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Articles related to "sales"

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR hits Steam’s top 10 in less than a day

  • Less than 24 hours after Bethesda confirmed March 14 that the VR version of its beloved role-playing game was coming to PC-based headsets, the Steam listing for the game has reached the No. 9 spot on Steam’s Top Sellers list (at the time of writing).
  • If you add in VR filters than it’s at the very top of the list followed by Subnautica, which comes in #19 on the main list.
  • Of course, people are simply pre-ordering Skyrim VR right now, as the full game doesn’t arrive until April 3, but it’s still a very encouraging sign.
  • Still, we’re not exactly surprised; the game has been a consistent seller on Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset, too.
  • Skyrim VR first released on PSVR late last year and we absolutely loved it.
  • It comes to PC headsets with all of its previously-released DLC and support for hand controllers.

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'The iPhone X didn’t sell well during the holiday season': Apple suppliers talk about the company's struggling sales

  • Device sales declined 1% in the last quarter.
  • Harrison and Chowdhury don't disclose which supply companies their sources work for.
  • And their quotes are anonymous, likely because Apple makes its vendors sign strict legal confidentiality agreements that prevent them from talking.
  • The comments are interesting because they work at companies like Cirrus Logic, Qorvo, and Jabil, who have knowledge of how many iPhone units Apple needs to produce to meet demand.
  • The analysts lowered their iPhone sales estimates to 219.4 million devices, up 1%, for fiscal Q2 (calendar Q1) versus expectations of 6% growth.
  • The believe that full-year growth will be up 2%, lower than analyst consensus of 3%.
  • The iPhone SE is Apple's smallest and cheapest phone.
  • "There is talk of an iPhone SE2 model," one of their sources said.

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Fig’s first 4 crowdfunded games have returned 245% on investment

  • The company calculated returns as of December 31 for games that it raised money for: Outer Wilds, Kingdoms & Castles, Trackless, and Solstice Chronicles: MIA.
  • The the investment related to Annapurna’s Outer Wilds (developed by Mobius Digital) more than doubled; sales from Kingdoms & Castles (developed by Lion Shield) tripled investments; and Trackless (developed by 12 East Games) and Solstice Chronicles: MIA (developed by Ironward) have generated sales, with Solstice Chronicles driving positive returns for Fig investors.
  • Successful projects on Fig include high profile campaigns for inXile’s Wasteland 3, Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, Double Fine’s Psychonauts 2, Snapshot Games’ Phoenix Point, and Interabang’s Jay and Silent Bob Chronic Blunt Punch.
  • Other indie titles funded include Kingdoms and Castles, Solstice Chronicles: MIA, Solo, Little Bug, Make Sail, Consortium: The Tower, and Trackless.

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Sonic Mania Plus makes two of the franchise’s most obscure characters playable again

  • It had three players using trackballs to control Sonic and two new characters, Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel.
  • But thanks to Sonic Mania Plus, those character are coming back.
  • Sonic Mania Plus is a new version of last year’s retro 2D side-scroller.
  • The packaged game includes Mighty and Ray as playable characters.
  • The new content will also become available as an update to the original Sonic Mania.
  • Sonic Mania received a lot of love from fans and critics (including us) for capturing the look and feel of Sonic’s original side-scrollers.
  • Plus will also include an Encore Mode (presumably some sort of New Game+ feature), four-player competitions, and a 32-page art book.
  • Although Mighty made one more appearance as a playable character in 1995’s Knuckles’ Chaotix, this is the first time Ray has had a significant appearance in the series since SegaSonic the Hedgehog.

