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Articles related to "scenes"

The Star Wars Archives is a monster behind-the-scenes book

  • Written by film historian Paul Duncan, the book is an exhaustive collection of behind-the-scenes interviews, pictures, concept art, and script pages that charts the course of production for the first three Star Wars films and the sometimes messy development process that generated them.
  • Even if you’re deeply familiar with Star Wars and its history, the book largely flows from Lucas’ contemporary interviews, providing a deeply insightful look into how the films came together.
  • But what’s most striking about the book isn’t just the behind-the-scenes stories; it’s the concept art, behind-the-scenes images, and stills that make the book a joy to simply flip through, even if you’ve watched the films dozens of times.
  • But if you have the money and space for such a book, it’s a volume that rewards endless flipping through all of the images, interviews, and minute details that have kept fans coming back to the films time and time again over the years.

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