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Articles related to "start"

Champions League: Cristiano Ronaldo left in tears after seeing red for Juventus

  • The Portuguese star had made a promising start to Wednesday's game in the Mestella stadium as he set up early opportunities for Mario Mandzukic and Sami Khedira before tangling in the penalty area with Valencia defender Jeison Murillo.
  • Despite his dismissal, the Serie A champions won the Group H opener 2-0 thanks to a pair of Miralem Pjanic penalties either side of half time but Ronaldo is set to miss the next game in the competition against Young Boys and both key games against his old club Manchester United.
  • After his summer move from Real Madrid, Ronaldo finally scored his first goals for the Old Lady at the weekend and looked set to add to his tally until his ignominious exit.
  • Manchester United, favored to contest top spot in the group with Juve, overcame a slow start on an artificial pitch in Switzerland to beat Young Boys 3-0 with Paul Pogba starring.

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Hurricane Florence flooding has caused colonies of dangerous fire ants to form floating 'rafts'

  • Hurricane Florence is causing a threat that many Carolinians may not be aware of — fire ants.
  • Fire ants, which carry a dangerous sting, are an invasive species in the region and are especially adept at surviving massive flooding.
  • The insects band together to create rafts that float upon the flood waters until they are able to reach ground again.
  • The raft carries all members of the colony including eggs, larvae, queens, winged ants, and workers, according to Texas A&M; University.
  • This survival tactic poses a threat to rescuers since the rafts look like debris, and if they come into contact with boats, the fire ants can disband to sting those on board.
  • The colonies tend to remake their hills wherever the flood waters deposit them, and that can mean in yards where children and pets play, according to the Post and Courier.

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Golang, it was love at first sight.

  • Usually, when people have free time they do some R&R, but me, being weird and all I like to learn, experiment and play with new things.
  • Reading about new architectural styles, scalability & cloud I found a pattern, most of the big companies (www backbone) switched in a way or another to Go. When reading about it I found that we had a lot in common (me & Go), it’s a good start for any relationship.
  • If {you are a Gopher please help me learn faster and review my code:} bgadrian/data-structures *data-structures - Abstract data structures Go packages, built with performance and concurrency in mind to learn Go. It is the perfect mix between low & high-level languages.

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The European Union Versus the Internet

  • Earlier this summer the Internet breathed a sigh of relief: the European Parliament voted down a new Copyright Directive that would have required Internet sites to proactively filter uploaded content for copyright violations (the so-called “meme ban”), well as obtain a license to include any text from linked sites (the “link tax”).
  • In fact, examining where it is that the EU’s new Copyright Directive goes wrong — not just in terms of policy, but also for the industries it seeks to protect — hints at a new way to regulate, one that works with the fundamental forces unleashed by the Internet, instead of against them.

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Lyft hits 1 billion rides a couple of months after Uber hit 10 billion trips

  • Today marks a big milestone for Lyft — one billion rides.
  • That’s a milestone Uber hit in December 2015.
  • Uber has since grown to 10 billion trips completed — including Eats deliveries — as of this past July.
  • Uber, of course, had a bit of head start given it launched in 2009 while Lyft first launched in 2012.
  • This milestone for Lyft comes about a year after it announced it was completing one million rides a day.
  • Earlier this month, Lyft officially entered the scooter sharing space when it launched electric scooters in Denver, Colo.
  • Lyft has since deployed its scooters in Santa Monica, Calif.
  • Lyft’s entrance into scooters came close after its acquisition of bike-share company Motivate.
  • We’ll be watching closely to see how Lyft’s additional modes of transportation impacts number of trips completed.

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The best baby bottles you can buy

  • A baby's bottle delivers the nutrition a child needs to thrive while offering the caregiver a chance to connect with the infant.
  • But not all babies will like all bottles, so get ready to shop around, caregivers.
  • The first time I fed my infant son from a bottle, the moment left an indelible mark in my memory.
  • The long story short here is that you need to find a bottle that works for your kid as well as for the adults who manage the feedings, because baby and grownup alike are going to spend a lot of time using them.
  • We went through three bottle brands before finding one our baby son accepted readily.
  • Know going into the bottle-feeding period of your life that there might be a rocky start.

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Meet Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese musician turned billionaire art collector who's going to be the first person to travel to the moon with SpaceX

  • Elon Musk and his rocket company, SpaceX, revealed on Monday that the first private person to ever fly around the moon will be Japanese entrepreneur and billionaire named Yusaku Maezawa.
  • Maezawa revealed that he had purchased all the seats on the first crewed flight of SpaceX's new Big Falcon Rocket that is being designed to colonize Mars, and has decided to select six to eight artists to accompany him on the journey, though they have not yet been selected.
  • He says the artists will be part of a project called #dearmoon, which will involve them creating work inspired by their lunar journey.
  • His companies, which include online clothing retailers Zozotown and Wear, are among Japan's largest.
  • In May 2017, Maezawa broke records by paying $110.5 million for a 1982 painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat called Untitled— the largest amount ever paid for at auction for a US artist.

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‘The NFL is like a drug lord and football is like crack,’ says ‘Big Game’ author Mark Leibovich

  • In the new book, he got a surprising amount of access to those owners, and obtained a secret tape recording of them talking about the protests of players like former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, a vegan African-American with an afro from San Francisco — in other words, a perfect bingo for Donald Trump’s culture war, Leibovich said.
  • But here you are writing these political pieces, like you just wrote about Paul Ryan, you wrote these big, long, political pieces, and that book was sort of the greatest hits of Mark.
  • I sort of said, “This is a world I’d like to see more of.” I was doing the book and my day job concurrently, but I realized that you can’t escape politics in football between Trump’s making himself the center of this season and him wanting to be part of the story.

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Deep Learning Basics with Python, TensorFlow and Keras

  • A basic neural network consists of an input layer, which is just your data, in numerical form.
  • Well, if you just have a single hidden layer, the model is going to only learn linear relationships.
  • The mathematical challenge for the artificial neural network is to best optimize thousands or millions or whatever number of weights you have, so that your output layer results in what you were hoping for.
  • Solving for this problem, and building out the layers of our neural network model is exactly what TensorFlow is for.
  • Our real hope is that the neural network doesn't just memorize our data and that it instead "generalizes" and learns the actual problem and patterns associated with it.
  • Getting a high accuracy and low loss might mean your model learned how to classify digits in general (it generalized)...or it simply memorized every single example you showed it (it overfit).

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These are the 25 most attractive start-ups to work for in India, according to LinkedIn

  • Product development company Exadatum helps businesses make sense of large volumes of data by providing them with analytics tools.
  • It currently supports over 45,000 rides daily in seven cities including Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, but plans to grow that number tenfold in the coming year, doubling its number of employees in the process.
  • Based in Mumbai, the start-up has received tens of millions of dollars in funding, including from major companies like Amazon.
  • Having doubled its headcount since July 2017, the ambitious business has now set its sights on hiring a further 300 staff and expanding to Singapore and Indonesia in the coming year.
  • Over the last nine months, the budget hotel has also expanded internationally, launching in Malaysia, China and the U.K. To be considered for this year's list, companies needed to be privately held, be seven years old or younger, and have 50 or more employees.

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