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Articles related to "scam"

The Life Changing Linguistics of Nigerian Scam Emails

  • Before you even get to the level of a personal interaction with a mysterious Nigerian prince, however, this short study by linguist Deborah Schaffer can give you the 4-1-9 on how to recognize the linguistic patterns of a scam email when it first enters your inbox and greets you in flattering, if broken, flowery language.
  • In the updated 419 Nigerian scam, the potential mark is asked to pay a small advance fee, or asked to send their bank information or personal details to help move funds that have been locked up, perhaps in a foreign country, or somewhere plausibly difficult.
  • This is all wrapped up in unrealistic, yet intriguing narratives that many ordinary people are not familiar with, of the lives of dead millionaires’ relatives, down on their luck, philanthropists and princes who want to do good for others, distressed business executives and oil tycoons, all who’ve lost their way and need your help.

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