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Articles related to "source"

Coronavirus shutdown causes new risk at CDC: Legionnaire's disease

  • The plumbing in buildings that have been closed for months because of the coronavirus pandemic could provide a perfect breeding ground for Legionella and other waterborne pathogens, the CDC cautions.
  • It's not yet clear if the pandemic has worsened the problem, or perhaps eased it because people are not gathering at large hotels or working in big factory buildings as much, said Chris Edens, an epidemiologist on CDC's Legionella team.
  • He said state health departments that normally monitor and report cases of Legionella infection are tied up dealing with coronavirus.
  • "There is currently no nationwide surveillance of water systems for Legionella disease," Edens said.
  • As people return to work and start to travel more, hospitals and clinics need to think about the possibility of Legionella, Edens said.
  • It's killed by chlorination and other disinfecting routines, but the bacteria can grow into mats that create hard-to-dislodge sludge inside pipes, Edens said.

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Why are you seeing GPT-3 everywhere?

  • The obvious take here is that GPT-3 is simply more powerful than any other language model, and that the increase in production machine learning lately can be chalked up to similar improvements across the field.
  • Anyone with some basic engineering chops can now build an application leveraging state of the art machine learning, and this increase in the usability of models—not just their raw power—is an industry-wide phenomenon.
  • It does have unprecedented accuracy, but it is also incredibly usable, and was released at a time when machine learning engineering has matured as an ecosystem and discipline.
  • For context, machine learning engineering is a field focused on building applications out of models.
  • “How can I use GPT-2 to write folk music?” is a machine learning engineering question.
  • Because the machine learning engineering community is growing rapidly, companies are releasing new models like web frameworks, hoping to attract engineers to build with them.

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20GB Intel IP Data Breach Floods the Internet, Mentions Backdoors

  • Intel's Resource and Design Center is a website dedicated to providing the company's partners with NDA documentation for product integration purposes.
  • Reports are also cropping up that some of the files are marked with NDA license agreements to "Centerm Information Co. Ltd., a Chinese company established and existing under the laws of the People's Republic of China," meaning this company could have been also hacked.
  • The poster encourages downloaders to look for mentions of 'backdoors' in some of the Intel source code, and even provides a sample clip of one such listing, but we aren't sure of the intentions behind the listings in the code.
  • We've reached out to Intel for comment on the matter, and the company tells us it is investigating the situation.
  • The link is being widely distributed on Twitter, but it might be best to exercise caution – downloading any file from an untrusted source is always a risk.

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Take Gitlab to the command line with GLab, an open-source Gitlab CLI tool

  • GLab is an open source Gitlab Cli tool written in Go (golang) to help work seamlessly with Gitlab from the command line.
  • Read the documentation for more information on this tool.
  • Download a binary suitable for your OS at the releases page.
  • Available for download on scoop or manually as an installable executable file or a Portable archived file in tar and zip formats at the releases page.
  • Download and install now at the releases page.
  • The installable executable file sets the PATH automatically.
  • If go is not installed, follow instructions on the Go website.
  • Run glab help to check if it worked.
  • Thanks for considering contributing to this project!
  • Please read the contributions guide and Code of conduct.
  • Feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request!

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Trump still not grasping the severity of the pandemic, source tells CNN

  • Trump's meeting with the task force in the Oval Office was his first in-depth meeting with the panel of his top health experts since April.
  • During the meeting, officials on the task force continued to have trouble convincing Trump to take the pandemic more seriously, the source said.
  • As some members of the task force tried to stress the dire nature of the situation to the President, the source said Trump repeatedly attempted to change the subject.
  • In past task force meetings with Trump, the source said the President appeared to be in a much more jocular mood.
  • One other difference, the source noted, is how Trump and Vice President Mike Pence each respond to the information relayed to them during meetings with the task force.

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Sitting on a pile of digital Gold

  • Think about your organisation; mentally visualise your processes and perform a quick inventory of all the data which you collect.
  • The only way to process it is by using AI algorithms capable of digesting large volumes of data, identifying patterns and making sense of it.
  • Because of this, AI systems can parse the different news feeds in real-time, translate the text, summarise it and extract the polarity of the news item thus giving stock traders a good indication of the market’s reaction to the particular news item.
  • But the combination of a camera system together with intelligent traffic lights makes all the difference and saves commuters precious time waiting for nothing.
  • So if you are sitting on a pile of digital data, don’t let it gather dust because if you don’t use it, its a missed opportunity for your organisation.

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Sub-10 ms Latency in Java: Concurrent GC with Green Threads · Hazelcast Jet

  • We determined how many threads the given GC uses, set the size of the Jet thread pool to 16 (c5.4xlarge vCPUs) minus that value and then did some trial-and-error runs to find the optimum.
  • Comparing ZGC's results below with those in the previous round, we can see the latency stayed about the same where it was already good, but the range of throughputs got extended from 8 to 10 M items/second, a solid 25% improvement.
  • The best news: the maximum throughput at which a single Hazelcast Jet node maintains 99.99% latency within 10 ms now lies at 20 million items per second, a 250% boost!
  • Can a single-node Hazelcast Jet handle this load and produce, say, the time integral of the measured quantity from each sensor over a 1-second window, at a 10 ms latency?

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Sony’s ‘Anti-Consumer’ PS5 Exclusives are its Best Bet Against Xbox

  • Taking a traditional path into the PlayStation 5, Sony has announced features like exclusive games, content, and even that the DualShock 4 won’t work with PlayStation 5 games.
  • But Xbox is the exact reason PlayStation needs to stay traditional.
  • With Game Pass, xCloud, and availability on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, and PC, Microsoft’s platform is the place for third-party titles.
  • Microsoft’s accessibility initiative is why you need a new controller to play on the PlayStation 5.
  • Sony needs the money to keep funding its big exclusives.
  • It can afford to pay Game Pass developers much like the Epic Store can buy game exclusivity.
  • Sony needs to sell you its PlayStation.
  • PlayStation is a brand designed to make money, and providing unique content is their way to do it.
  • Microsoft is spending that money on studios, on Game Pass, on new tech.

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You May Finally Use JSHint for Evil

  • Because of this clause, folks who respect the practice of software licensing simply could not use JSHint.
  • For instance, JSHint has been available on npm since its initial release, but SPDX (along with tools like license-report and Yarn) has since been designed to help folks understand the legal requirements of their dependencies.
  • The word “user” is a bit too passive in the context of open source tooling because folks who use the software are particularly empowered to contribute back to it.
  • For all the obsessing I’ve done about JSHint over the years, I haven’t forgotten that most people aren’t particularly concerned with the release schedule of their JavaScript linter.
  • It’s a relatable opinion: the legal frameworks are intimidating, and most considerations can be addressed by simply defaulting to well-known free/open-source licenses.
  • The trouble is that not all software is distributed under well-known free/open-source licenses.

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The best Parts of Visual Studio Code are proprietary

  • It makes me uneasy to accept VS Code as an "open" project in any wider meaning of the word when compelling features are legally locked to only work inside the family of Visual Studio products.
  • There is an open source alternative called Open VSX, but since it isn't the canonical one it is missing a bunch of extensions and the big Liveshare and Remote ones are still not allowed.
  • Visual Studio Code is marketed with LiveShare and Remote as powerful extensions.
  • It is easy to use the editor, install the extensions and be under the impression that you are using an open source software suite where Microsoft simply hosts the peering service for identifying and connecting you and your collaborator.
  • The extensions are not open source projects as far as I can find and they are licensed during distribution in a way that disallows using them with anything but Visual Studio products.

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