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Articles related to "start"

How I Became A Web Developer in 4 Months

  • Just like the title says, I was able to land my first web developer position in only 4 months of studying.
  • This class was just going over the basics of web development, we never built anything “amazing” just some plain simple websites with a little of styling.
  • I didn’t see myself retiring as a warehouse worker anyway, so I let my managers know that I wouldn’t be relocating with them.
  • It was actually awkward because when I left my job, I just randomly seen an ad for Front-End Web Development, so I signed up for the free 7-day trial.
  • After completing my 7-day trial, I was hooked on web development again.
  • So from November 2016 to February 2017, I was able to complete Team Treehouse Front-End Developer Stack.
  • Once I completed it, I felt confident enough to start working on some projects and my portfolio.

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🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️ for 👩‍💻👨‍💻

  • That's for <insert some other group here>!" I used to think that too, but I recently started doing 30 minutes of yoga every day during my lunch break, and it has me feeling great, so I wanted to share my experience.
  • My body, and my brain need a break, and yoga has turned out to be the perfect refresher for both.
  • I think the difference with yoga is that it has this meditation / relaxation piece that goes along with the physical exercise that leave both my mind and body feeling great and wanting to come back for more.
  • Once you feel good with this routine, sometimes this simple workout is exactly what you need, and sometimes you'll want to try add something a bit more complex.

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UMBC's Twitter account was the star of the biggest upset in March Madness history

  • The No. 16 Maryland-Baltimore County Retrievers pulled off one of the biggest upsets in March Madness history on Friday night, defeating the top-ranked Virginia Cavaliers, marking the first time in the history of the men's NCAA Tournament that a No. 1 seed has fallen in the first round.
  • The account began its night as you might expect, exciting fans and reporting out facts about the school's tournament history.
  • After years of perfection, the record of No. 1 seeds in the first round fell to 135-1, as the UMBC Retrievers made history.
  • Since the start of the game, @UMBCAthletics has grown from just over 5,000 to over 78,000, and that number will only continue to grow leading up to the team's matchup on Sunday against No. 9 Kansas State in the second round with a spot in the Sweet 16 on the line.

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9 traits of successful programmers that kids can develop now

  • In fact, some of the best development teams I’ve worked on included people with degrees in subjects as diverse as music, philosophy, finance, and linguistics.
  • While there are lots of ways to foster focus in kids, I encourage parents to go the route of giving their child unstructured time to dive deep into whatever they enjoy doing.
  • Kids whose parents set an example by admitting what they don’t know (and inviting their child to come along and find the answer) have a leg up when it comes to developing a growth mindset.
  • The upshot is that, whether a developer is speaking at a conference, pitching VCs for funding, interviewing for a job, or trying to get their team aligned on an idea, being able to tell a good story lets them connect with others in a more meaningful and human way.

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What the EU’s latest data protection law means for chatbot makers and marketers

  • GDPR (the acronym for “General Data Protection Regulation“) is a new law from the European Union that will take effect on May 25, 2018, and it will change forever the way companies treat their users’ and customers’ data, and ultimately, how they do business online.
  • While this topic is very complex and its full impact on the way companies conduct business will not be completely understood for months after the law is implemented, in this article I want to give you an overview of its principles and explain why this is a very serious matter that, as a marketer, developer, and digital entrepreneur, you should pay close attention to.
  • This regulation includes the “extraterritoriality principle,” which means that even if you, your company, and its servers are located on Mars (Elon?), once you deal with the data of EU citizens, you are subject to the GDPR and its fines.

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Zuora is the latest tech company to file for IPO early this year

  • The enterprise company Zuora on Friday said it had filed to go public, yet another IPO for a highly-valued tech company during a winter when companies apparently feel the markets are pretty friendly.
  • Zuora, which provides billing and other services to subscription software companies, is backed by some high-profile venture capital firms, most prominently Benchmark Capital, which owns about 11 percent of the company, according to Zuora’s SEC filing.
  • The company notched almost $180 million in the last fiscal year, the company said, and was valued at around $750 million during its last round of financing in 2015, according to PitchBook.
  • It’s the latest tech company to file in a rush of high-profile IPOs at the start of 2018.
  • And on Friday, another tech company, Zscaler, saw the price of its shares double on its first day in public markets.

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VR investor moves into cryptocurrency with asset store Rarebits

  • Mahajan has put the VR fund on hold for a bit while joining Rarebits as a full-time cofounder and chief technology officer.
  • Rarebits has started a store where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency virtual goods, from CryptoBots to CryptoKitties.
  • It’s a secondary market for blockchain game assets, which are based on public ledger technology where item ownership is easily identified.
  • But Mahajan said that raising a second version of the fund is on hold until Rarebits runs its course.
  • They started to realize that they had an opportunity for a marketplace for blockchain characters and items, as they go from one game to another.
  • The initial Presence Capital fund will have invested more than $10 million by the time all is said and done.
  • It’s kind of like eBay, where users can post items to sell, and others can buy them.

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  • The ioctl's payload contains (1) an int32 value indicating the offset where data should be written in Template RAM in bytes, (2) an int32 value indicating the length of the data that should be written and (3) the IQ samples as array of IQ values, where I (inphase components) and Q (quadrature components) are stored as int16 numbers.
  • The ioctl's payload contains (1) an int32 value indicating the number of samples to transmit, (2) an int32 value indicating the offset where the signal starts in Template RAM, (3) an int32 value indicating a chanspec (channel number, bandwidth, band, ...), (4) an int32 value indicating the power index (lower value means higher output power), and (5) an int32 value indicating whether to loop over the IQ samples or transmit them only once.

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What Keeps Egg-Freezing Operations From Failing?

  • On March 4, an embryologist at Pacific Fertility Center was doing a routine walk-through of the clinic’s collection of waist-high steel tanks, each one filled with thousands of liquid nitrogen-bathed vials of frozen sperm, eggs, and embryos.
  • The San Francisco-based clinic offers cryogenic cold storage and in vitro fertilization services for patients throughout the Bay Area, many of whom work for tech companies with hefty fertility benefits packages—Apple, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn. PFC charges its patients $600 a year for storage alone, which covers the personnel required to maintain the tanks, according to its website.
  • He had to roll it back and rewatch the segment three more times before he realized the reporter was indeed saying that another failure had also taken place at Pacific Fertility Center, on the same day.

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Google Assistant multi-step routines are now live in the U.S.

  • Google Assistant is about to start doing more without quite as much talking on your part.
  • In the case of “Good Morning,” which seems to be the first of the multi-step routines to go live, you can get Assistant to do stuff like turn on your lights, tell you about your calendar or the weather and traffic, and then pop on some tunes or a podcast all with a single command.
  • These routines will also change depending on who’s talking to the Google Home, so if you have loaded your profile it will give calendar alerts specific to your account.
  • Alexa has notably already had this feature for a few months, and their app is a bit more fleshed out in this regard.
  • Still waiting on this feature for HomePod though.

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