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Articles related to "scandal"

Facebook is 15 years old. Here's a look into the life, career, and controversies surrounding CEO Mark Zuckerberg

  • With a net worth of $70 billion, the young CEO is credited with creating a social network that has more monthly active users than any single country in the world has people, and his majority voting rights give him complete control of the company — which also means he's often the focal point of any backlash or scandal.
  • It's been called out on multiple occasions for the way it handles user data, to the point where it's led many to debate the pros and cons of free networks like Facebook that rely on advertisers for revenue.
  • In the midst of the scandals, Zuckerberg has defended Facebook and reiterated the company's stated mission to connect the world with projects like bringing internet access to areas without less connectivity; through his charity work, he's poured millions into education efforts and billions into initiatives for curing the world's diseases.

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The new trailer for 'Bombshell' shows more spitting-image casting choices dramatizing the fall of Roger Ailes

  • There are now two trailers for "Bombshell," the upcoming movie about the 2016 Fox News sexual harassment scandal involving former CEO Roger Ailes.
  • The first trailer was a tense elevator scene that captured Nicole Kidman playing former Fox News commentator Gretchen Carlson alongside Charlize Theron as former anchor Megyn Kelly and a fictional staffer portrayed by Margot Robbie.
  • The newly released video captures Carlson and Kelly's dramatized characters alongside other recognizable Fox News heavyweights — including former anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle — as the network slips into chaos amid the 2016 scandal that saw a wave of female staffers and television personalities accuse Ailes of sexual harassment.
  • Guilfoyle left the network in August 2018 amid reports she was at the center of an internal investigation over allegations she was abusive towards hair and makeup staff.

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