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Articles related to "snow"

Poems of my Father #3 – The First Snowfall

  • It fell “busily” as if it had a job to take care of — to dress up the otherwise impoverished trees with the white fur of ermine, and the coating of pearl which captures perfectly the mixture of snow and ice that trees can wear after a snowfall.
  • An immense amount of emotion is conveyed in the way he describes something quite mundane — a father lost in thought, looking out the window at falling snow and kissing the daughter who stands beside him.
  • And I wonder if every time it snowed, and my father recited those two opening verses, if he thought back to his mother’s loss and her heartbreak that he knew lay beneath the surface of her emotional life.
  • Those snow walks my dad and I took together probably had a different feel for him than they had for me, as he recited the opening verses and thought of the ending, and of his mother’s pain.

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