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Articles related to "string"

Regular Expressions(RegEx) in Python

  • The regex written above defined some pattern and if any string did not match that pattern it did not allow password creation.
  • Likewise, there can be many uses of regex to filter out text and extract specific information from text and do whatever we desire to do with them.
  • Above code shows another way to use search() and match() methods.
  • Now that we have seen how to work with regex in python using the search(), match() and findall(), let's dive deep into the syntax of regular expressions.
  • It is called syntax of regular expressions because regex contains many metacharacters having their own meaning which makes regex very powerful tool to extract and filter information from text data.
  • From the above output, we can see that when group method is used in it's simplest form without any arguments it simply returns the characters that were matched in a match object.

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Top VS Code Extension that will make you a more productive developer

  • This extension allows matching brackets to be identified with colors, which comes super handy in almost every use case.
  • Of course, you can also do that yourself using bundlephobia but using the Import Cost extension just saves you some time with every package.
  • It's of course also super handy to switch from double quotes to a JavaScript string literal.
  • Peacock lets you change the color of your VS Code workspace.
  • It's ideal when you have multiple VS Code instances, use VS Live Share, or use VS Code's Remote features, and you want to quickly identify your editor and distinguish between multiple projects.
  • If you want to create beautiful "screenshots" of your code, to share it for example on Twitter, this is the extension to use.
  • Of course, you can also use your own rules for indentation, quotes, etc.
  • What are your favorite VS Code extensions to make you a more productive developer?

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Apple IIa – ROM for the Apple IIe That Compiles Basic (2018)

  • By the time I got ZBasic I had been writing code in BASIC on my TRS-80 Model III for a few years.
  • After my friend Brad Grantham wrote an Apple IIe emulator, the thought trickled into my head that I could implement an alternative history where BASIC programmers could actually write decent video games.
  • I ran out of room after implementing most of BASIC, having to leave out floating point and string support.
  • Of course a real ROM would need these, and I don't know whether re-implementing the compiler in assembly would free up enough room for them.
  • I'm okay leaving floating point out of my implementation because any program that used it would see a much smaller speed-up from compilation.
  • Also, the original ROM BASIC didn't have floating point and people were able to write video games just fine.

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