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Articles related to "scheme"

Repl.It 1.0: IDE that Grows from Playgrounds to Fullstack Apps

  • If you want to use files, write to files, split your code into modules, etc., you just do that and behinds the scenes the environment will switch to one where you're interacting with the filesystem.
  • You use it to listen on a port, any port you'd like; we'll detect that, host your server/repl on your subdomain (forever!) and that's it you're developing/deploying an application.
  • We also know that not all applications will grow incrementally so in typical one-click-start fashion we've pre-setup a Django, Rails, Express, and Sinatra apps.
  • serverless apps are unique in that they're stateful and that the same repl, same protocol, same everything, that you use in development is deployed and running in production.
  • After getting user-interest @pyelias is starting to explore building a full stack application using Django.

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Steven Seagal-backed ICO Bitcoiin2Gen Slapped with Cease and Desist Order

  • The New Jersey Bureau of Securities has slapped the Steven Seagal-backed initial coin offering (ICO) “Bitcoiin2Gen” (Bitcoiin or B2G) with a cease and desist order, alleging that it is fraudulently selling unregistered securities.
  • The order, which was entered on March 7, is not entirely surprising, as the project was characterized by a number of red flags — and regulators have not been shy about the fact that no ICO is Above the Law. Most notably, New Jersey’s securities officials took issue with action film hero and “Zen Master” Steven Seagal’s endorsement of the token sale.
  • Marketing an ICO as an investment, however, is one of the easiest ways to have one’s token sale flagged as a securities offering.
  • In addition to being prohibited from offering its tokens to New Jersey residents, the order warned that Bitcoiin may face other enforcement actions, including both ancillary relief and civil penalties.

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Fund ideas, not pedigree, to find fresh insight

  • Grant review tends to be biased against innovation; researchers’ best shot at funding is proposing the same sort of work that they have already proved they can do.
  • Two years ago, when I was director of science at the foundation, we set up a project that we hoped would support innovative ideas by evaluating applications in an unusual way.
  • By coincidence, I learned that the Volkswagen Foundation in Hanover, Germany, was running a similar scheme; we both hoped to gather evidence on how grant review worked.
  • We recruited evaluators whom we thought (by reputation) would be particularly able to judge risky ideas — for example, people we knew to have discussed new ways of funding research.
  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation uses blind review for awards in its Grand Challenges Explorations programme, and New Zealand’s Health Research Council uses a random-number generator to prioritize ‘Explorer’ grant proposals that have fulfilled certain criteria.

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  • Schism is an experimental self-hosting compiler from a subset of R6RS Scheme to WebAssembly.
  • Now that self-hosting has been achieved, development can shift towards supporting a more complete subset of Scheme.
  • This includes implementing garbage collection, possibly using the WebAssembly GC proposal, dynamic linking and code generation, etc.
  • This repository includes a very simple playground.html, which gives a lightweight way to play around with the compiler.
  • The goal is to keep as much code as possible in Scheme, but the runtime is needed to interact with the rest of the world.
  • Stage0 is the compiler snapshot, stored in schism-stage0.wasm.
  • To add a new feature, the usual flow is to start by adding a small test that uses it.
  • Once the feature is implemented, then the Stage1 and Stage2 compilers should pass the test.
  • Note that you cannot use the new feature in the compiler until it works in stage2.

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