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Articles related to "special"

Smears of Robert Mueller are baseless

  • The latest iteration of this fabrication, advanced by Andrew McCarthy in a recent piece in the National Review, argues that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's appointment of the special counsel was procedurally unsound because Rosenstein's order effectuating that appointment failed to specify potential crimes committed by the President that Mueller must investigate.
  • The Department of Justice's internal policies for the appointment and management of special counsel also create no obligation on the attorney general to publicly announce what particular crimes or individuals a special counsel is investigating.
  • Mueller has respected those limits: Matters beyond his designated jurisdiction -- including the investigation of the President's personal attorney Michael Cohen and potential cases against individuals with no direct connection to the Trump campaign -- have been referred to other components of the Department of Justice.

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Death by Database

  • A customer's partner might come into Bob's and order something and if the address was entered correctly it would be flagged as "in use" and we had to use a different address or deliberately enter a typo.
  • Naturally, being a luxury goods company, we had many repeat customers and sometimes they would move and if we didn't find the duplicate address, or the address with the "typo", we might update the address for one partner, but not the other.
  • Since we had the software to do mass mailings, why not import a mailing list of all addresses in high net worth areas and mail everyone about upcoming special events?
  • Except you couldn't enter a customer without an order.
  • That's what bad database design costs you and why I usually start with that before writing my software.

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The best trekking poles you can buy

  • With a good pair of trekking poles in your hands, you will be more surefooted on rough terrain, less fatigued on the uphill climb, and less likely to twist an ankle on the descent.
  • The Kelty Range 2.0 Trekking Poles are our top choice because their blended cork and EVA foam grip handles are comfortable even after hours of use and because their price tag is more than fair for the quality.
  • They are particularly useful for aiding tired legs on steep uphill slogs, and on the downhill trek, poles can help prevent slips that lead to injuries, with joints like the ankle and knee most susceptible to such damage.
  • When choosing the best trekking poles for your own needs, consider price, length, material, weight, and any special features that make a given pair more attractive (or less so, in some cases) such as removable baskets, special tip materials, and grip shape.

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A SEAL has been locked up while the Navy investigates allegations of involvement in killing a prisoner

  • A SEAL assigned to Naval Special Warfare in California is in the brig pending an ongoing investigation into allegations that he was tied to the 2017 execution of a detainee in Iraq with a blade.
  • The chief special warfare operator has not been charged with a crime, but Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents continue to probe the claims, SEAL officials told Navy Times.
  • Graphic details of the prisoner of war's alleged execution were repeated to Navy Times by seven officials at five flag commands, including the Pentagon.
  • Typically, an Article 32 hearing to sift through the evidence against the SEAL would be held in San Diego under the authority of Navy Region Southwest.
  • A hearing officer would be instructed to recommend whether criminal charges should be filed and a general court-martial convened by an admiral.

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One of the most exciting rookies in the NFL is a punter

  • A few special players break this mold — Justin Tucker has made a name for himself with his uncanny ability to hit field goals from 60+ yards out, and Marquette King's booming punts and dance moves brought him more attention than you might expect for a punter.
  • Just two weeks into his professional career, the newest member of this list of standout special teamers is Michael Dickson, rookie punter for the Seattle Seahawks.
  • In that game, Dickson kicked 11 punts — 10 landed inside the 15-yard line, seven inside the 10-yard line, and four left Missouri pinned within five yards of their end zone.
  • With the Seahawks open to using Dickson in unique ways — they even attempted an onside dropkick — there's a good chance these aren't the last highlights we get out of him through the 2018 season.

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