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Articles related to "strong"

The best and worst of the biggest streaming services

  • (The “classics” section includes Back to the Future, Groundhog Day, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, with a few older Westerns scattered throughout.) That’s good news if you just want to catch up on all the movies you’ve been meaning to see from the last few decades — you can watch The Social Network, Avengers: Infinity War, The Matrix, or Inception on Netflix right now — but less great if you’re exploring film history.
  • Best for: Pretty much everyone: families, bored people, anyone who wants to get in on the Netflix original conversations, fans of bingeable TV shows, and movie lovers.
  • And, hey, if you just want to watch reruns of what’s on TV right now, Hulu is the best place for that, too, considering it’s got next-day reruns of most ABC, NBC, and Fox shows, along with several other series that don’t air on those networks.

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JobTweaker lever needed to pull back from cliff

  • So a second wave of government supports must extend the emergency lifeline for the economy beyond September.
  • The list is long: JobKeeper ends, the doubling of unemployment benefits through JobSeeker stops, the pause in payments on half a million mortgages runs out, the rental eviction ban is lifted, government loan guarantees for small businesses pull back, and the clock runs out on extra wage subsidies for apprentices.
  • Or, to put that another way, if you want to know what will happen with JobKeeper, keep watching the virus numbers in Melbourne.
  • But the recession is changing shape fast, so the nature, timing and dollars of government support needs to change fast too.
  • So whatever happens, we shouldn’t be scared of spending more money if that’s needed to get unemployment back down.
  • The mistake the world made after the GFC was pulling back government support too soon.

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