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Articles related to "special"

Investors share their predictions for AI and machine learning in 2018

  • Generally, we see the core machine learning tools and building block services maturing, and now we are most interested in companies that are “moving up” the stack toward vertical applications, “moving down” the stack toward purpose-built hardware, and “moving out” of the data center toward intelligence at the edge.
  • For example, training “at the core” in a data center will likely be the predominant mode of training models, so the cloud providers will have a strong incentive to build special-purpose hardware in order to improve performance, reduce their reliance on suppliers, and have a higher level of control on margins.
  • Two of the primary approaches we have seen in startups tackling the problem of improving understanding and user experience is to either narrow down the potential universe of requests and responses to a particular use case or to include humans in the loop to augment the machine learning system.

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Pennsylvania's special election isn't an isolated incident. The GOP is in trouble.

  • But at the present time, Lamb's performance in Pennsylvania 18 is merely the latest sign Democrats are surging right now, spelling trouble for Republicans heading into the midterm elections.
  • In the average of seven special elections before this one, Democrats were outperforming their partisan baseline (based off the previous two presidential results in the district) by 16 percentage points.
  • In Pennsylvania 18, Lamb, the Democrat, outperformed it by 22 percentage points -- a little better than average and essentially matching what they did in the Kansas 4 special election in April 2017.
  • Beyond the enthusiasm that Democratic voters have shown in special elections so far, numerous generic ballot estimates have suggested that the results among registered voters (which most pollsters are surveying right now) may actually be underestimating Democrats.

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Democrat Conor Lamb is the apparent winner of Pennsylvania special election in Trump country

  • Democrat Conor Lamb is the apparent winner of a House seat in Pennsylvania's Trump country by a razor-thin margin, an upset that gives Democrats a boost as they try to take control of Congress later this year.
  • Lamb, a 33-year-old former prosecutor and Marine veteran, was expected to narrowly beat Republican Rick Saccone in Tuesday's 18th District special election.
  • Still, in anticipation of a likely Lamb run in the district in November, elections handicapper Sabato's Crystal Ball changed its rating on Rothfus' seat to "toss-up." Polls showed momentum for Lamb in the final days of the special election race.
  • For instance, Republican Scott Brown's victory in a special Senate election in Massachusetts in 2010 was seen as a boost to the GOP, which picked up seats in Congress that November.

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US Army will have VR training and provide drones for every squad |

  • US Army, marines and special forces will be getting improved training through virtual reality and improved real-world drills and new drones for scouting and air support.
  • In the 1970s there was a revolution in shoulder-launched missiles to kill tanks and planes.
  • Today, the breakthrough lies in small unmanned systems — miniature drones in the near term, but ground robots further out — that can carry sensors and weapons for the infantry.
  • Every Marine infantry squad will have its own drone and its own unmanned/electronic systems specialist.
  • There are Top gun simulators for pilots but not for soldiers.
  • There will be new soldier training simulators at every level from specialized training centers to individual units at their home bases.
  • While training in the field is still vital, it’s limited by its expense, the time it takes to set up, and the physical terrain.

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'Star Wars' director says Kylo Ren and Rey touching hands in 'The Last Jedi' is the closet thing to a sex scene that 'Star Wars' will ever have

  • In one of the movie's most memorable scenes, Rey and Kylo Ren are able to communicate with one another from across the galaxy through the Force.
  • They're able to see each other and their surroundings.
  • Rey then reaches out to hold Kylo Ren's hand.
  • He removes his glove and feels her touch through the Force.
  • The crowd erupted in laughter.
  • Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker, made a special appearance during Johnson's talk at SXSW.
  • He lamented that even Luke didn't get to hold hands with a romantic partner.

