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Articles related to "ruby"

Is it worth it to learn Sinatra in 2018?

  • Hi, I tried to use rails and django but they both seem difficult to understand for me, I found Sinatra for ruby and it seems easier for me.
  • Well as you know Ruby is really old and I'm not sure if i should learn Sinatra.
  • Sinatra is a simple and well-proven framework to learn and I would HIGHLY recommend adding it to your Ruby toolbox.
  • I use it quite often to develop rock-solid web services quickly in Ruby.
  • Well, Ruby may be older than some other "modern" languages but it is stable and solid and THAT is what clients want.
  • I don't know how I feel about Sinatra, I've never used it but I've used other micro frameworks, like Cuba for Ruby or Flask (my favorite) for Python.
  • I think Sinatra is the most popular among the ones in Ruby.

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