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Articles related to "skin"

Nummular eczema vs. ringworm: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

  • In this article, we look at the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of nummular eczema and ringworm.
  • Nummular eczema, also known as discoid eczema, is a condition in which people develop red or brown areas on their skin that are coin-shaped or oval.
  • Ringworm, also known as tinea corporis, is a skin condition that can closely resemble nummular eczema.
  • A doctor will diagnose nummular eczema or ringworm by examining the skin and asking about the signs and symptoms.
  • A doctor or dermatologist can prescribe stronger antifungal medications to treat the condition if necessary.
  • Nummular eczema and ringworm are both skin conditions that can cause round patches of red, itchy skin.
  • There is currently no cure for nummular eczema, but keeping the skin hydrated, avoiding known triggers, and using eczema medications can relieve symptoms and help prevent future flare-ups.

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This Japanese skincare brand makes some of the best products I've ever used — here are the ones to buy for clear, glowing skin

  • I know these two words sound annoyingly cliche when used together to describe skincare (like a food blogger describing their meal as "delicious" and "so good" over and over), but when you have sensitive skin that takes a beating from city pollution, makeup, and sun, those are qualities that actually matter — and they're hard to come by sincerely.
  • Though it won't remove a full face of makeup, this exfoliating gel cleanser can still do some serious work on grimey pores.
  • I use it as a daily face wash because it doesn't dry my skin out or leave a film behind, which is the issue I take with most other cleansers.
  • Similar to a primer, this sunscreen gives your face what looks and feels like a silky, poreless slate, making it easy and smooth to apply foundation or any other sort of makeup on top.

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Rosy cheeks: Causes and what to do

  • Acne is the result of pores in the skin becoming clogged, and it can cause redness in the areas that it affects, which may include the cheeks.
  • Rosacea typically causes blushing reactions on a person's face and small, red bumps that resemble acne.
  • People with rosacea often report that the condition causes them embarrassment and a desire to avoid social occasions.
  • Spicy or hot foods can cause the facial skin to become red.
  • Eczema is the name for a number of rashes that may cause the skin to be red, itchy, and swollen.
  • In most cases, people do not need to seek medical attention at the first sign of rosy cheeks.
  • A person with rosy cheeks should seek medical advice or attention if this condition causes anxiety, is accompanied by more severe symptoms, or does not go away after treatment.

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This $24 facial cleanser has a huge cult following — I've been using it for 2 years and I get why so many people love it

  • The Purity cleanser specifically is one of Philosophy's hero products (it has over 150,000 "hearts" on Sephora with over 11,000 reviews and 4.5 stars), and one of my personal favorites.
  • Selecting a face wash will almost always come down to your skin type, but what makes Purity special is that it's formulated to work for everyone.
  • I know I should probably be more attuned to the ingredients in my skincare products, but I generally just want what's going to work best for my skin — and that's why I've been loyal to the Purity cleanser for so long.
  • As part of the Purity Made Simple line, you'll also find supplemental products like eye gel, a pore mask, lightweight moisturizer, cleansing cloths, and makeup remover.
  • As a long-time fan who's been using Purity cleanser pretty consistently for the past few years, I highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a great face wash.

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AI Is the Future—But Where Are the Women?

  • WIRED worked with Montreal startup Element AI to estimate the diversity of leading machine learning researchers, and found that only 12 percent were women.
  • When WIRED reviewed Google’s AI research pages earlier this month, they listed 641 people working on “machine intelligence,” of whom only 10 percent were women.
  • The company counted men and women by asking workers on a crowdsourcing service to research people on the list online.
  • Negar Rostamzadeh, a research scientist at Element, says AI has its own version of a problem well documented in tech companies whereby women are more likely than men to leave the field, and less likely to be gain promotions.
  • Anandkumar and Thomas say they learned long before completing their PhDs that it’s not unusual for men in computer science or math research to subject women to inappropriate remarks or harassment.

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The best sport sunscreen you can buy

  • The EltaMD UV Sport offers a solution to both problems, with an oil-free formula that goes on feeling light, absorbs quickly, and is appropriate for all skin types — even those with especially sensitive or dry skin.
  • With the La-Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid, you won't have to make the decision between feeling like you're wearing a mask or protecting your face from the sun.
  • However, this face sunscreen goes an additional step further, providing water resistant protection for up to 80 minutes, also making it ideal for swimming and working out.
  • In addition to providing protection from UV rays with an SPF rating of 30, the Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment Sunscreen also contains hydrating avocado oil and black currant seed oil to naturally moisturize and soften your lips.

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This site is basically like Sephora for Korean beauty and skincare — and it's making it easy to discover all the coolest new K-beauty products

  • You can build your own K-Beauty routine based on skin concerns, type, and brand; shop the concise and definitive 'Best of K-Beauty' award winners; or leave it up to Soko Glam entirely and order an already curated 5-Step or 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine based on your skin type.
  • Mesmerized by what she described to "Into the Gloss" as a "magical mecca of flawless, dewy skin [that...] believes in a million-step skincare regimen and very minimal makeup" Cho became deeply interested in K-Beauty — eventually going on to earn her esthetician degree, switch careers, and create Soko.
  • Soko Glam is based in NYC, but the company says the team regularly travels to Seoul to scour a fast-moving Korean skincare and makeup market for the Next Big Thing(s), consult industry experts, and meet tastemakers to ensure they're bringing the best selection back for the site.

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