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Articles related to "speaker"

Impeachment inquiry polling has stabilized. A majority of Americans are for it.

  • Poll of the week: A new Quinnipiac University poll shows that 51% of voters nationwide approve of the House's impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.
  • The Quinnipiac poll is the latest that shows a majority of the public supports the impeachment inquiry.
  • Yet a closer look at the polls suggests that while there was quick movement toward Americans supporting the impeachment inquiry once it was declared, that shifting has likely stopped.
  • Indeed, when you look at every single pollster (these and others) that has polled about the inquiry multiple times since it began, we see the same picture: 52% approved of it in September and 52% do in October.
  • One is that more people have to start approving of the inquiry than disapprove of Trump's job performance.
  • A clear majority of Americans disapprove of Trump and approve of the impeachment inquiry into him.

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Amazon Releases New Public Data Set to Help Address “Cocktail Party” Problem

  • Maarten Van Segbroeck, an applied scientist in the Alexa International group and first author on the associated paper, cowrote this post with Zaid Ahmed.
  • Amazon today announced the public release of a new data set that will help speech scientists address the difficult problem of separating speech signals in reverberant rooms with multiple speakers.
  • Each participant was outfitted with a headset microphone, which captured a clear, speaker-specific signal.
  • Also dispersed around the room were five devices with seven microphones each, which fed audio signals directly to an administrator’s laptop.
  • The data set we are releasing includes both the raw audio from each of the seven microphones in each device and the headset signals.
  • The headset signals provide speaker-specific references that can be used to gauge the success of speech separation systems acting on the signals from the microphone arrays.

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Silicon Valley is snubbing Saudi Arabia’s glitzy conference a year after the Khashoggi killing

  • While the speaker list shows that major players from Wall Street and investors from other parts of the world are indeed planning to be showcased at the Saudi retreat, the Silicon Valley titans that highlighted the agenda just one year ago are nowhere to be found.
  • But in keeping with the new hush-hush culture surrounding this year’s event, representatives for other Silicon Valley leaders who originally planned to attend last year wouldn’t answer questions about whether they’d be at the conference: For instance, Arianna Huffington, Travis Kalanick, and Peter Thiel (or their representatives) didn’t return requests for comment.
  • The SoftBank Vision Fund — which is the Saudis’ principal investment vehicle into American startups — has continued to win deals in Silicon Valley, with portfolio company CEOs in interviews largely avoiding comment on Saudi involvement.

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I spent some time with Google's new Nest Mini smart speaker — here are my first impressions

  • Google has put in a slightly larger speaker and claims the bass is twice as powerful as the Home Mini's.
  • Like the Home Mini, the Nest Mini gets louder than you'd expect for such a small speaker, but it doesn't fill a moderately sized room with sound.
  • I could make out the bass, but it didn't thud through the floor or the walls surrounding it, and it wasn't as audible as what you'll hear on Amazon's identically priced Echo Dot. Google says that the new speaker comes with a new automatic volume-adjustment feature, which tailors the audio to background noise.
  • Smart audio features like this have been staples of this year's higher-end smart speakers like the Sonos Move and Amazon's new Echo Studio, but I wouldn't generally expect to find them in a budget speaker like the Mini.

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#techtalksMy Journey to AngularConnect 2019

  • I had just completed a framework evaluation and recommended that my team at G-Research use AngularJs. Not long after this I heard about an Angular conference being run on my doorstep in London.
  • AngularJs, and subsequently Angular, have proved a great success at G-Research and so I have been fortunate enough to keep coming back to AngularConnect, building up my t-shirt collection at the same time.
  • In the following weeks I booked a session to present at G-Research which gave me a deadline to complete my slides.
  • Many thanks to John Papa who spent a long time talking to myself and Naomi Meyer after this session.
  • Being a speaker at AngularConnect was an incredible privilege and hopefully I have helped others with my talk and 'expert' panel.
  • Finally a huge thank you to the team at AngularConnect for taking a risk on a first time speaker and enabling me to fulfil a dream!

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Smart speaker system uses white noise to monitor infants' breathing

  • googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1453799284784-2'); }); Now researchers at the University of Washington have developed a new smart speaker skill that lets a device use white noise to both soothe sleeping babies and monitor their breathing and movement.
  • "If we could use this white noise feature as a contactless way to monitor infants' hand and leg movements, breathing and crying, then the smart speaker becomes a device that can do it all, which is really exciting." (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); White noise is a combination of different sound frequencies, which makes a seemingly random soothing sound that can help cover up other noises that might wake a sleeping baby.
  • Now researchers at the University of Washington have developed a new smart speaker skill that lets a device use white noise to both soothe sleeping babies and monitor their breathing and movement.

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Lawmakers and activists pay tribute to powerful Rep. Elijah Cummings, who suddenly died Thursday at 68

  • On Thursday, lawmakers and activists paid tribute to the life and legacy of Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the chairman of the powerful House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform, who died suddenly at age 68 from health complications.
  • Born the son of sharecroppers in 1951, Cummings became an attorney and was elected to the Maryland House of Representatives in 1983, where he served as the first African-American speaker, according to the Associated Press, and won his seat in Congress in 1996.
  • In recent months, Cummings was best-known for using his committees' oversight power to aggressively investigate President Donald Trump.
  • Cummings received an outpouring of tributes and remembrances from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, political activists, and journalists who were touched by his leadership, his personal kindness, and the example he set for his fellow members of Congress and all Americans.

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OnePlus TV review: great hardware, lackluster experience

  • Besides featuring a QLED screen, a minimalist remote control, and a mechanized soundbar that slides into place beneath the screen when it’s turned out, the 55-inch Q1 Pro comes with Android TV on board (based on Android Pie 9.0), as well as OnePlus’ own content discovery service.
  • I generally pooh-pooh in-built sound systems on TVs, but this one is seriously capable, to the point that I usually don’t feel the need to fire up my external soundbar and other speaker sets that are hooked up in my living room, whether I’m listening to music or watching an action movie packed with explosions and dramatic dialogue.
  • But if you’re good with the feature set, and like the idea of a capable built-in soundbar, this is a an enjoyable piece of kit.

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Elijah Cummings has served for decades the city Trump attacked

  • Cummings graduated from Howard University in nearby Washington, DC, and University of Maryland School of Law. He practiced law and served for 14 years in the Maryland House of Delegates, where, according to his congressional website, he became the first African American in Maryland history to be named Speaker Pro Tem. In 1996, he was first elected to the US Congress.
  • As chairman of the Oversight Committee, Cummings oversees a range of investigations into the Trump administration, from the treatment of migrants at the southern border to the use of personal email for official use by White House officials to how the citizenship question was considered for the US census.
  • Cummings served as the top Democrat on the committee for several years before Democrats won the majority in 2018, and he was a high-profile sparring partner of former Rep. Darrell Issa, who chaired the committee when Republicans were in power during the Obama era.

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Pelosi said Trump had a 'meltdown' after the House overwhelmingly voted to condemn his Syria retreat

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday said President Donald Trump had a "meltdown" in a meeting with Democratic leaders on his strategy to contain ISIS.
  • Trump was apparently particularly triggered by the fact the House overwhelmingly voted in favor of a resolution condemning his Syria retreat.
  • The House approved the measure in a 354-60 vote, with 129 Republicans voting in favor of it.
  • Just 60 House Republicans voted against it.

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