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Articles related to "star"

Meet MAMBO-9, one of the most distant galaxies to ever be observed

  • This monster galaxy is considered a giant stellar nursery and is full of dust, a required ingredient to form stars.
  • Ten years ago, study co-author Manuel Aravena at the Universidad Diego Portales in Chile first detected the light from the galaxy using the MAMBO instrument, or the Max-Planck Millimeter BOLometer on Spain's IRAM 30-meter telescope -- hence the name for the galaxy.
  • The telescope array in Chile, known as ALMA, is sensitive enough to detect these distant, dusty galaxies.
  • But the researchers spotted MAMBO-9 without gravitational lensing, making it the most distant galaxy to be seen without this distorting effect.
  • The researchers are hopeful that data from ALMA will be able to help them find more distant and dusty galaxies to understand how many there are and why they formed early in the universe's timeline.

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Goodbye screens, Hello voice: Tech's biggest platform shift since the smartphone is happening. Here's what it means.

  • Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and the Google Home are some of the hottest tech products this holiday season.
  • But Smart speakers are just the most visible manifestation of a broader shift happening in tech: the rise of voice computing.
  • The virtual assistants that make this possible, like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant, can live inside all sorts of products beyond smart speakers — from wristwatches to microwave ovens and eyeglasses.
  • The age of voice computing promises to open up exciting new opportunities that once seemed possible only in science-fiction movies (Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has even credited "Star Trek" as the inspiration for the Echo device).
  • In this special report on Business Insider Prime, we take a close look the tech industry's next big platform shift: voice.

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These are the best 'Star Wars' games you can play right now to get ready for 'The Rise of Skywalker'

  • Early "Star Wars" games included "Dark Forces," a first person shooter for PC; "Rebel Assault," a space combat game; and trio of adventure games recreating the original "Star Wars" trilogy  on Super Nintendo.
  • The game takes place prior to the original "Star Wars" film and explores Starkiller's attempts to embrace the light side of the force.
  • Combat happens in real time and "Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II" lets players use more than 30 different abilities; though some are exclusive to one side of the force.
  • Like the modern "Battlefront II," the Pandemic Studios release included 64 player matches online, a mix of space and ground combat, and split-screen cooperative play for two players.
  • In addition to a 18-mission long campaign, "Star Wars: Battlefront II" is packed with multiplayer game modes, and players can select from a range of playable characters.

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Steve Kerr: Golden State Warriors were 'wiped out' after NBA Finals

  • Kerr admits the lack of success this season may be a blessing in disguise for players like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.
  • Kerr, a five-time champion as a player, knows just how grueling the NBA season can be, especially with the shortened off season for playoff teams.
  • While the Warriors aren't comfortable with losing, Kerr knows this is an opportunity for his team to continue to grow.
  • With Curry and Thompson both injured this season, young players for the Warriors have been forced to take on a larger load than they would have prior to the injuries.
  • It takes great coaching to be able to find a positive way to grow in a season that seems as doomed as the Warriors' does right now, but Kerr is making the most of what he has in front of him.

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Huang Xiangmo's big night of gambling

  • The $100,000 allegedly donated to the NSW Labor Party by Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo was withdrawn from his account at Sydney’s Star casino after an evening of heavy gambling.
  • Mr Huang has denied making the donation and the how the money was delivered to the ALP’s headquarters has been highly contested during the six week public inquiry.
  • The Commission heard Gary Wong was responsible for organising the billionaire’s gambling activities and was a registered junket operator at The Star.
  • Evidence tendered to the Commission showed that on April 3, 2015 Mr Wong’s account at the Star received a $5 million deposit from Mr Huang.
  • On Monday the ICAC heard evidence of Mr Huang’s close ties to Beijing when it was revealed he had sought to broker an agreement between the Victorian Labor Government and the Chinese Communist Party, at a time when he was among the ALP’s biggest political donors.

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Every superhero movie you can expect in the 2020s

  • Now "The New Mutants" is set to hit theaters in April 2020, though people are skeptical that it'll get a big-screen release given the film's continuous production issues and how poorly the latest "X-Men" movie, "Dark Phoenix," performed at the box office.
  • Ten years after Scarlett Johansson made her debut as Marvel's Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow in "Iron Man 2," the actress will finally get a standalone movie set in Budapest and scheduled for release in 2020.
  • In August, Tom Holland's future with Marvel was shaken up after Deadline reported that Sony and Disney were unable to reach a financial agreement regarding Spider-Man. But the following month, it was revealed that the studios ended their feud and will be coproducing the upcoming third "Spider-Man" film, which hits theaters in summer 2021.

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Here are the top things you googled this year

  • From the viral sensation of Lil Nas X's song "Old Town Road" to Billy Porter's extravagant red carpet ensembles, the year's most popular searches have been laid out for all to see, giving us a glimpse of what America really wants to know.
  • The list includes everything from news and entertainment to the classic, "What is..." query.
  • Below, we've laid out the top ten overall searches of the year to refresh your memory, as well as every category in Google's Year In Search.
  • Influential rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed in front of his clothing store May 31, sending waves of shock through the rap community.
  • That's the end of our crash course on 2019's top searches, but take a look at the rest of Google's trending searches by category below.

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Toshl is how 2 million people track their money. Right now, it’s 66% off.

  • TLDR: Toshl Finance is the personal finance tracking app that allows you to monitor your money virtually automatically.
  • But as you grow up and start factoring in stuff like mortgages, investments, multiple accounts and more, it gets even more complicated keeping your bottom line straight.
  • You can start taking full advantage of their complete range of personal finance tools at as much as two-thirds off their regular price, with a 3-year plan on sale for only $39.99 from TNW Deals.
  • Toshl works with more than 13,000 banks and other global financial institutions so all your account information is automatically updated in your app.
  • Right now, a 3-year subscription to Toshl Finance, a $120 value, is just a third of that price at only $39.99.
  • Or you can sample Toshl for just a year at only $19.99, a 50 percent savings off the regular price.

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10 movies and TV shows Hollywood promised us but we're still waiting for

  • Fans of "Avatar," the highest-grossing movie of all time, is still awaiting the release of its long-planned sequels, a full 10 years after the original film was released.
  • FX is used to long waits for its busy creators of "Atlanta" and "Fargo," while Amazon is spending more than a billion dollars on a "Lord of the Rings" TV show that won't air for another two years.
  • Some in-development shows, like "Picard," which will bring back Sir Patrick Stewart to reprise his iconic role, and "Lower Decks," an animated comedy, are well underway and in production, but a planned spin-off series featuring Michelle Yeoh's character Philippa Georgiou seems to be MIA.
  • The spin-off series, which would feature Yeoh's "Star Trek: Discovery" character as well as an ensemble cast, was first announced in January 2019, but nearly a year later, there hasn't been any updates.

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Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson dies, aged 61

  • The Swedish star achieved global success in the 1990s with hits like Joyride, The Look and It Must Have Been Love, from the film Pretty Woman.
  • However, the cancer eventually returned: Fredriksson's family said she had died following a recurrence of "her previous illness" earlier this week.
  • Hailing from Halmstad, Sweden, Roxette first met in the late 1970s, when Fredriksson was a member of the pop outfit Strul & Ma Mas Barn and Gessle was playing with Gyllene Tider, one of Sweden's biggest groups.
  • They teamed up in 1986, becoming huge stars in their homeland with the single Neverending Love, followed by a hit album, Pearls of Passion.
  • The band later mounted a comeback tour that sold out venues across Europe, and released several new albums but, by 2016, Fredriksson's health was failing and doctors advised her to stop touring.

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