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Poll: Democrat with slim lead on eve of PA-18 election

  • Washington (CNN) - A Democrat seeking to pull off what would be a shocking upset in a special congressional race Tuesday has a slight edge over his Republican opponent, a new Monmouth University poll released Monday shows.
  • Democrat Conor Lamb tops Republican Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania's 18th District by 51% to 45%, just outside the poll's 5.1-percentage-point margin of sampling error for likely voters.
  • The poll uses the most likely scenario -- a turnout model that assumes performance in Pennsylvania's 18th District will be similar to other recent special elections in which Democratic turnout has generally exceeded that in past elections.
  • On Saturday night, President Donald Trump, who won the district's vote by 20 points in 2016, traveled to western Pennsylvania to campaign for Saccone.
  • Likely voters -- who were largely polled before the President's campaign event -- said they are divided on Trump's job performance: 49% approve and 49% disapprove.

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Eight Things That Can Only be Seen in Japan's National Parks

  • Travellers who want to head south to see the 2,038-metre-high Mount Iwate, known to locals as the Fuji of the South, can visit Nyuto Onsen.
  • Oirase-Keiryu mountain stream in spring, Towada-Hachimantai National Park.
  • Ise-Shima is unique because 96% of the park is on private land that has a large residential population, which allows visitors a special glance into daily lives of the locals.
  • There was great reverence for the Mountain God in ancient Japanese culture, and the park’s most memorable site, Mount Daisen, was the centre of mountain worship for the entire country.
  • Mount Nantai was revered in ancient Japan, and the peaks of Mount Nasudake were once a hub for mountain worship.
  • The park is home to the mountainous region known as the Five Peaks of Mount Aso, which is comprised of Mount Takadake, Mount Nakadake, Mount Mekodake, Mount Kijima, and Mount Eboshi.

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South Korea’s Largest Hotel Booking Platform Will Accept Cryptocurrency

  • Yeogi Eottae, a major South Korean hotel booking platform which translates to “How is This Place?,” has partnered with the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchange to integrate cryptocurrency.
  • As Bithumb has done with other retailers like WeMakePrice, a leading e-commerce platform in South Korea well known for its timely deals and discounts, the Bithumb team will likely enable the hotel booking platform to integrate all of the cryptocurrencies listed on the Bithumb platform including bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and more.
  • Bithumb spokesperson stated that its partnership with the hotel booking platform will allow South Korea to begin following the trend established by Japan and the US in adopting cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as a payment method and medium of exchange.
  • Already, South Korea’s two largest retailers in Yeogi Eottae and WeMakePrice have partnered with Bithumb to integrate cryptocurrencies and process payments in major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum.

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What happened in Trump's White House on the day he said there was 'no chaos'

  • That tweet, however, was just the curtain raiser for a certifiably chaotic day in Trump's presidency: a top aide was found to be in violation of a major ethics law, his top economic adviser quit, he was sued by a porn star and his administration sued a state in a widening fight over immigration.
  • A lawsuit filed by the porn star known as Stormy Daniels who claims Trump never signed a hush agreement regarding an alleged sexual encounter between the two and therefore the agreement is void.
  • In another example of the Trump administration's never-ending battles both internal and external, it filed a federal lawsuit against California and its top officials Tuesday night to stop a cluster of so-called "sanctuary state" bills.

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Office of Special Counsel: Conway violated Hatch Act

  • Washington (CNN) - The US Office of Special Counsel announced Tuesday that White House aide Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act on two occasions by "advocating for and against candidates" in last year's Alabama Senate special election.
  • During the "New Day" interview December 6, Conway -- again speaking from White House grounds and introduced by CNN anchor Chris Cuomo as "counselor to President Trump" -- said among other things that Jones will be a reliable vote "for tax hikes," "against border security," "against national security," "against the Second Amendment" and "against life," according to the OSC report.
  • The Office of Special Counsel is unrelated to the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, and is an independent agency with purview of the Hatch Act. The Office of Government Ethics -- then led by Walter Shaub who has since stepped down and joined the Campaign Legal Center as well as become a CNN contributor -- said Conway's statements were inappropriate and called on the White House to take disciplinary action.

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