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Articles related to "study"

Caesarean babies have different gut bacteria, microbiome study finds

  • Babies born by caesarean section have different gut bacteria to those delivered vaginally, the most comprehensive study to date on the baby microbiome has found.
  • The study showed that babies born vaginally pick up most of their initial dose of bacteria from their mother, while C-section babies have more bugs linked to hospital environments, including strains that demonstrate antimicrobial resistance.
  • But the latest findings revealed that the microbiome of vaginally delivered newborns did not come from vaginal bacteria but from the mother’s gut – presumably picked up at the moment of birth.
  • Brocklehurst said it would not be advisable for parents try to give caesarean-born babies a dose of maternal gut bacteria, for instance, which could be dangerous.
  • Andrew Shennan, professor of obstetrics at King’s College London, said: “This important study confirms that the way we give birth will alter our microbiome in the first year of life.

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Using hand sanitizer may be giving you a false sense of security

  • Another reason for the contradictory results, according to study co-lead Dr. Ryohei Hirose, is because most prior studies tested the use of the sanitizers on flu virus that had dried on the hands, instead of the wet mucus that microbes need to grow and spread.
  • In this new study, published Wednesday in the journal mSphere, it was the thick consistency of the mucus that protected the virus for so long, according to Hirose, who is a molecular gastroenterologist at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine in Japan.
  • In fact, when Hirose and his colleagues had volunteers rub sanitizers on fingertips with fully dried mucus (which took a half hour to dry in their tests), the flu virus was killed within 30 seconds of application.
  • The study also found washing hands in running water for 30 seconds killed both wet and dry flu-infected mucus.

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These are the top 5 UK financial institutions ranked by the mobile banking features consumers value most

  • In Business Insider Intelligence's first annual UK Mobile Banking Competitive Edge Study, exclusive data shows that 72% of all UK respondents surveyed use mobile banking.
  • In the UK Mobile Banking Competitive Edge Report, we take a deep dive into this trend by benchmarking the largest 10 financial institutions offering zero-fee current accounts in the UK on whether they offer the mobile features that customers say they care most about.
  • To learn more about this report, email Head of Enterprise Subscription Sales Chris Roth ( [email protected] ) or check to see if your company already has access.
  • The survey data for this report comes from Business Insider Intelligence's UK Mobile Banking Competitive Edge Survey, which was fielded between June 4, 2019, and June 11, 2019 — 1,083 UK respondents were asked to rank the value of 33 innovative mobile banking features.

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A UN study suggested it's sexist for voice assistants like Siri or Alexa to have female voices — but Google says it wanted to use a male voice from the very beginning

  • Earlier this year, a United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) study suggested that voice assistants like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, and Google's Assistant were perpetuating "harmful gender biases," as the assistant's default voices were all female.
  • For Google, it turns out that the company had originally planned to give its Google Assistant a male voice — as well as a female voice — from the very beginning.
  • When Google Assistant was first being developed, Ward told Business Insider that the traditional TTS systems simply worked better with female voices than it did with male voices.
  • The company responded to previous studies that female smart assistant voices perpetuated a gender bias by saying that female voices were just generally more pleasing.
  • We asked Apple if there was any reason why Siri had a female voice at launch, but the company did not have anything to add before this story was published.

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Tinyclues Unveils Results of Independent Research Study – Large Hospitality Gro...

  • Study quantifies the total economic impact of Tinyclues’ AI-Augmented Customer Marketing Solution on marketing use cases, revenue and productivity.
  • Attended by travel’s most forward-thinking insiders, Tinyclues announces its presence for the full two-day event, where founder & CEO David Bessis, will take the stage to explore AI’s true power in travel marketing.
  • Using cutting-edge AI technology, Tinyclues’ customer marketing solution empowers travel marketers to drive bookings, build loyalty and fulfill their business needs by helping them to find the best audiences, topics, and plan for their campaigns.
  • Tinyclues is the leading customer marketing solution empowering marketers to fulfill their business needs with AI-augmented campaigns.
  • Tinyclues uses ground-breaking deep learning technology to provide marketers with a simple and intuitive solution to define the best audiences, topics and plan for their customer-centric campaigns.

