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Articles related to "software"

Cryptocurrencies ‘could drop to near-zero at any time,’ Ethereum founder warns

  • Cryptocurrencies are a nascent asset class and could fall violently at any time, the founder of blockchain network Ethereum warned on Saturday.
  • Cryptocurrencies have recovered slightly from a severe sell-off which saw the market lose as much as $100 billion in market value in a single day.
  • Bitcoin recovered to a price above $10,000 last week after falling as low as $5,947.40 the week before.
  • Ethereum is a blockchain network; blockchain is the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies.
  • It maintains a continuously growing record of cryptocurrency transactions across a decentralized network.
  • Buterin is one of many popular figures who has been impersonated on Twitter by scammers promoting questionable cryptocurrency offers.
  • These accounts often ask users to send an amount of cryptocurrency in exchange for a larger amount.
  • The Ethereum co-founder warned users not to trust people offering cryptocurrency on Twitter.
  • Christopher Giancarlo, have been impersonated on Twitter by such scammers.

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Why Decentralization Matters

  • During the second era of the internet, from the mid 2000s to the present, for-profit tech companies — most notably Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon (GAFA) — built software and services that rapidly outpaced the capabilities of open protocols.
  • The bad news is that it became much harder for startups, creators, and other groups to grow their internet presence without worrying about centralized platforms changing the rules on them, taking away their audiences and profits.
  • Cryptonetworks combine the best features of the first two internet eras: community-governed, decentralized networks with capabilities that will eventually exceed those of the most advanced centralized services.
  • Early internet protocols were technical specifications created by working groups or non-profit organizations that relied on the alignment of interests in the internet community to gain adoption.
  • Cryptonetworks fix these problems by providing economics incentives to developers, maintainers, and other network participants in the form of tokens.

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Daimler included emissions-cheating software on diesels, German magazine says

  • US investigators are looking into whether Mercedes parent company Daimler used illegal software to cheat emissions tests on diesel vehicles in the US, according to German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, whose report was picked up by Reuters.
  • Further ReadingDaimler to offer software update for 3 million Mercedes-Benz diesels in EUThe German paper allegedly saw documents indicating that one software function on Daimler diesel vehicles turned off the car's emissions control system after driving just 26 km (16 miles).
  • Software that turns an emissions control system on and off depending on whether the car is being tested in a lab or not is called a "defeat device," and unless the automaker gets explicit permission to have one, a defeat device's inclusion in an auto system is illegal in the US.

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Wahroonga mansion fetches record $13 million for Rhipe chief Dominic O'Hanlon

  • As the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations kicked off in Sydney on Friday some prestige selling agents on the upper north shore were toasting a new house price record of $13 million for the district.
  • The timing of the Wahroonga house sale prompted local speculation that it marked the highest – and first – high-end sale during this year's annual lunar holiday celebration when prestige shoppers from China are known for visiting Australia, particularly for its real estate.
  • The sale tops Sydney's upper north shore record set six months ago at $12 million when a buyer from China with Foreign Investment Review Board approval, Shuxin Zhou, bought the Springfields estate in Warrawee the day before the state government's new laws took effect doubling the stamp duty surcharge for foreign buyers.

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Steps to starting a new project

  • I'm a serial project starter.
  • I couldn't deny it even if I wanted to.
  • This isn't a good thing, but it means that I've got a good grip on getting started.
  • Whenever I start a new personal project, I always endeavour to do the same basic things, and this is my list for anyone else who might be interested.
  • I'm not going into detail because they should all be fairly self explanatory anyway.
  • Only at this point would I then start actual development work.
  • But at this point I'm secure in knowing that what I'm doing is well maintained and works.
  • We’re a place for programmers to stay up-to-date, learn new skills, and share ideas.
  • We’ll never post without your permission.

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For AI to thrive, it must explain itself

  • The invention of deep learning, a technique which uses special computer programs called neural networks to churn through large volumes of data looking for and remembering patterns, means that technology which gives a good impression of being intelligent is spreading rapidly.
  • Specifically, they emulate the way neuroscientists think that real brains learn things, by changing within themselves the strengths of the connections between bits of computer code that are designed to behave like neurons.
  • But civilian programmes are also trying to give neural networks the power to explain themselves by communicating their internal states in ways that human beings can comprehend.
  • The program does this by drawing on the assistance of a second neural network which has been trained to match the internal features of the agent doing the recognising (ie, the pattern of connections between its “neurons”) with sentences that people have written, describing what they see in a picture being examined.

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Gaming JavaScript

  • But if you're a bit like me, you probably dreamed about doing game development before you made mad bucks with old boring apps.
  • Wouldn't it be nice if you could create your very own games with the JavaScript skills you already have?
  • It also works with React-Native, which makes native mobile games possible.
  • As the other engines I mentioned here, it's more coding heavy than major engines, but if you aren't into big things like the Unreal Engine (C++) or Unity (C#), Babylon is the way to go.
  • There are way more engines based on JavaScript out there and some even allow you to build games as nativish apps.
  • Unity Game Engine also supports a JavaScript syntax.
  • Actually UnityScript, Unity flavor of Javascript that have types, is deprecated, and will be removed this year from the Engine.

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Serverless Payments with Stripe and AWS Lambda

  • In this tutorial, we will build a serverless payment application with Stripe and AWS Lambda.
  • FaaS providers such as AWS Lambda offers a new kind of platform that lets you deploy and invoke ephemeral (short-lived) function processes via events to handle individual requests.
  • In summary, FaaS providers offers developers the ability to build services that react to events, that auto-scale, that you pay for per-execution, and that take advantage of a larger ecosystem of third-party services.
  • During this process, a token representing this information is returned to your backend server for use in a charge request (or to save the card details for later use).
  • In the createCharge function, we retrieve the payment details from the HTTP request body and call Stripe's API to process the charge.
  • Behind the scenes, serverless created an AWS API Gateway resource and a mapping between our HTTP route and lambda function.

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3 ways you can instantly get help on your taxes

  • The program provides free tax help to people with incomes under $54,000, those with disabilities and those who require in-person assistance because of language issues.
  • There's also the Tax Counseling for the Elderly program, which provides free help to all taxpayers, specializing in those 60 years or older.
  • Taxpayers whose income is $66,000 or less can use IRS Free File, also accessible on the main site, to access free tax-preparation software.
  • TurboTax Live, for example, allows you to ask for immediate help from an expert online and you can even get your tax return reviewed, signed and filed by an experience certified public accountant or enrolled agent.
  • There are a number of tips on the IRS website on how to choose a tax return preparer wisely.
  • But one easy place to start is to make sure they have an IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number, known as a PTIN, which is required by law.

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Basic Concurrency in Ruby. Really Basic.

  • Recently I ran into this while reading the documentation for the concurrent-ruby gem.
  • You can start an i/o operation, then execute some code while waiting for the result.
  • This is a textbook case for concurrency in CRuby, since the majority of time is spent waiting on i/o rather than code execution.
  • Using this pattern, i/o operations can be run asynchronously by creating Concurrent::Future (docs) objects and passing the required code as a block to the execute method.
  • This seems to me like the most basic form of concurrency possible within a Ruby program, yet I had trouble finding it presented in a really simple way.
  • I hope it helps someone else dealing with concurrency for the first time, and I encourage others to post their stories of basic operations that were difficult to learn.

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