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Articles related to "rock"

Special report: How climate change is melting France’s largest glacier

  • The fate of the world’s glaciers will be laid bare by the UN climate science panel on 25 September, just days after research is expected to confirm that the extent of Arctic sea ice this summer reached the second lowest level ever recorded.
  • “Eighteen years ago, people used to ask ‘have you seen evidence of climate change?’ They don’t ask that anymore, because it’s clear there is,” says Andy Perkins, a British mountain guide who has guided climbers here since 2001.
  • “We are seeing the productivity of vegetation going way up, plants are moving up the slope and the growing season is getting longer,” she says, citing the example of a large tree that was found growing above Chamonix where a glacier had been situated just a decade ago.

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Elon Musk cited convicted pedophiles such as 'Jared the Subway guy' and Gary Glitter when explaining why he was suspicious of Vernon Unsworth for living in Thailand

  • The Tesla CEO tweeted calling Unsworth a "pedo guy" in July last year, after Unsworth criticised Musk's proposition to build a miniature submarine to rescue a Thai soccer team trapped in a cave.
  • Gary Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, is an English former rock musician convicted in 1999 of possessing child pornography, and later in 2015 of attempted rape of underage girls, one as young as 10.
  • In the mid 2000s Gary Glitter moved around around Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia, and Vietnam — where he spent almost three years in prison after being convicted of molesting two underage girls.
  • Musk also claimed in his deposition that he didn't know Unsworth was connected with the rescue team who brought the Thai soccer team to safety when he made the "pedo guy" tweet.

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Opinion: Ric Ocasek's 'The Cars' was the first new wave album you owned

  • When he made his first commercial splash as the lead singer and songwriter of The Cars in the late 1970s, he was already a mature musician and songwriter, more than ready to earn his place in history as the driving force behind the rise of 1980s new wave rock -- the music that was pushing past the likes of the Stones and Dylan.
  • Ocasek had ridden the course of rock history through Beatlemania, psychedelia, the singer-songwriter '70s and the prog-rock era.
  • His take on the 1960s was not a return to innocence, but rather an interpretation of that earlier era as viewed through a lens created by the musical developments of the 1970s.
  • Indeed, the band's music was a staple of FM rock radio after the release of the debut album and throughout most of the 1980s.

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Colin Trevorrow returns to Jurassic World with new short, Battle at Big Rock

  • Imagine trying to enjoy a nice barbecue dinner with your family when a couple of triceratops and a bloodthirsty T.
  • That’s the basis of the new Jurassic World short, directed by Colin Trevorrow, who also helmed the first Jurassic World in 2015.
  • The eight-minute short, Battle at Big Rock, takes place one year after Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and picks up where the last film ended: dinosaurs are now freely roaming around the world and, inevitably, there are some problems.
  • Battle at Big Rock has everything a Jurassic Park fan would want — family drama, dinosaurs crushing vans, and even a badass eight-year-old with a crossbow.
  • Whether this family will make an appearance in Jurassic World 3 (set to be released in 2021 and also directed by Trevorrow) is unclear.
  • Battle at Big Rock first debuted exclusively on FX, but is also available to watch on,, and YouTube.

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Here’s what happened in the impact crater the day it did in the dinos

  • A recent drilling project recovered a long core of rock from the Chicxulub impact crater, leading to greater clarity about how the calamity played out—including on that first day.
  • Big enough impact craters actually have a knob of uplifted rock in the center that forms due to the incredible shock forces involved.
  • Higher up in the core, a layer of seafloor sediment seems to record a miraculous return of small critters to the crater within just a couple years.
  • The first layer above the messed-up bedrock that formed the peak ring is made up of 40m of broken pieces of melted rock.
  • The researchers say this material was likely flowing out from the center of the crater for some tens of minutes after the impact.

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