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Articles related to "sites"

Study Pinpoints Source of Banned Gas That Saps Ozone Layer: Eastern China

  • Rogue emissions of a gas that harms the ozone layer are coming from eastern China, primarily from two heavily industrialized provinces, an international team of researchers said Wednesday.
  • The findings confirm what many scientists, environmental groups and policymakers had suspected after an initial study a year ago reported new global emissions of the gas, CFC-11, but could only locate the source generally as East Asia.
  • Matt Rigby, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Bristol in Britain and another lead author, said the work benefited from using data from sites relatively close to China.
  • The Chinese authorities held to their two-pronged position — downplaying the problem while promising a clampdown — after that paper was released in May and after the investigations by The Times and the Environment Investigation Agency, an independent group, found evidence that CFC-11 was being used widely in China to make foam.

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The privacy-focused Tor browser is now officially on Android

  • The post noted that the browser might have some features missing from the desktop version, but it already has cross-site tracking prevention mechanism and defense against fingerprinting attacks (a type of attack to sniff web traffic without breaking encryption).
  • Tor browser – built on Firefox’s base – uses a network of servers to hide your identity from the website you’re visiting.
  • To do that, it bounces off requests through intermediate computers (relays) before reaching the destination.
  • Plus, it encrypts the data, so that no one can intercept it between relays.
  • Because of this approach, there are no traces left on the sites you visit.
  • I’ve used Tor for desktop before, and it’s really handy when you want to browse privately.
  • So, I’ll recommend you to give the Android version a go.
  • You can download the browser for your Android phone here.

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React Static Basics

  • According to its GitHub repo, React Static is a progressive static site generator built with a focus on performance, flexibility, and developer experience.
  • The Netlify CMS is git based so whenever your CMS is updated, the updated content is pushed to your static site’s GitHub repo which in turn triggers Netlify to rebuild the site (and the updated data being added to the appropriate routes through static.config.js).
  • To set this up, push your static site repo to GitHub and connect it to Netlify by clicking the “New site from Git” button inside your Netlify Dashboard.
  • Inside the newly created admin folder create two new files – config.yml and index.html.
  • Once we add a post to our "Test Collection" collection this function will read it from our repo and make it available to our route objects.
  • Then add in your new post template by creating Test-Post.js in the containers folder.

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Welcome Thread - v33

  • I'm currently learning more about GatsbyJS and static sites in general.
  • Mettre le web au profit de l'utilisateur.
  • Je créé des applications et des sites aux ergonomies intuitives et aux design épurés.
  • J'interviens sur l'expérience utilisateur globale, le design d'interfaces et le développement web de marques ou de produits.
  • Chaque étape du processus de création est importante, depuis le brief jusqu'au déploiement, c'est pourquoi j'aime penser et développer les projets dans leur globalité.
  • Avec 11 ans d’expérience dans la conception Web. J'ai créé de nombreuses solutions de conception à fort impact visuel.
  • Je développe des idées et des concepts créatifs, en choisissant le support et le style appropriés pour répondre aux objectifs du client.
  • Je suis EXPERT dans les domaines suivants: Conception de sites web et dans la Conception d'application pour postes de travail .
  • Currently learning Advance php.

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My first GatsbyJS starter

  • After seeing a post on Free Code Camps’ Blog from Amber Wilkie (here) about a Gatsby site using my theme I really have to do a post about the GatsbyJS starter I did a couple weeks back.
  • I thought about relaunching my personal website for a long time.
  • Gatsby is a static site generator using React under the hood.
  • The idea to use react components for static sites is great.
  • It enables a lot of opportunities for simple static webpages and it’s also really quickly coded when you understood react.
  • Create a Gatsby site.
  • Use the Gatsby CLI to create a new site, specifying the Julia starter.
  • Your site is now running at http://localhost:8000!
  • Learn more about using this tool in the Gatsby tutorial.
  • Open the julia-starter directory in your code editor of choice and edit src/pages/index.js or src/pages/blog.js.

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Target's Vineyard Vines collection is being sold for double the original price on Ebay and Facebook after some customers expressed outrage at how quickly stock ran out

  • Target's Vineyard Vines collection made its limited-time debut in stores this weekend, and as Business Insider's Aine Cain reported, some styles and sizes have already sold out with no plans to restock.
  • So, where did all the clothing go?
  • Of course, some of it landed in the homes of satisfied customers.
  • Other items have found their way onto resale sites.

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