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Study: Blaming mass shootings on video games is based on racial discrimination

  • The speculation is still prominent as last month, after multiple mass shootings in the US, President Trump blamed “the glorification of violence” in video games and the internet as the main causes of mass shootings — without mentioning guns.
  • For example, if the shooter was white, video games were more than eight times more likely to be mentioned in a news article.
  • However, if the shooter was a person of color, external influences like video games were not to blame.
  • The second part of the study asked 169 college students — who were 88 percent white and 65 percent female — to read fabricated accounts of a shooting and explain what they believe had caused it.
  • Researchers found a “small but statistically significant difference” between the number of people who believed that video games were a playing factor in the account of the white shooter and those who said the same of the black shooter.

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These 10 cities are most at risk of an OB-GYN shortage, according to a troubling new study

  • The report examined data from the Doximity network, which has over 70% of US physicians as members, including 43,000 full-time, board-certified OB-GYNs. OB-GYNs deliver babies and provide a lot of other types of healthcare for women.
  • The study looks at the percentage of OB-GYNs nearing retirement age, the number of younger practicing OB-GYNs, and workloads for OB-GYNs. By combining these factors, the researchers created a list of the top 10 cities most likely to suffer OB-GYN shortages in the coming years.
  • The graphic shows the highest and lowest risk cities for OBGYN shortages.
  • The report showed that 35% of OB-GYNs are at least 55 years old and nearing retirement age.
  • The study references data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which reported that the number of births in 2018 fell 2% from 2017 to the lowest number in 37 years.

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Iron-rich foods may cancel out tomatoes' anticancer benefits

  • Although consuming lycopene-rich foods is good for health, other nutrients that we combine them with may help or hinder their cancer fighting properties.
  • For instance, a small new study now suggests that consuming foods or supplements rich in iron may halve the benefits of lycopene.
  • Kopec and colleagues set out to examine the "formation and absorption of lycopene metabolites" in seven males who consumed test meals, both with and without iron.
  • These plant pigments have antioxidant properties, but researchers do not yet know with certainty whether these phytochemicals owe their potential cancer fighting properties to the antioxidants they contain or to other compounds, which may have nothing to do with antioxidants.
  • The study authors note that using only male participants in their tests, as well as focusing exclusively on apo‐lycopenoids, limits the study findings.

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Obsessed with death? You might have 'existential isolation,' says study

  • In two separate experiments, the team asked hundreds of participants to answer questionnaires designed to determine if people who suffered from existential isolation were more likely to have greater “death thought accessibility.” The researchers weren’t looking for the people who chose to think about death the most – obviously morticians and The Walking Dead fans would top those categories – but those who were more likely to have thoughts about death under ordinary circumstances.
  • To determine if participants were socially isolated, the study required them to answer questions concerning how they saw themselves and whether they believed they viewed the world in the same way as everyone else.
  • While one study showed a direct relation to heightened death thought accessibility in those who appeared to have high levels of existential isolation, the results weren’t conclusively repeated in a second study.

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Radiowaves from electric devices may affect the body clock of insects

  • Weak radiofrequency fields appear to affect the body clocks of cockroaches.
  • If the finding is confirmed, it could mean that weak radio waves – which are already known to disorient birds – are capable of affecting a wide range of animals.
  • A couple of recent studies, for instance, have suggested that static magnetic fields affect the body clock of fruit flies.
  • When they exposed the animals to either static magnetic fields or weak radiofrequency broadband noise, the cockroaches’ periods of activity became an hour or two longer.
  • Hore says his own team has failed to replicate two studies that found that magnetic fields affect the behaviour of fruit flies in a maze, and their climbing speed in tubes.
  • Several studies have now shown that very weak radiofrequency noise can disorient small migratory songbirds held in cages, Hore says.

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