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Articles related to "science"

Special Conditions for Sub-Two Hour Marathon

  • Eliud Kipchoge is the first and only man to break the 2-hour barrier in the marathon with a time of 1:59:40.
  • His run broke the previous world record by 1 minute and 18 seconds.
  • It was the greatest improvement in a marathon world record time since 1967.
  • On May 6, 2017, Eliud Kipchoge was involved in another special event to break the two-hour barrier which also used many pace runners and other special conditions.
  • This new run was 45 seconds faster.
  • The new special time is 1.7% faster than Kipchoge’s official world record.
  • The shoe technology involves carbon fiber plates which help with the foot recoil while running.
  • There are about ten marathons in 2019 who have had sub-2-hour five minute times.
  • It seems likely that there will soon be official marathons with times below two hours.

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PG&E Estimates 2029-2033 Until They Fix Grid Fire Danger Problems

  • One week ago, PG&E (California electric utility) cut power to about 2 million people in Northern and Central California, saying the outages were needed due to high winds and dry conditions that could spark wildfires.
  • The power shutoff cost businesses and customers billions of dollars.
  • Long-term widespread power outages cost businesses and people billions of dollars.
  • The PG&E outage affected about 30% of the Bay Area for extended times.
  • In Florida a few days ago, nearly 10,000 customers were left without power, vehicles were turned over and a middle school was severely damaged after a tornado touched down in central Florida on Friday night, as rain and high winds from Tropical Storm Nestor battered the state.
  • PG&E had less wind and the PG&E outage affected 200 times more people than the Florida Tropical storm.

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Ancient Maya Farms Revealed by Laser Scanning, Larger than Previously Estimated

  • One agricultural network was 5 times larger than earlier estimates, and the fields may be an early source of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions.
  • In Central America, the technique has exposed thousands of structures previously concealed by the forest canopy.The latest study used lidar to uncover a network of ancient canals and farming fields in the low-lying wetlands of northwestern Belize.
  • The latest study used lidar to uncover a network of ancient canals and farming fields in the low-lying wetlands of northwestern Belize.
  • The researchers discovered four distinct farming networks in the area, one of which was much larger than earlier estimates and another that the scientists hadn’t known existed.
  • The authors emphasized that ground truthing lidar findings is key, and the latest study used multiple lines of evidence to rule out natural processes, including excavating ancient canals, chemical analysis, and radiocarbon dating of the soil.

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Why is Bauhaus such a big deal in design?

  • Breakthroughs such as the iconic Wassily Chair or the “floating roof” of Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion led generations of designers and architects to strip objects and buildings down to their most basic components.
  • In April 2019, a new museum dedicated to the movement opened near the center of town, where visitors can see Bauhaus originals—including the Barcelona chair and a baby cradle made of primary shapes and colors designed by Peter Keler—and get a sense of how disruptive the school was in 1920s Germany.
  • The school (now part of the Illinois Institute of Technology) helped turn Chicago into a hub of modernist architecture and design, epitomized by van der Rohe’s maxim “less is more.” Many of the buildings designed by van der Rohe—including the iconic Farnsworth House in nearby Plano, Illinois—are open to visitors.

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Fast and Compact DNA Logic Circuits

  • DNA is a reliable biomolecule with which to build molecular computation systems.
  • DNA logic circuits (diffusion-based) have shown good performance regarding scalability and correctness of computation.
  • However, previous architectures of DNA logic circuits have two limitations.
  • Duke University researchers introduced an architecture of DNA logic circuits based on single-stranded logic gates using strand-displacing DNA polymerase.
  • The logic gates consist of only single DNA strands, which largely reduces leakage reactions and signal restoration steps such that the circuits are improved in regard to both speed of computation and the number of DNA strands needed.
  • Large-scale logic circuits can be constructed from the gates by simple cascading strategies.
  • In particular, we have demonstrated a fast and compact logic circuit that computes the square-root function of four-bit input numbers.
  • Duke University has a range of research into DNA Computing.

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Does Hillary’s Swipe Make Tulsi Gabbard a Front-Runner in 2020?

  • Hillary didn’t mention Tulsi by name but did call the alleged Russian spoiler a “she,” and we know she’s not talking about Senators Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren.
  • Clinton advanced this latest Russian interference conspiracy theory on David Plouffe’s podcast.
  • Gabbard is the first female combat veteran to run for president.
  • Hillary Clinton’s attack on Tulsi Gabbard is a curious development in the 2020 Democratic primary.
  • The conventional campaign strategy – supported by political science research– is to attack opponents when you are behind or close in the polls.
  • The best approach to opponents when they are behind in the polls (like Tulsi) is to ignore them.
  • Clinton’s attempt to quash a Tulsi Gabbard third-party spoiler effect in 2020 could have the “Streisand effect” on Gabbard’s campaign.
  • Why would an elite politician like Hillary Clinton blunder over Political Science 101 electioneering basics?

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How climate change infiltrated popular culture

  • The climate stripes follow other visualizations of climate data that I’ve created in recent years, including an animation depicting global temperature rise data as an ever-expanding spiral.
  • Earlier in 2019 we created a website that allows people to download climate stripes for around 200 countries and individual US states.
  • This allowed people to share stripes which charted the recent climate history of their own corner of the world.
  • If we want climate action to become the demand of a mass movement then we can’t expect discussions to be restricted to po-faced conversations between scientists and politicians.
  • Infiltrating popular culture is one way scientists can help trigger a step change in attitudes that will lead to mass action.
  • This article is republished from The Conversation by Ed Hawkins, Professor of climate science, University of Reading under a Creative Commons license.

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Graphene Still Struggles for Significant Commercialization

  • Current market studies of the global graphene market have forecasts of about $200 to $600 million for the graphene industry in 2025.
  • The global graphene market size is expected to reach USD 552.3 million by 2025, according to a 2019 report by Grand View Research, Inc. It is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 38.0% over the forecast period.
  • Growing demand for smart consumer electronics is anticipated to fuel the market over the forecast period.
  • The global graphene market size was estimated at USD 42.8 million in 2017.

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XFL Not a ‘Who’s Who’ of Football But a ‘Who’s That?’

  • Not many, of course, because all of the really good football players will be on NFL rosters.
  • The quarterbacks allocated to the XFL’s eight teams were Landry Jones (Dallas), Cardale Jones (Washington DC), Luis Perez (Los Angeles), Matt McGloin (New York), Jordan Ta’amu (St. Louis), Brandon Silvers (Seattle) and Aaron Murray (Tampa Bay).
  • There are other guys with NFL experience and some that were really good in college.
  • Over the last few years, Travis has worked for several news-oriented sites that focused on sports, especially football, baseball, basketball, and to a lesser extent boxing and MMA.
  • His passion for sports quickly spread to baseball (favorite team is the Houston Astros), basketball, and track and field as a kid.
  • He currently lives in the United States in Indiana, (is a basketball fan but hates going to the Indy 500) with his wife and two adorable kids.

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How to teach Data Science

  • I am going to share here a few tips that I have learned from mentoring Data Science students over the past few months.
  • It is important for students to understand that to learn new concepts they are the ones that need to put primary effort.
  • They are the ones that need to seek the information, read data science material and practice given exercises.
  • It is important that they start reading Data Science articles from early on a variety of topics: machine learning, data cleaning, data visualization, job opportunities, basically anything connected to Data Science.
  • This tip is addressing especially people that are trying to transition to Data Science form a different domain.
  • I am sure many of you have their tips on how to teach Data Science so if you want you can share them below.

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