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Articles related to "stock"

Courage in business counts: How CVS turned a tobacco ban into a financial win

  • One Illinois-based sales and marketing consultant pointed out that the decision translated into seven hundred packs of cigarettes a week per store that would now be sold by some other retailer, adding that “retailers know that winning the adult tobacco consumer generates incremental sales from ancillary purchases during the same visit.” Looking through the lens of finite and infinite games, I can’t help but see these responses to CVS’s decision as exquisitely finite minded.
  • Courage, as it relates to leading with an infinite mindset, is the willingness to completely change our perception of how the world works.
  • When we have the courage to change our mindset from a finite view to a more infinite view, many of the decisions we make, like CVS’s choice to stop selling cigarettes, seem bold to those with a more traditional view of the world.

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149 cars including Teslas and classic muscle cars were seized by the FBI in an investigation into an alleged 'Ponzi-type' scheme. Now they're up for auction.

  • A collection of cars seized by the FBI — including a Tesla, classic muscle cars, and a car owned by Burt Reynolds — in the investigation into allegations DC Solar ran a "Ponzi-type" scheme will be up for auction next Saturday.
  • The 149 cars were seized from DC Solar founder Jeff Carpoff and his wife Paulette's home and business in California and Las Vegas in December 2018.
  • The vehicles are being auctioned off by the United States Marshals Service and Apple Auctioneering Co., a family-owned auction company that "specializes in the liquidation of seized assets for government agencies," according to its Facebook page.
  • The proceeds of the sale will be deposited into the USMS's seized asset account while awaiting further Court orders.
  • Get the latest Ford stock price here.
  • Get the latest Tesla stock price here.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook's go-to phrase 'The way I see it' is a masterclass in good communication — here's why.

  • Controlling a conversation to clarify your company's business is a valuable skill to build.
  • Cook bridged from the iPhone to the broader picture by reframing the conversation with these five words.
  • He then took control of the conversation, presenting the message he wanted analysts to take away, which was record growth in Apple's services business.
  • In an interview with Jim Cramer on CNBC, Cook took control of the narrative from his first words.
  • Cook often uses five words in a variety of ways to control the narrative.
  • Instead of "the way I see it," Cook sometimes says, "To put it in perspective" or "To put it in context." Either way, Cook is reframing the message to help his listeners understand the broader business story.
  • Reframe your company's story by starting the conversation with these five words: Here's how I see it.

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Dow Tanks as ‘Egregious’ Boeing & Asbestos Revelations Batter Index

  • The Dow Jones plunged as much as 200 points on Friday as a sell-off in several core stocks dented US markets.
  • Boeing, the most heavily weighted stock in the Dow, nosedived more than 6% on fears the company misled the FAA, while fellow DJIA member Johnson & Johnson faces another PR disaster.
  • A drawdown in the tech sector further weighed on the stock market after a miss in Chinese GDP dovetailed with fears of Chinese retaliation against Trump’s blacklistings.
  • Trump appears to have been premature in declaring a “phase one trade deal,” and tech companies could be first in the firing line for potential retaliation.
  • When you consider that the world’s most valuable companies are tech giants Apple and Microsoft, both of which have a significant presence in China, the ramifications of these threats are clear for the Dow Jones.

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We Need to Design Health Care Reform That Puts Patients Before Profits

  • Amidst the major health care policy differences highlighted at Tuesday’s Democratic debate, we must not forget one telling statistic: While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has extended insurance coverage to millions, a majority of Americans who were uninsured prior to passage of the law still remain uninsured today.
  • As I show in a new study and working paper, there’s a common-sense reason for this: For about one in four adults uninsured prior to the ACA, it would be cheaper to file for bankruptcy than to meet the deductible of the benchmark ACA private insurance policy.
  • These high-deductible policies are designed to “pay off” for a consumer in those very rare scenarios of very poor health, when unexpected medical expenses can balloon outrageously high.

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22 fun and affordable Christmas decorations from Target

  • If you've ever scoured Target's Christmas Wondershop for decor inspiration, you already know that it features a huge variety of decorations as well as all the basics like tree skirts and stockings.
  • This 17-inch fir-tree figurine makes for a simple metallic accent, whether you place it on the mantle among smaller decorative accents or pair it with candles as a centerpiece on the dinner table.
  • This two-piece set of metal signs adds a light-hearted feel to your holiday decor.
  • This flocked Christmas wreath is decorated with rustic homes, trucks, trees, glossy ornaments, and glittery accents — a unique twist to the traditional.
  • Painted in simple gold and white, this Christmas tree advent calendar doubles as decor.
  • With frosted green pine trees and rustic homes, this small and simple set adds a cozy, wintry feel to your Christmas village.

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'Like 4chan found a Bloomberg terminal': Here's how one Reddit user raked in a 14,000% return on two simple trades

  • Eddie Choi is a lucky member of the latter group, turning $766 into $107,758 over the span of just two options trades, Bloomberg reported Thursday.
  • The forum member said he learned how to trade options contracts on WallStreetBets, and became an overnight celebrity amongst its 600,000 members after posting his 13,967% gain.
  • For the first half of his two-trade achievement, the trader purchased short-term put options for Roku stock — assets that capitalize on volatility and hinge on the underlying stock falling below a certain level, before a specific date.
  • Choi then used his new capital to buy put options on the SPDR S&P 500 exchange-traded fund (SPY), a popular gamble among WallStreetBets members.
  • Choi's gains were fueled by the natural risk associated with options trading, and that the contracts he held were set to expire soon after he bought them.

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THE FUTURE OF FINTECH 2019: The five megatrends reshaping the financial services value chain

  • In only the first quarter of 2019, Apple Card sent a shock wave through the credit card space, FIS' $35 billion Worldpay acquisition set a record in the payments industry, and Fifth Third's acquisition of MB Financial minted a new top-five bank.
  • Looking ahead, the mix of investor capital, sweeping global regulations, technological developments, and financial services globalization will promise to ignite more major developments before the year ends.
  • The incumbent banking and payment providers presiding over this landscape will face a mounting challenge to keep up.
  • Meanwhile, fintech threats keep growing in scale and breadth, buoyed by disruptive business models, agility, an advantageous regulatory position, and low overhead.
  • These companies are reaching ever further across the financial services value chain, from banking to insurance, wealth management, and payments.
  • Get the latest Bank of America stock price here.

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Photo of ex-Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein loving retirement shows how dramatically he's 'lost stature'

  • Former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein posed with Harvard's men's basketball team and comically took a jab at his height amongst the collegiate athletes.
  • We asked every 2020 Democrat how they would approach a trade war that has shaken the global economy.
  • Only a handful of them had a plan.
  • Austin is seeing a startup boom.
  • Meet Austin's top VCs, giving Silicon Valley investors a run for the money.
  • Get the latest Goldman Sachs stock price here.

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The Payment Industry Ecosystem: The trend towards digital payments and key players moving markets

  • As noncash payment volume accelerates, the power dynamics of the payments industry are shifting further in favor of digital and omnichannel providers, attracting a wide swath of providers to the space and forcing firms to diversify, collaborate, or consolidate in order to capitalize on a growing revenue opportunity.
  • In the latest annual edition of The Payments Ecosystem Report, Business Insider Intelligence unpacks the current digital payments ecosystem, and explores how changes will impact the industry in both the short- and long-term.
  • It uses forecasts, case studies, and product developments from the past year to explain how digital transformation is impacting major payment processing industry segments and evaluate the pace of change.
  • Finally, it highlights five trends that should shape the payments industry in the year ahead, looking at how regulatory shifts, emerging technologies, and competition could impact the payments ecosystem.

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