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Articles related to "student"

After reviewing video, prosecutors charge police inspector instead of protester

  • Staff Inspector Joseph Bologna faces charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, possession of an instrument of crime and recklessly endangering another person, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner announced Friday.
  • Philadelphia police arrested the student protester and detained him for more than 24 hours and referred him to the district attorney for prosecution.
  • But after prosecutors reviewed the video and other evidence, Krasner declined to charge the student and charged Inspector Bologna instead.
  • Bologna, a police officer for more than 30 years, was "engaged in a volatile and chaotic situation with only milliseconds to make a decision," the union said.
  • Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said Friday that while she was not privy to all of the information that led to Krasner's decision to charge Bologna, an internal affairs investigation on the matter had already been initiated and would continue regardless of the district attorney's prosecution.

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Schools turn to surveillance tech to prevent COVID-19 Spread

  • “We are very much interested in the automated tracking of students,” says Michael Sawyers, superintendent for New Albany-Plain Schools.
  • He believes that the technology could help the school determine whether social distancing is being observed and help quickly identify students who may have been exposed if someone tests positive for the coronavirus.
  • A small but growing surveillance industry has sprung up around Covid already, with firms pitching everything from temperature-tracking infrared cameras and contact tracing apps to wireless beacons and smart cameras to help enforce social distancing at work.
  • Like countless other schools, those in the New Albany-Plain district are considering regular temperature checks as well as strict enforcement of mask wearing and social distancing.
  • RightCrowd, which sells smart Bluetooth badges to companies including Honeywell and Genentech, has developed one system that issues a warning if people get too close and another that can be used for contact tracing.

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How a peaceful protest at Tiananmen Square turned into a massacre

  • Pro-democracy students march through Tiananmen Square in Beijing to demand more democratic rule in Communist China.
  • The protest movement began after the death of Hu Yaobang, a Communist Party leader who worked to liberalize Chinese politics, but was ousted from the party in part for his sympathy with pro-democracy students.
  • “Beijing’s refusal to acknowledge the events of June 4, 1989, has created a vacuum into which misinformation, ignorance, and revisionism have been allowed to flow.” Meanwhile, China actively censors most online mentions of the incident, and only Hong Kong and Macau have been allowed to commemorate it publicly.
  • Now, 31 years after the protests and massacre, China has banned a commemoration vigil in Hong Kong that has taken place since the 1990s.
  • Although the official reason for the ban was to quell the further spread of COVID-19, pro-democracy activists see it as another attempt to quash peaceful protest as China tightens its grip on Hong Kong.

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Student raped and killed in church wanted to become a minister and 'preach the word of God,' sister says

  • However, for the first time in recent years, Nigeria's police said it planned to strengthen its response to gender-based violence, adding that it had deployed special detectives across the country to work on gender violence cases.
  • A group of university students marched to the police station in Benin City in protest on Tuesday, and Nigerians have been using the twin hashtags #JusticeForUwa and #SayNoToRapists to speak out against violence against women and girls.
  • Police say they have 11 suspects in custody in connection with the recent alleged gang rape of a 12-year old girl, according to local media reports.
  • Just days after Omozuwa's death, another name was trending on social media -- this time a teenage college student in the southwest of the country who was allegedly raped and murdered at her family home, according to local media reports.

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Rudd weighs into UQ dispute, jabs ex-diplomat Varghese

  • Drew Pavlou, the philosophy student who has attracted global headlines for opposing the Chinese regime, has a new ally even more skilled in the art of self-promotion: Kevin Rudd.
  • The former prime minister, foreign minister and, most importantly, adjunct professor, on Wednesday entered the fight in support of Pavlou, a University of Queensland student suspended last week for, it seems, being the world's most annoying undergraduate.
  • In Rudd's inimitable way, he used Pavlou's case to critique the university's chancellor, Peter Varghese, with whom he shares a history of mutual antagonism from their days in diplomacy.
  • Varghese must be wondering how a cushy education administration job got him onto the opposing side of an argument with Kevin Rudd, Human Rights Watch, One Nation, the Greens and the Murdoch media.

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Texas football coach talks about the double standard he says fans have for black student-athletes

  • Discussing race relations in an interview with the Austin American-Statesman on Monday, Herman said he knows that something as simple as being pulled over for making an illegal U-turn can be a very different experience for him, compared to his black student-athletes.
  • Herman does not believe that the average fan can relate, and he believes that there is a double standard.
  • Herman told the newspaper he believes that if you're going to cheer for players of color on the field, that feeling shouldn't change once they're off.
  • Herman held a three-hour virtual team meeting with his players on Monday and opened the floor for athletes to open up and vent.
  • He said that "emotions were "all over the place," but they discussed how to best unite as a team to create real change.

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Confederate monuments haunt American democracy

  • But it was the 1966 killing of 20-year-old Sammy Younge, Jr. in Tuskegee, Alabama, that feels so strikingly similar to George Floyd's death and the current attack on Confederate monuments in 2020.
  • When southern towns, cities and college campuses revisit the issue of Confederate monuments on the grounds of what are supposed to be democratic public spaces—and they most assuredly will—then they must reckon with the legacy of racism and white supremacy that these statues represent.
  • What they, and others, see in George Floyd's death in Minneapolis, reminds them of the systemic racism in their own communities -- where Confederate monuments, some placed there more than a century ago, continue to "speak" of white supremacy and injustice.

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More Students Are ‘Stacking’ Credentials en Route to a Degree

  • Agarwal reports edX signed up as many learners in April as it did in all of last year— it now has 30 million, worldwide—and a survey of the newly registered found that 11 percent were already unemployed or furloughed and trying to learn skills that would help them get new jobs; edX has said it will offer a 30 percent discount on MicroBachelors programs to students who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic.
  • That’s because students in these programs, and the others like it, first get certificates or certifications on their way to earning associate or bachelor’s degrees.
  • Nearly 70 percent of students racking up industry certifications on their way through the edX/Western Governors stackable IT programs finish their bachelor’s degrees within two years, the university says.

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