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Walmart Whistle-Blower Claims Cheating in Race with Amazon

  • In its race to catch Inc. in online retailing, Walmart Inc. issued misleading e-commerce results and fired an executive who complained the company was breaking the law, according to a whistle-blower lawsuit.
  • Under Chief Executive Officer Doug McMillon, Walmart has invested billions to catch up with Amazon in e-commerce over the past few years, and last year enjoyed quarterly online sales growth rates surpassing 50 percent, well above peers that include Target Corp.
  • and Best Buy Co. Huynh claims Walmart mislabeled products so that some third-party vendors received lower commissions, failed to process customer returns, and allowed offensive items onto the site.
  • Along with the 2016 acquisition of, the rollout of two-day free delivery and the recruitment of sought-after web engineers, Walmart’s strategy also includes building up its marketplace site, where third-party vendors sell their wares and pay the retailer a fee, usually around 15 percent.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider launches September 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

  • Square Enix announced today that Rise of the Tomb Raider will come out on September 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
  • This is the third game in the Tomb Raider reboot series, which started in 2013.
  • While the first game came out for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC at the same time, the sequel — Rise of the Tomb Raider — was a timed exclusive for the Xbox One in 2015.
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider came out for PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016.
  • The game has achieved sales of over 7 million copies.
  • A new Tomb Raider movie, itself based on the 2013 game, is coming out in theaters on March 16.
  • If the film is a success, it could help sales of the previous game and Lara Croft’s upcoming outing.

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Costco eyes fresh grocery delivery in Canada

  • TORONTO — Costco is exploring ways to deliver fresh groceries to consumers in Canada after finding early success with its new online food delivery services in the U.S. Canada’s biggest warehouse retailer, whose grocery market share has increased substantially over the last decade along with Walmart’s, introduced online grocery delivery of non-perishables to U.S. customers last October.
  • Same-store sales at Costco Canada in the second quarter ended Feb. 18 were robust, rising 8.7 per cent.
  • Walmart Canada, meanwhile, reported Canadian same-store sales 2.9 per-cent in the period ended Jan. 31.
  • Ont. Kevin Grier Market Analysis & Consulting Inc. In the U.S., Costco has also made it clear that the move is about convenience for customers, not cost: On the area of its website that details online grocery delivery options, it notes that online prices are generally 15 per cent to 17 per cent above warehouse walk-in prices.

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Nancy Dubuc made a big bet on Vice, and now she’s going to try fixing it, as CEO

  • A&E CEO Nancy Dubuc has left and is probably going to end up as CEO of Vice Media.
  • The first part is official; the second part hasn’t been announced yet.
  • The big question marks for Vice, Dubuc and Smith: How much of the company’s success is dependent on Smith’s presence, leadership and uncanny sales skills?
  • How much of that will he contribute to the company when he’s no longer CEO, no matter what role he morphs into?
  • It will be fascinating to watch.
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  • The new feature — called Extras — signals where the company is headed.
  • Big Apple.

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SuperData: Bethesda rules VR charts with Fallout and Skyrim

  • Skyrim is only available on Sony’s flagship headset and Fallout 4 is still, technically, exclusive to the HTC Vive on Steam.
  • While this news doesn’t come as a surprise at all, it’s particularly noteworthy due to the fact that each of these two games released in the latter portion of the year around holiday time without the first two thirds of the year’s sales to buffer numbers.
  • It’s also worth noting that these numbers are for VR-exclusive games only, which means titles like Resident Evil 7 (because it’s also available outside of VR for PSVR) are not counted.
  • We’re still waiting to hear about plans for a Rift/Vive version of Skyrim VR or a PSVR version of Fallout 4 VR, so there’s no news on that front.

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Aussie Big Data Company Names New Hong Kong Chief

  • ASX-listed Isentia, a global big data company focusing on media monitoring and analyses, has named Alex Yu as the new general manager for its growing Hong Kong operations.
  • He has rich exposure in Hong Kong and China's B2B market and media industry.
  • Along with Yu's hire, the company has moved its Hong Kong office to a more spacious location to accomodate its fast growth in the big data sector.
  • With the acquisition of global content marketing agency King Content and press distribution service China Newswire in the past two years, Isentia has extended its offering from media monitoring and analysis to an all-around business intelligence solutions, by adding actions on real data intelligence.
  • Through its acquisitions in Greater China in the past 10 years, Australia-based Isentia has grown its staff to over 200 in Greater China, and more than 10 offices in the rest of Asia.

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