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Articles related to "service"

Trump, an infrequent churchgoer, focuses on Christian base amid protests and pandemic

  • With an eye toward evangelical and white Catholic voters, Trump announced two weeks ago that churches and other places of worship would be deemed "essential" and that he would override governors who sought to prevent their reopening.
  • A battle had been raging internally over how detailed the guidance for reopening places of worship should be, with the President's political advisers arguing the proposals offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were too complex and would slow the opening of churches, possibly hurting Trump's standing with evangelicals who felt stay-at-home restrictions had limited their religious freedoms.
  • Though he once pushed to reopen the nation in time for Easter Sunday services -- another move viewed as an appeal to religious voters -- Trump himself did not attend church the Sunday after he declared he would override governors who refused to open theirs.

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Video conferencing is tech's latest battleground. Here's what's at stake

  • San Francisco (CNN Business) - Before a pandemic forced millions around the world into lockdown, the phrase "video conferencing" generally conjured up an image of stuffy corporate meetings with people unable to physically be in the boardroom.
  • More established rivals such as Cisco's Webex and Microsoft Teams have also seen a spike in growth, and Google and Facebook are rejiggering their video offerings to meet the moment, with new services that mimic some of Zoom's most popular features.
  • Facebook is touting its new video conferencing service, Messenger Rooms, as more of a consumer tool, but Kurtzman says it could also "be effectively used by small businesses who can't afford a stronger solution." The company also expanded video calling on its mobile messaging service, WhatsApp, touting the service's end-to-end encryption in an apparent swipe at Zoom's troubles on that front.

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Where to start with Studio Ghibli

  • This is obviously very subjective, and even then I’m not necessarily putting my favorites toward the top of the list; this is about easing you into the studio’s work and making sure you don’t write it all off after accidentally watching Tales from Earthsea.
  • Not to kick off with a curveball or anything, but I think the best place to start with Studio Ghibli would be its first movie, Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky (1986).
  • Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (2001) is Studio Ghibli’s most successful movie, and while I wouldn’t rank it this high as a personal favorite, I’d recommend watching it early on because it’ll show you a lot about the range of the studio’s work.
  • The last Ghibli movie to earn my “essential” designation is Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro (1988), perhaps the studio’s best-known film — or at least the one that’s produced the most merchandise.

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Sling TV president replaced as subscriber numbers continue to drop

  • Sling TV President Warren Schlichting has left the company, and its parent corporation Dish has named his replacement.
  • Schlichting’s exit comes after Sling TV reported massive subscriber decline over the past two quarters.
  • The service lost 94,000 accounts in the fourth quarter of 2019, which is its first-ever subscription decline, according to Variety.
  • It then lost an additional 281,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2020.
  • By the time the end of March came around, its customer numbers were down by 4.7 percent year-over-year.
  • Sling TV’s losses came after the service raised its prices in December.
  • The service introduced a few promotional offers more recently, but they may not have been enough to make up for the subscriber decline.
  • Sling TV also offered free viewing without subscription in April to keep people entertained in the midst of COVID-19-related lockdowns, likely in an effort to win over paying subscribers.

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Cyrus, Bain proceed to next round of Virgin sale

  • Virgin Australia's administrators have determined just Bain Capital and Cyrus Capital Partners will get the chance to lodge binding offers for the stricken airline on June 12.
  • These suitors included shortlisted entities BGH Capital, Bain Capital, Cyrus Capital Partners and the Indigo Partners/Oaktree Capital Management consortium.
  • Brookfield, which Deloitte excluded from the shortlist after the Toronto-based asset manager withdrew from the formal process with several concerns, also lodged an offer last Friday.
  • Meanwhile, Cyrus Capital Partners is a US-based investor, which was a cornerstone investor in the creation of the now-defunct Virgin America airline.
  • Little is known about its bid, but The Australian Financial Review understands its pitch to unions last week included broad similarities to that of Virgin Australia management's relaunch plan presented to bidders.
  • The re-emergence of Brookfield Asset Management in the race to buy Virgin Australia has upset rival bidders.

