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Articles related to "simple"

Making Bellwoods, a Generative Art Game in 13 Kb

  • The concept of the game is simple: fly your kite through fields of color and sound, trying to discover new worlds.
  • One night, while brainstorming ideas for a geometric character, I realized a kite would be a simple shape to render with just lines, and from that small thought, the entire direction of the game changed.
  • I spent a lot of time on subtle features of the terrain, such as: reacting to collisions with the kite, adding subtle wind effects, randomizing the area of vision around the user, and producing different varieties of random terrains (flatlands, grass-only, heavily flowered, mountainous, etc).
  • The same pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) that is used for the terrain is also used for many other aspects of the game, including audio, color palettes, and so on.

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Nextspace – NeXTSTEP-like desktop environment for Linux

  • NEXTSPACE is desktop environment that brings NeXTSTEP look and feel to Linux.
  • I try to keep the user experience as close as possible to the original NeXT's OS.
  • It is developed according to "OpenStep User Interface Guidelines".
  • Simple login panel where you enter your user name and password.
  • Settings for locale, fonts, displays (size, arrangment), keyboard, mouse, sound, network, power management.
  • It is designed to manage settings related to: GNUstep (NSGlobalDomain), WindowMaker (~/Library/Prefrences/.NextSpace/WindowMaker), Xorg (keyboard, mouse, displays), CentOS Linux (sound, networking, power).
  • Simple text editor that supports RTF and RTFD.
  • It is simple application from NeXT Developer demos.
  • Image viewer.
  • Maybe replaced by some other image and document (PDF, PostScript, etc.) viewing application in future.
  • Unlike other 'real' and 'serious' projects I've not defined target audience for NEXTSPACE.
  • I intentionally left aside modern UI design trends (fancy animations, shadows, gray blurry lines, flat controls, acid colours, transparency).

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Finally found a cross-platform Excel parsing library

  • I know, I know, I’ve been living under a rock!
  • To get started with the library we just need to add the desired NuGet package(s).
  • The code is really simple, at least for my use case, as I don’t need anything too fancy.
  • In the project I originally used it, we just needed to read some tables from Excel files provided to us with the expected results of some business logic, and assert our implementation correctness in the tests.
  • I’d say the code is pretty simple and doesn’t need much explanation.
  • So, if you have been living under a rock like me and require a simple to use library for reading some Excel files, I’d say this is a very good option.
  • Not that it’s needed for this so simple sample, but the entire sample project is here.

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