her robot gummies that wiggle on the plate.
  • Soft robots are often made with silicone; her variation, created with roboticist Jun Shintake, is made with a different material, this one edible—gelatin.
  • Shintake believes soft robotics could one day become a go-to vehicle for delivering internal medicine.

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Why I am Silicon Valley’s greatest critic — and fan

  • I have long been a critic of the ways of Silicon Valley and am clearly not in the same league as the 100 or so past recipients, who include Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Andy Groove, and Gordon Moore.
  • I came to Silicon Valley in 2009 to research its competitive advantages.
  • My research team at Duke University had worked with UC Berkeley’s AnnaLee Saxenian in documenting the role of immigrants in founding more than half of Silicon Valley’s startups from 1995 to 2005.
  • I started out as a starry-eyed cheerleader for Silicon Valley but eventually realized that certain critical elements were missing — most notably, women, blacks, and Hispanics.
  • So I did go on the offensive, and eventually, many of the Valley’s tech leaders did listen — and that is the greatness of Silicon Valley: It knows that it is imperfect, and so evolves.

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