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Articles related to "rust"

A Few More Reasons Rust Compiles Slowly

  • Even when rustc is generating debug builds, that are supposed to build fast, but are allowed to run slow, generating the machine code still takes a considerable amount of time.
  • LLVM being poor at quickly generating code (even if the resulting code is slow) is not in intrinsic property of the language though, and efforts are underway to create a second backend using Cranelift, a code generator written in Rust, and designed for fast code generation.
  • Taken to the limit, a responsive compiler architecture naturally lends itself to quickly responding to requests like "regenerate machine code, but only for functions that are changed since the last time the compiler was run".
  • A variety of factors cause Rust to have a poor build-test cycle, including the generics model, linking requirements, and the compiler architecture.

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