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Articles related to "scientist"

What every Data Scientist needs to learn from Business Leaders

  • Data Scientists are accustomed to teaching business leaders about their craft.
  • So it’s no wonder that the internet is filled to the brim with courses on Data Science for business leaders — from edX, Coursera, and many more platforms.
  • There’s only one catch: The fact that most Data Scientists know nothing about business.
  • Without further ado, here are seven key competencies of business leaders that every Data Scientist should acquire.
  • And since you’re working on projects all the time, it’s a skill worth investing in.
  • You can learn a lot about project management by observing those people who do it for a living — business leaders.
  • From the perspective of a business person, the very purpose of Data Science is to help to make decisions.
  • If you’re employed as an aid to decision making, but that’s exactly what you suck at — then you’re a mediocre Data Scientist at best.

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Histories Hidden in the Periodic Table

  • The modern element-hunting era began in the nineteen-thirties, when the physicist Ernest Lawrence directed scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, to develop a series of devices, called cyclotrons, that use electricity to blast protons into foil targets installed inside metal chambers.
  • Bursting through the stems of the mushroom clouds, trying to keep their planes from rattling apart, the pilots, Champan writes, collected “elements usually only present in merging neutron stars.” (One pilot, Jimmy Robinson, escaped from the nuclear dust storm to find that his engines had stalled; he died in an attempted water landing.) Later, in a Berkeley laboratory, the physicist Glenn Seaborg and his colleagues detected two hundred atoms of what would become element No. 99 in a filter pulled from one of the planes.

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