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Articles related to "spam"

Vigilante Botnet Infects Computers to Remove Cryptocurrency Malware

  • CCN has reported before on how botnets infected millions of computers last year with cryptojacking software designed to siphon CPU power for and use it to secretly mine crypto for the malware owners.
  • While the term botnet understandably carries a malicious connotation, one botnet seems to be breaking the mold and is seemingly forcing its way into user computers without to infect them – with crypto antivirus software.
  • The botnet cleanses the ‘infected’ computers of the notoriously widespread cryptojacking malware and so far doesn’t seem to be leaving anything behind in its place, leading some to believe that the botnet may even be designed with that single benign purpose in mind.
  • Botnets take time, effort, and funding to operate which makes it hard to believe that an anonymous botnet could be working out there simply to help people.

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In case you missed it, the Cisco UCS C4200 Multinode Server

  • On May 31st, Cisco announced the C4200 Multinode Chassis and C125 M5 server.
  • Some of you may have been taking that week off due to Memorial Day. And I bet even more of you had the temerity to take a nice summer vacation and didn’t notice our new server.
  • So I wanted to write another blog to catch everyone up about the C4200.
  • There was a ton of interest in the C4200 at Cisco Live in the World of Solutions and almost standing room only in the technical breakout session.
  • Next I want to highlight that StorMagic has certified SvSAN on the C125 M5 & C4200.
  • The C4200 joins the UCS E-Series, other C-Series servers, UCS Mini, and UCS S-Series as supported platforms.
  • Now that we’re all caught up, I’ll leave you in peace for a while.
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Cisco Tetration Deep Dive Demos: Features Walkthrough

  • Learn how to quickly identify traffic profile, communication pattern and other performance characteristics up to two logical hops.
  • Cisco Tetration helps you troubleshoot when your applications are slow by providing you actionable insights.
  • How to configure API’s so you can easily integrate with northbound and southbound platforms.
  • Demo: How to Optimize and Troubleshoot Your Host Server – Cisco Tetration Learn how you can troubleshoot your host server with detailed view.
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