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Self-driving vehicle startup Argo AI completes $2.6B deal with Volkswagen, expands to Europe

  • The deal turns Argo into a global company with two customers — VW and Ford — as well as operations in the U.S. and Europe and an instant jump in its workforce.
  • The company has fleets of autonomous vehicles mapping and testing on public roads in Austin, Miami and Washington, D.C. Argo AI is developing the virtual driver system and high-definition maps designed for Ford’s self-driving vehicles.
  • Ford and VW will share the cost of developing Argo AI’s self-driving vehicle technology under the terms of the deal.
  • Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC houses the company’s self-driving systems integration, autonomous-vehicle research and advanced engineering, AV transportation-as-a-service network development, user experience, business strategy and business development teams.
  • Instead, the company said it will reallocate money towards development of transportation as a service software and fleet operations for its eventual self-driving service.
  • Despite this shared investment, Ford and VW will not collaborate on the actual self-driving vehicle service.

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Coronavirus Is Bad and Good News for the Data Center Switch Market

  • After taking a beating in the first half of the year, the data center networking switch market will roar back in the second half.
  • However, they expect switch suppliers to generate 20 percent more revenue in the second half of the year than they did in the second half of 2019.
  • Based on data from its Data Center Network Equipment Market Tracker, Omdia expects data center switch suppliers to make $5.4 billion in revenue in the first half of 2020 (down from $5.9 in the first half of 2019) and $7.3 billion in the second half (up from $6 billion in the second half of last year).
  • Also good news for switch sellers (and for the data center market as a whole) is the pandemic-driven crystallization of how essential digital infrastructure is for the society to continue functioning.

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Unsold truffles tell tale of broken $5 trillion food chain

  • The unprecedented disruption in the food chain, with worst-case estimates showing 80 per cent of restaurants going bust in some parts of the world, is leaving people like Gregson grappling with an industry that may take years to untangle itself.
  • Restaurant closures initially resulted in widespread dumping of milk, but as dairy farmers responded by cutting output, the US Department of Agriculture stepped in to buy and some states started reopening, cheese prices started surging again, said Mary Ledman, a global dairy strategist at Rabobank.
  • Sean O'Neill, founder of the Good Earth Growers group in Cornwall, England, had 95 per cent of his business supplying baby vegetables and salads to restaurants disappear overnight.
  • Despite the upheaval, O'Neill is hopeful that the lockdown will lead to a change in consumer food habits, favouring organic producers like him.

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The Ultimate AWS Solutions Architect Certification Guide

  • I went through tons and tons of resources while preparing for this exam, and I have curated the ones that will help you get the best possible results.
  • Help you pass your AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Associate Certification exam (SAA-C02).
  • Tutorials Dojo offers almost 400 practice questions that explicitly focus on the relevant topics for this exam.
  • This resource was also helpful for me: Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate.
  • It provided a different perspective on the AWS core services as well as practice questions that are similar to what you may see on the exam.
  • I wouldn’t say either of these resources are “required” to do well on the exam, but it’s always good to see different perspectives on the content.
  • Tutorials Dojo helps you to understand what new services will appear on this exam.

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Justin Amash Announces “The End Qualified Immunity Act”

  • Oh, sure, they’ll complain, and pass photos of the protests around when some sort of imaginary boundary gots crossed and some clearly innocent black person gets killed, but the idea that the police needs to be basically dismantled and rebuilt is simply never going to enter their mind.
  • Religious institutions may resume services subject to the following conditions, which apply to churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, interfaith centers, and any other space, including rented space, where religious or faith gatherings are held: 1.
  • Outdoor services may be held on any outdoor space the religious institution owns, rents, or reserves for use.
  • The executive order also limits attendance at indoor worship spaces to 10 people or fewer, limits outdoor services to 250 socially-distanced people wearing masks, forbids the passing of collection plates, and bans handshakes and physical contact between worshippers.

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