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Articles related to "sources"

Alan Kay Did Not Invent Objects

  • The famous 1981 Byte magazine issue that popularized Smalltalk and OOP explicitly says “the fundamental idea of objects, messages, and classes came from SIMULA.” It says that Simula allows users to create “object-oriented systems”, which is probably going to far but still.
  • The central idea in writing Small talk programs, then, is to define classes which handle communication among objects in the created environment.
  • Looking at the early sources, everybody acts as if OOP consisted of three major ideas: classes that defined protocol and implementation, objects as instances of classes, and messages as the means of communication.
  • The idea that classes and objects were secondary to the messages comes much later.
  • But things like being able to define simulations in terms of other simulations, specialize entities, and model time as a first-class object are incredibly useful.

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Kit Harington said anyone who hated the final season of 'Game of Thrones' can 'go f--- themselves'

  • It's no secret that the final season of "Game of Thrones" had more than its fair share of critics.
  • But while viewers complained about everything from who won the throne in the show's finale to drinks receptacles being left on set, or even how dark all the scenes were, those involved in its production were quick to jump to the show's defense.
  • Kit Harington, who has played the character of Jon Snow for the last eight years, didn't hold back when asked about the show's critics in an interview with Esquire.
  • The direct quote has been deleted from the original interview, but several other news sources reported it before it disappeared.
  • INSIDER has reached out to Esquire and representatives for Harington to find out why it was removed.
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Introducing Frontity Framework Beta

  • Frontity is a free and open source framework to develop WordPress themes based on React JS.
  • Everything is already wired up so you can focus on building an amazing site: React, Webpack, Babel, SSR, Routing, CSS-in-JS, WP REST API, TypeScript, Linting, Testing, etc.
  • Frontity sends an HTML that is ready to start navigating the site, so the initial load feels almost instant.
  • Themes made with Frontity are able to render an AMP compatible version with the same React code and CSS used for the HTML version.
  • Frontity themes can also use any of the 80.000 React packages available in NPM.
  • The React team is working hard to release an async, “no-CPU-blocking” version and Frontity will be compatible with it.
  • Once it is released, we expect to see a rise in the use of the React animation libraries available that will get the user experience to the next level.

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Report: Sony employees caught off guard by Microsoft cloud partnership

  • Further ReadingWhat Microsoft and Sony’s streaming partnership means for gaming’s futureFollowing on Microsoft and Sony's surprising announcement of a cloud gaming partnership last week, Bloomberg has a bit of behind-the-scenes analysis that uses unnamed insider sources to discuss how the deal came about.
  • Further ReadingPlayStation Now updated with PS4 game support—and a hint at its futureSony has already spun its 2012 purchase of streaming gaming company Gaikai into over 700,000 subscribers for its cloud-based PlayStation Now service, which launched in 2015.
  • That led Sony to reach out to other companies with more established cloud infrastructure to expand its streaming gaming footprint.
  • Bloomberg's sources suggest that Sony was at one point discussing expanding its cloud gaming ambitions through Amazon Web Services, which already hosts the infrastructure for PlayStation Network's online gaming.
  • Amazon is planning to launch its own cloud-based gaming service soon, according to a January report from The Information.

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Intel and Qualcomm reportedly join Google in Huawei ban

  • Bloomberg now reports that Intel, Qualcomm, and Broadcom, three of the world’s leading chip designers and suppliers, are cutting off their dealings with Huawei, effective immediately.
  • This follows the earlier news of Google abruptly rescinding Huawei’s Android license and halting its access to Google Play Services and the Play Store, effectively dumping it out of the Android smartphone market and forcing the Chinese company to develop its own version atop the barebone open-source edition of Android.
  • Intel provides Huawei with server chips and the processors for its laptop line, while Qualcomm figures less prominently in providing modems and other processors.
  • Another Bloomberg report suggests Huawei has also been preparing for this eventuality by stockpiling chips from US suppliers to last it at least three months, which should be enough time to tell if the current measure is a scare tactic or a permanent imposition from the US government.

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