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Articles related to "student"

US School Violence Fast Facts

  • Atchison, a former student at the high school, dies of what police believe to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
  • 12-year-old student Jose Reyes takes his parent's handgun to school and shoots three, injuring two 12-year-old male students and killing Mike Landsberry, a teacher and Marine veteran.
  • 16-year-old student Trevor Varinecz is shot and killed by a police officer after allegedly pulling a knife and stabbing the officer.
  • A 16-year-old, Byron Truvia, is taken into custody for stabbing and killing high school teacher Todd R.
  • 15-year-old Kenneth Bartley Jr. opens fire on a principal and two assistant principals, killing one of them and critically wounding another, authorities said.
  • 13-year-old Nathaniel Brazill, after being sent home for misbehaving, returns to school and shoots and kills his teacher Barry Grunow.
  • After killing his parents the previous day, 15-year-old Kip Kinkel returns to Thurston High armed with a rifle.

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Hong Kong's protestors are turning college campuses into improvised weapons factories

  • Under a November full moon, hundreds of young people dressed in black set about turning several of Hong Kong's top universities into fortresses, well stocked with improvised weapons.
  • At City University, protesters used ping pong tables, potted plants, furniture, sports equipment, and bamboo to form a network of barricades to block roads and fortify the entrances to the student residence complex.
  • Authorities said protesters had turned the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) into a "weapons factory," prompting a crackdown on Tuesday that left many people injured in fiery clashes.
  • Protesters have fortified parts of the campuses of Polytechnic University and University of Hong Kong (HKU), in addition to CUHK, BU, and City University.
  • On Thursday, police said protesters dropped flower pots and fired several arrows at officers near Polytechnic University.

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Several injured in California high school shooting, authorities say - Business Insider

  • Multiple people were injured in a shooting at a California high school Thursday morning, and police were searching for the suspected gunman, authorities said.
  • The shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita was first reported just before 8 a.m. local time, according to the Los Angeles Times.
  • Authorities told the local NBC affiliate that there were three victims, but the Santa Clarita Sheriff's Department tweeted there were up to five people being treated.
  • The LA County Sheriff's office said the suspect was male, Asian, and wearing black clothing.
  • Authorities believe the suspect is a student at the school, ABC7 reported.
  • The Santa Clarita Sheriff's Department said multiple surrounding schools were locked down after the gunfire broke out.
  • Authorities are urging anyone in the area to stay inside.
  • Saugus High School in Santa Clarita is located some 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

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Nature’s survey of 6k grad students reveals the turbulence of doctoral research

  • A third-year chemistry student at the University of Novi Sad in Serbia, she started her PhD programme with no funding, which forced her to get side jobs bartending and waitressing.
  • In survey answers and free-text comments, students expressed widespread and deep-seated frustrations with training, work–life balance, incidents of bullying and harassment, and cloudy job prospects (see ‘Free thinking’).
  • This year’s survey also included new questions suggested by early-career researchers, including ones on student debt, bullying and harassment, and carer responsibilities.
  • A female student in Belgium wrote, “I have witnessed and been the subject of bullying and intimidation by an academic supervisor … The absolute impunity of the top academic professors is astonishing and the biggest threat to young researchers (including mental health).” In the survey, 57% of students who said they had experienced bullying reported feeling unable to discuss their situation without fear of personal repercussions.

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Students' lunches were thrown away over a $15 debt. Now the school is apologizing

  • About 40 students at Richfield High School had their lunches taken away Monday and replaced with cold lunches before school leadership intervened, Richfield Public Schools told CNN on Wednesday.
  • Cafeteria workers gave students a cold lunch in place of a hot lunch, which is the existing practice at the school, the statement said.
  • Senior Diamond Johnson was at lunch when she saw a cafeteria worker throwing away lunches.
  • Johnson said she shared the video on social media because she wanted to bring awareness to the issue and get helps for the kids who can't afford a hot meal.
  • The district said it has $19,669 in outstanding lunch account balances, which includes a deficit carried over from last year.
  • Richfield Public Schools has a fund set up for people to help cover unpaid lunch accounts.

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3 fraternity deaths at 3 schools in a week draw renewed scrutiny on Greek life

  • Tuesday's morning death may be alcohol-related, police in the southeastern city of Pullman said in a statement.
  • A male student was found dead in his room at the Greek Leadership Village at Arizona State University on Monday, school officials said in a statement.
  • The death of a San Diego State University student following a fraternity event has been ruled an accident, according to the county medical examiner.
  • Dylan Hernandez, 19, was hospitalized Thursday, the morning after the fraternity event, the university said in a statement.
  • Hernandez suffered blunt force head injuries after falling from his elevated bunk bed, the San Diego County Medical Examiner's Office said.
  • Hernandez had no pulse when he was found by his roommate Thursday morning, the medical examiner's office said, and he was pronounced dead Friday.
  • Six IFC fraternities were already suspended before the student's death, the university said, and four others were under investigation.

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Americans now have a record $14 trillion in debt

  • New York (CNN Business) - US households are now sitting on a record $14 trillion in mortgages, credit cards, student loans and other forms of debt.
  • Household debt ticked up 0.7% during the third quarter, the New York Federal Reserve said on Wednesday, continuing a five-year climb encouraged by low unemployment, strong consumer confidence and cheap borrowing costs.
  • That's up by $31 billion, or 0.3%, from the end of the second quarter, according to the NY Fed. Student loans climbed by 1.4% to $1.5 trillion, while credit card balances rose $13 billion during the third quarter.
  • About 11% of the $1.5 trillion of US student debt was more than 90 days delinquent or in default, according to the NY Fed. That's the most for any loan type and is nearly double 2004 levels, the earliest year the report covers.

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US household debt rises in the third quarter, boosted by mortgage borrowing and student loans

  • The increase was primarily driven by multibillion-dollar jumps in housing debt and outstanding student loans, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
  • Student loan debt jumped by $20 billion to $1.5 trillion in total.
  • Borrowers were likely "taking advantage of a low-interest rate environment," New York Fed research officer Donghoon Lee said in a statement.
  • The Fed's current stance is optimal for the current pace of economic growth, he said, and central bank officials would need to see additional threats or uncertainties to consider additional cuts.
  • The central bank also released a blog post on Wednesday detailing racial disparities in student loan delinquencies.
  • The Fed found student loan default rates in black-majority zip codes landing twice as high as the rate in white-majority neighborhoods.
  • Predominantly black neighborhoods also hold greater total balances of student debt among their populations compared to Hispanic-majority and white-majority zip codes.

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Washington State University student's death at fraternity house might be alcohol-related, police say

  • Police officers and fire department medics went to Alpha Tau Omega fraternity house to treat a 19-year-old fraternity member who appeared to be unconscious and not breathing, police officials said in a news release.
  • Fraternity members performed CPR until medics arrived, police said, but the student had died.
  • The Whitman County Coroner will determine the official manner and cause of death, police said, and the investigation is ongoing.
  • San Diego State University student Dylan Hernandez died Sunday following an incident at a fraternity event last week.
  • On Monday, a male student was found dead in his room at the Greek Leadership Village at Arizona State University, according to a statement from school officials.
  • Police are investigating and foul play is not suspected at this point, according to the statement, but officials have not released how the student died.

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