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Articles related to "speaker"

Hickenlooper declines to show for ethics hearing

  • The panel unanimously voted on Thursday for the Colorado Attorney General's office to enforce its subpoena.
  • That office then filed a motion requesting that the Denver District Court order Hickenlooper to remotely testify before the commission this week.
  • The former governor opposed the motion and "has made clear he will testify in person," according to Melissa Miller, a spokeswoman for Hickenlooper.
  • The commission is considering a complaint by a conservative group claiming that Hickenlooper violated the state's gift ban by using private planes while he was governor.
  • Hickenlooper denies the charges and has offered dates to appear in person before the commission in August.
  • Hickenlooper faces a June 30 Democratic primary against former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff.
  • In 2016, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in the state by 5 points.

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The Sonos Arc is an outstanding soundbar, on its own or with friends

  • Arc looks like a spiritual successor to the Sonos Beam, the first Sonos soundbar to feature a built-in mic and support for virtual voice assistants including Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.
  • The Arc definitely benefits from pairing it with a Sonos Sub and other Sonos speakers acting as rears, but the soundbar on its own is a much better performer than anything Sonos has previously offered, in case you’re looking to save some money or you just want to focus on the most minimal sound setup possible that isn’t just terrible built-in TV speakers.
  • Long story short, the new app is a pleasant, fresh take on a familiar control system that seems both more performant and aesthetically better suited to modern Sonos speakers like the Arc. Even in beta, it didn’t give me any problems during my two weeks testing the Arc, and worked perfectly with all my services and voice assistants.

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Sonos Arc review: An upgrade worth the wait

  • Enter the Arc ($799): a completely redesigned soundbar that offers all that we’ve come to expect from recent Sonos products, plus Dolby Atmos audio, and one potentially big headache.
  • I could immediately recognize the audio quality upgrade moving from the old soundbar to the Arc. I also tested the Arc with a Sub (3rd gen.), two One SLs and with all of that configured in a surround sound setup.
  • I listen to a lot of music via my living room Sonos setup, and that habit greatly benefits from the Sub. However, when I was just watching TV with the Arc alone, I didn’t really miss that extra speaker.
  • Plenty of soundbars offer Dolby Atmos support, but the Arc also doubles as a great-sounding speaker for music.
  • If your television and other smart devices support those voice options, features will likely be more robust, but just know Arc will handle the basics right out of the box.

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What to buy your dad who's hopelessly low-tech

  • If you go with LastPass, your parents might get by just fine with a free single-user account, but if they’re going to be sharing passwords with a spouse -- or you, their personal tech support -- the $4 monthly Families plan might be a better fit.
  • (If your dad is like my dad, I bet he doesn’t.) The biggest possible drawback is that the IR sensor means your gadgets need to be in the user’s line of sight, and the remote won’t work with all modern devices, especially not smart home gadgets.
  • What I didn’t consider is that Amazon’s device has a slightly less straightforward UI than the Roku stick, and that my dad wouldn’t want to learn to use a voice remote anyway.
  • And AirPlay 2 support means you can stream Apple Music, in addition to other services like Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music and YouTube Music, among others.

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