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Articles related to "skin"

I tried a 10-step Korean skin-care routine, and it actually made a difference for my skin — here's what it's like

  • Formulas are meticulously designed to target specific skincare concerns, are meant to be used in a specific order, and are packed with natural and inventive ingredients meant to boost the skin's elasticity, luminosity, and hydration — with common sense insurance like sun protection forming a non-negotiable pillar of each beauty routine.
  • Most famous of the K-beauty regimens is the 10-step Korean skincare routine, designed to doggedly address each concern in a methodical, perfectly balanced routine for a flawless complexion.
  • Neogen's Micro Essence is deeply hydrating and brightening thanks to more than 93% naturally fermented ingredients, including bifida ferment lysate, 28% saccharomyces ferment, 17% birch juice, and 9% rice extracts alongside plenty of antioxidants and "cell-communicating" ingredients.
  • Ingredients (61% of which are fermented) like betula alba juice provide the nourishment of antioxidants while rice ferment filtrate brightens the complexion and balances the skin's oil production.

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The best baby-safe laundry detergent you can buy

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  • Bringing a new baby home is both an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time.
  • The little one is relying on you for everything including clean clothes and bedding that will not irritate delicate skin.
  • So with the birth of my first grandchild, I was delighted to be able to lessen one anxiety by recommending the best laundry detergent for both the baby and his parents.
  • The main culprits in commercial laundry detergent that causes skin irritation and allergic reactions are dye and fragrance.
  • By choosing a product that is dye and scent-free, the detergent can be used for not only baby's clothes but all household laundry.

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Does chocolate cause acne? After many studies, the answer is ... 'complicated'

  • These foods cause a spike in blood sugar, which increases production of insulin, an insulin-like growth factor and hormones known as androgens, which results in more sebum production, Farris explained.
  • In fact, kids who eat chocolate candy and break out afterward might attribute their acne to chocolate, but in reality, their pimples may proliferate because these junk foods are sugar-rich and cause blood sugar and insulin spikes.
  • In one 2016 study involving 25 people, researchers investigated whether an ounce of 99% cacao dark chocolate, without added sugars or milk, would cause acne to worsen in acne-prone males when consumed daily.
  • In addition to the fat component of chocolate, which has been linked to blackheads, some research suggests that chocolate may have pro-inflammatory influences in the skin, which could contribute to inflammatory acne, characterized by red papules and pustules, especially in the presence of known acne-causing bacteria, Delost explained.

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