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Articles related to "software"

Understanding Heroku Pipelines

  • Unlike some other providers, Heroku Pipelines make this a breeze to set up and use with little-to-no setup time to get started and sensible user permissions out of the box.
  • The first step will always be to create a pull request on GitHub. Previously, you or a team member might have simply merged the work into the master branch blind, or had to download that PR’s worth of work and get it running in order to review it.
  • As this Pipeline is part of Heroku Teams you can request a review from another member who will have access to both the test requests and the review app.
  • As the repository now has a new commit in master as a result of the merge, the Heroku app is also moved to the staging phase.

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Understanding the Key Differences Between PUT and POST

  • The POST method requests that the target resource process the representation enclosed in the request according to the resource's own specific semantics.
  • The PUT method requests that the state of the target resource be created or replaced with the state defined by the representation enclosed in the request message payload.
  • So this one is a bit more specific in that the intention of a PUT is for the target resource to be create or replaced based on the state provided (aka the request body).
  • If the target resource does not have a current representation and the PUT successfully creates one, then the origin server MUST inform the user agent by sending a 201 (Created) response.
  • Regardless of the response code returned, the important thing is that if I call this endpoint 1 time or 100 times, it always results in the same outcome, replacing what was there with what I've provided.

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How to utilise keywords in your CV - Part B

  • There are thousands of CVs on every job board.
  • You may have learnt from Keywords Part A ( that Recruiters utilise boolean search strings to filter through relevant skillsets, but did you know the job boards also help by weighting those search results?
  • So many people include a “technical skills” section at the top of their CV where they include all of the technical skills they have instead of adding each skill under each job.
  • Suprisingly, that actually puts you at a disadvantage because it doesn’t just matter what keywords you include in your CV but how often you mention them – i.e, the more times you mention “python”, the higher up your profile will land in a Python search string.
  • Only including your technical skills at the job of your CV also removes the context in which the tool / language was used, which could inadvertently make you look less experienced than you really are.

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Top 5 DEV Comments from the Past Week

  • When you have a distro that comes out of the box with basically nothing but a package manager, you need the wiki.
  • Hell, the wiki is a great resource for basically any Linux distro.
  • Usually when it comes to little things like code organization or implementation I let those go.
  • You may think you have the best solution but the team may decide to implement another one instead.
  • If that is the case then go with the team and trust that they picked that other solution on its merits.
  • That got a little rambly but TL;DR only thing I would have done differently in your case is asked more questions and taken the conversation to in-person immediately after the disagreement started bc PRs are horrible for back and forths a lot of the time.

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#techtalksGet these 1️⃣1️⃣ 🐿 FIREFOX extensions Nowwww ! & Be Superrrrr Productive !

  • Today I decided to share my complete list of 11 Firefox extensions/addons with you guys, so that everyone can gain benefits.
  • It also has 5+ color schemes and custom CSS editing facility for dark mode.
  • It is very handy for knowing the font used, the weight,line height etc etc about the page.
  • It is an extension and not a sentence :), that name is too long and the working is tooooo good.
  • It's a Swiss army knife for getting all the images on the webpage in one click.
  • It seriously places a big ruler on the web page for you.
  • The father of Swiss army knife extensions is here.
  • Just a good extension to take images, print PDFs from web page.
  • This extension injects custom HTML, CSS, JS to any webpage you want and it also saves that for the particular domain.

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SAP Cloud Forecast Wobbles as Co-CEOs Plan Era After McDermott

  • Sarah Syed (Bloomberg) -- SAP SE raised its outlook for adjusted operating profit but cloud revenue forecasts wavered, as the software giant’s new chief executive officers’ plot how to compete with U.S. rivals.
  • However SAP’s fourth-quarter results were “mixed,” analysts at MainFirst said, adding that while licenses and operating margins were ahead of predictions, cloud revenues came in below expectations.
  • SAP reported a 25% increase in new cloud bookings to 2.27 billion euros ($2.5 billion) for 2019, but reduced its guidance for 2020 cloud revenue growth, while the mid-point of operating-profit growth was below prior guidance.
  • Lower growth in the high-margin cloud business is also likely to weigh on the company’s overall profitability, Jefferies analyst Julian Serafini said in a note on Tuesday.
  • For the fourth quarter, SAP reported adjusted operating profit rose 12% to 2.84 billion euros, compared with an estimate of 2.85 billion euros.

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Top Reasons Why Your Angular App Is Slow

  • Setting the default change detection to OnPush is an almost mandatory step if your application is suffering from slow performance, or if you want to prevent from it happening in the future.
  • For example, in my experience, preventing observables from emitting is a good way to prevent your component from re-rendering.
  • If we select the whole object from a Redux state tree, the selectors will emit every time the tree-changed, and as a result, we will end up triggering updates on components that are virtually unaffected.
  • This is a use-case where Angular doesn’t excel at, and it is probably due to Zone.js, which is also the reason behind Angular’s magical change detection.
  • This works great when adding/removing items or when the amount of items changes is limited but still doesn’t solve a performance issue if we render a vast amount of items at once.

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A web app from scratch to finish with Alpas and Kotlin — Authentication Scaffolding

  • In this part, we'll scaffold an entire auth system by running a simple command and writing a very minimal amount of code.
  • Once the files are created, open routes.kt file and call the authRoutes() method from within the addRoutes()method to register all the auth routes.
  • When you run the app, the first thing you will notice is that the home page now has 2 links on the top-right corner—Login and Register.
  • Alpas auth scaffolding comes with support for email verification.
  • Right now though, you might be wondering how can you verify your email address on a local machine.
  • The local driver dumps all the emails as HTML pages in storage/mails folder.
  • Navigate to the storge/mails folder and open the latest mail in your browser and click the Confirm email address button.

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Tidelift and Girls Who Code partner to support diversity in open source

  • Today at Tidelift, we are taking a step toward encouraging a more diverse group of open source developers by releasing Explore Open Source, a curriculum to encourage open source participation among the Girls Who Code students at 200 colleges and universities.
  • These young women, who are all members of the University of Michigan’s Girls Who Code college chapter, already knew that women were heavily underrepresented in computer science but did not realize the issue was even more pronounced in the open source community.
  • Our Explore Open Source curriculum is now available to all students participating in Girls Who Code College Loops, an extracurricular program already available at 200 colleges and universities in the United States.
  • Inclusiveness is a core Tidelift value, and we're fully committed to supporting work that brings more women and members of other underrepresented communities into open source.

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JavaScript Best Practices

  • To make correct use of it, you need to follow some best practices to avoid any problems that might come about otherwise.
  • I share some of the best practices you really should be following when writing JavaScript code.
  • The reason is that it does not have function-level scope because we forgot to put var keyword before it unlike firstName variable.
  • Experienced JavaScript developers know pretty well about JavaScript’s automatic semi-colon insertion problem and avoid it.
  • With both ways, all child classes will be able to use the display method but there is important difference between the two.
  • The reason why this is good practice is that, in IE, with extra comma at the last property, we do not get expected results sometimes ( ExtJS developers must have learned this).

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