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Articles related to "second"

White House chief of staff: 'We are not going to control the pandemic'

  • Washington (CNN) - White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said Sunday that the US is "not going to control" the coronavirus pandemic, as cases surge across the country and nearly 225,000 Americans have died from the virus.
  • The White House is also facing a potential second outbreak of the virus after at least five people in Pence's inner circle have tested positive in recent days, according to a source familiar with the situation.
  • But as concerns grow that more people surrounding the vice president could test positive in the coming days, Pence, who is the head of the White House's coronavirus task force, does not currently plan to self-quarantine, in defiance of US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, and will continue campaigning as the election nears.

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Lee Kun-hee, who made Samsung a global powerhouse, dies at 78

  • Seoul | Lee Kun-hee, who built Samsung Electronics into a global powerhouse in smartphones, semiconductors and televisions, died on Sunday after spending more than six years in hospital following a heart attack, the company said.
  • Lee, who was 78, is the latest second-generation leader of a South Korean family-controlled conglomerate, or chaebol, to die, leaving potentially thorny succession issues for the third generation.
  • The death of Lee, with a net worth of $US20.9 billion ($29.3 billion) according to Forbes, is set to prompt investor interest in a potential restructuring of the group involving his stakes in key Samsung companies such as Samsung Life and Samsung Electronics.
  • Lee died with his family by his side, including Jay Y Lee, the Samsung Electronics vice-chairman, the conglomerate said.

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Nebraska man hits jackpot twice in one year

  • Michael Christiansen of Norfolk, Nebraska, hit the jackpot for a second time this year.
  • Earlier this month, Christiansen won $100,000 after purchasing a 20X The Money Scratch ticket.
  • He collected his winnings on October 15 at the Nebraska Lottery's office in Lincoln.
  • It was his second trip to the office this year because he won $50,000 from a Money Clip Scratch ticket in March.
  • Christiansen said his daughter recently passed away, and he's going to try purchase the house she lived in.
  • The 20X The Money game offers players a chance to win prizes from a free $10 ticket to $100,000.
  • The chances of winning $100,000 are 1 in 80,000, according to the Nebraska Lottery.
  • In the Money Clip game, the odds of winning the top prize of $50,000 are also 1 in 80,000, according to the lottery.

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Judge drops third-degree murder charge against former officer Derek Chauvin in George Floyd's death

  • Chauvin still faces charges of second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in Floyd's death on May 25, which sparked nationwide protests and a reckoning over race and policing this summer.
  • Chauvin, who was released on $1 million bond earlier this month, was seen in videos of the incident kneeling on Floyd's neck for almost eight minutes, while the Black man told Chauvin and three other officers that he couldn't breathe.
  • The other now-former Minneapolis officers have been charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter.
  • The judge upheld those charges.
  • Attorneys for each of the officers did not immediately respond to CNN's requests for comment Thursday morning.
  • CNN has reached out to an attorney representing Floyd's family.

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Record Time Measurement is Time for Light to Cross a Hydrogen Molecule

  • Using an electron interferometric technique researchers report a birth time delay on the order of a few hundred zeptoseconds (247 zeptoseconds) between two electron emissions from the two sides of molecular hydrogen, which is interpreted as the travel time of the photon across the molecule.
  • Light travels 300 nanometers in a femtosecond.
  • Light travels 0.07 nanometers or 70 picometers in 247 zeptoseconds.
  • The researchers set the energy of the X-rays so that one photon was sufficient to eject both electrons out of the hydrogen molecule.
  • Electrons behave like particles and waves simultaneously, and therefore the ejection of the first electron resulted in electron waves launched first in the one, and then in the second hydrogen molecule atom in quick succession, with the waves merging.

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Global deal surge can roll into 2021: Goldman Sachs

  • Goldman Sachs’ co-head of global M&A says the surge in takeovers around the world in the second half of 2020 can continue into next year, as rising share prices give sector leaders the confidence to do deals and COVID-19 exacerbates structural change in many industries.
  • Kevin Costantino, president and co-head of US M&A at Greenhill & Co in New York, says while deal teams have needed to get creative for due diligence – “phones and drones” had become a catch-cry at his firm – creativity around deal structure has also been required.
  • While those share-based deals are clearly being driven by rising stock prices, Lian Lian, co-head of North Asia M&A at JPMorgan in Beijing, says the juxtaposition of soaring equity valuations and tough economic conditions in Asia has been challenging for deal makers.
  • Bill Anderson, senior managing director at Evercore in New York, said activist investors were also becoming more active in driving M&A, often teaming up with private equity firms.

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Feast your eyes on the all-new, all-electric GMC Hummer EV

  • GMC has a new all-electric version of its classic Hummer oversized SUV.
  • This thing is a beast, as you might expect, with an advertised 350-mile range and a 3-second zero to 60 mph time.
  • It’s a bit ridiculous to be honest, which is kind of what the Hummer has always been about so that makes sense.
  • Alongside a teaser, GMC released a number of press photos of the 1,000 HP bruiser, so take a look below.
  • It definitely looks like a Hummer – which may or may not be your cup of tea.

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The secret of how the Venus flytrap “remembers” when it captures prey

  • There is evidence that the carnivorous plant has something akin to a short-term "memory," and a team of Japanese scientists has found evidence that the mechanism for this memory lies in changes in calcium concentrations in its leaves, according to a recent paper published in the journal Nature Plants.
  • Back in 2016, a team of German scientists discovered that the Venus flytrap can actually "count" the number of times something touches its hair-lined leaves—an ability that helps the plant distinguish between the presence of prey and a small nut or stone, or even a dead insect.
  • Scientists already knew that there is a close association between calcium and those electrical signals in many plants, so it's not that surprising that there would be a similar link in the Venus flytrap.

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