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Articles related to "search"

Search Party is the scathing millennial satire you need to binge

  • An immediate cult hit, Search Party won ardent fans across its brief two-season run by being an unexpected mix of thriller and satire.
  • It begins as a story about obsession — Dory Sief (Alia Shawkat) is a young twenty-something New Yorker who, caught in a spell of generational malaise, becomes increasingly interested in the disappearance of Chantal Witherbottom, a college acquaintance she barely knew.
  • Across 10 episodes, Dory and her circle of friends — her nice guy stereotype boyfriend Drew (John Reynolds), spoiled-and-struggling actress Portia (Meredith Hagner), and aspiring socialite Elliot (John Early) begin to investigate Chantal’s disappearance in their free time, finding reason to believe she might be in the thrall of a cult.
  • Twists abound, and the show delighted in revealing both exciting new wrinkles to Chantal’s disappearance and increasingly repulsive facets of Dory and her friends.

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Deconstructing Pinterest’s reverse-image-search SEO growth hack

  • Google indexes the Pinterest page with the new text content and ranks it higher because of the strong relevance of the text on the page to its existing understanding of the photo.
  • So we can start by downloading the top 25 URLs ranking in Google for google image search seo and performing tf–idf analysis across all of those documents to reveal key topic entities that are semantically related to the search term.
  • This gets directly at Google’s understanding of the topic and using this method you can get your content ranking your post higher for having a better content relevance score — it’s often surprisingly effective.
  • In addition to SEO A/B testing, which everyone should be doing by now, using NLP and TF-IDF to refresh and update existing long-form content on your site is an incredibly effective way to grow search traffic and rankings in 2020, and an important tool in any marketing team’s tool kit.

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Show HN: Pygooglenews – Python library for advanced Google News data mining

  • A python wrapper of the Google News RSS feed.
  • Before we start, if you want to integrate Google News data to your production then I would advise you to use one of the 3 methods described above.
  • But this time, I want to share with the community a Python package that makes it simple to get the news data from the best search engine ever created - Google.
  • This package uses the RSS feed of the Google News.
  • We have to copy the text after topics/ and before ?, then you can use it as an input for the top_news() function.
  • Tip. If you want to build a near real-time feed for a specific topic, use when='1h'.
  • Check the Useful Links section if you want to dig into how Google Search works.

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Careers and jobs world wide

  • It gives me great satisfaction to be able to grab the proverbial bull by the horns, co-creating with a team full of some of the kindest, brightest, and most passionate people I’ve had the pleasure to work with.
  • I see examples of our core value Care all the time here; the people ops teams are proactive when it comes to making sure we are equipped strategically, emotionally, and physically every day through things like personal training sessions, meditation classes, and wfh upgrades.
  • I’m not going to mention the product, vision, cool office spaces, events, company trips, perks and benefits, and learning opportunities - what sets Algolia apart is its culture and values: the team is made of truly nice people with talent and it’s a pleasure to work with them!
  • I love being able to work with my team every day here at Algolia.

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The body of one of three missing men has been found on Mount Rainier

  • Matthew Bunker was found dead Monday in a crevasse at the base of a cliff by search helicopters and climbing rangers, according to a news release from the National Park Service.
  • He was reported missing on Liberty Ridge on Friday by a climbing partner, the release said.
  • The 28-year-old from Seattle had been skiing at the 10,400 foot elevation on the mountain when he fell on steep terrain, the release said.
  • Vincent Djie was reported missing June 19 after last being seen hiking the Van Trump Trail toward Mildred Point in the park.
  • The agency said it is coordinating with rescue groups, Djie's family, and the Indonesian Consulate in San Francisco on this search.
  • Talal Sabbagh, a Seattle hiker, was last seen hiking in the Paradise area of the park on June 21, NPS said.
  • The NPS said it is coordinating with rescue groups and Sabbagh's family on the search.

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How to make sure Google automatically deletes your data on a regular basis

  • With the newly announced changes, Google is trying to make it easier to enjoy the best of both worlds, both private and personalized, by making auto-delete the default setting for web and app activity, location history, and YouTube history.
  • Also, that default auto-delete time still gives Google a big chunk of your history: 18 months for web and app activity and location history, and 36 months — three years!
  • Given how relatively few accounts will have this default auto-delete feature and the large amount of data that is retained even with it, it’s hard to say how much of a difference Google’s updates will really make in user privacy.

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Google brings free product listings to its main Google Search results

  • Since its shift to free listings in April of this year, Google says it’s seen an average 70% increase in clicks and 130% increase in impressions across both the free listings and ads on the Shopping tab in the U.S. These metrics were based on an experiment looking at the clicks and impressions after the free listings were introduced, compared with a control group.
  • Google has positioned its shift to free listings as a way to aid businesses struggling to connect with shoppers due to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • In a report published last fall, before the pandemic hit, analyst firm eMarketer said Google’s share of search ad market revenue would slip from 73% in 2019 to 71% by 2021, as more internet users started their searches for products directly on Amazon.

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Search engine startup asks users to be the customer, not the product

  • Ramaswamy's startup company, Neeva, is that "something different"—and though it, too, is a search engine, it seeks to sidestep some of Google's problems by avoiding the ads altogether.
  • In addition to providing search results directly from these private sources, Neeva will include that data in building a profile to personalize search results for each user.
  • Like Neeva, Startpage sources search results externally—in its case, directly from Google.
  • But it shows those ads without attempting to personalize them for the user—no profile is built, and the user's potentially identifying information is stripped from the queries passed along to Google as well.
  • Given that the data collection may include direct connection to a user's primary Google or Microsoft email account, this might amount to a truly unsettling volume of personal data—data that is now vulnerable to compromise of Neeva's services, as well as use or sale (particularly in the case of acquisition or merger) by Neeva itself.

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Three hikers missing in Washington's Mount Rainier National Park

  • Matthew Bunker, a hiker from Seattle, was reported as missing by his climbing partner at 3 p.m. PT on Saturday.
  • Vincent Djie was reported missing June 19 after last been seen in hiking the Van Trump Trail toward Mildred Point in the park.
  • The agency said it is coordinating with rescue groups, Djie's family, and the Indonesian Consulate in San Francisco on this search.
  • Talal Sabbagh, a Seattle hiker, was last seen hiking in the Paradise area of the park on June 21, NPS said.
  • The NPS said it is coordinating with rescue groups and Sabbagh's family on the search.
  • Bunker is missing near the Liberty Ridge area of the mountain, which is where six hikers were killed in 2014.
  • Helicopter searches in the Liberty Ridge area will resume "early next week" when weather is predicted to be more stable, the agency said.

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How does SQLite work? Part 2: btrees! (or: disk seeks are slow don't do them!)

  • So in a binary tree with depth 10, you might need to jump up to 10 times.
  • It takes way less CPU time to search through your data than it does to read the data into memory (see: Computers are fast!, Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know).
  • btrees are organized so that each node has lots of children, to keep the depth small, and so that we won’t have to read too many pages to find a row.
  • My 100,000 row SQLite database has a btree with depth 3, so to fetch a node I only need to read 3 pages.
  • This is why maintaining lots of indexes is slow – every time you insert a row you need to update as many trees as you have indexes.
  • It turns out SQLite does a binary search inside every page of every btree to find out what node to go to next.

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