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Articles related to "success"

The most successful children have parents who play 8 roles, according to Harvard research

  • Harvard professor Ronald Ferguson, author of "The Formula: Unlocking the Secrets to Raising Highly Successful Children," recently told the Harvard Gazette he's done exactly that.
  • This isn't the same as being a helicopter parent, who Ferguson says "are so involved in their children's lives they don't create space for them to develop independent relationships, learn how to negotiate for themselves, or identify their own interests." My wife and I started playing this role when we encountered a teacher that wasn't giving our daughter a fair shake.
  • Ferguson says this is the second most important role, because it helps children find purpose.
  • Ferguson described this as, "The parents' voice in the child's head after the child has left home, coaching the young adult through new situations in life." I can only hope our daughter's GPS never says "recalculating," given the work we've done to try and keep it on course.

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Microsoft is hiring for a new team to win back its 'magic' with consumers after efforts like Windows Phone faltered

  • Microsoft is beefing up a new team intended to help the Redmond, Washington-based company win back consumers, recent job postings indicate.
  • The company is advertising open roles posted as recently as Thursday for Modern Life and Devices, a group that's operated largely under the radar since at least 2018 when Yusuf Mehdi, who is now running the group, revealed the thesis behind Microsoft's latest consumer effort at Microsoft's Inspire conference last summer.
  • Job advertisements about for the Modern Life and Devices team help to shed some light on the company's consumer strategy.
  • Around that time, Microsoft started forming up this new Modern Life and Devices team, though Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi said it has so far operated under the radar and is only now gaining momentum as the company reshapes its strategy to focus on customers as humans with complicated lives and fewer lines between work and personal life.

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20 of the biggest box-office flops of the decade, from 'Green Lantern' to 'Dark Phoenix'

  • The superhero genre dominated the decade at the box office thanks to the steady success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and surprise sensations like "Venom" and "Joker." But not all of them were success stories.
  • The decade kicked off with one of the biggest bombs of all time with "Green Lantern" and this year saw Fox's final "X-Men" movie, "Dark Phoenix," crash and burn.
  • We looked back at the decade in flops and highlighted some of the major duds of the 2010s.
  • Some managed to earn back their production budgets, but just barely.
  • Others didn't come close to earning back the money it cost to make them.
  • There were some themes throughout the biggest flops of the decade.
  • Actor Chris Hemsworth was a recurring face throughout the list and we didn't even include this year's "Men in Black: International," which tanked at the box office.

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The Evolution of Management: Transitioning Up the Ladder

  • I have been thinking a lot about the different transitions I have made as I have been promoted to different levels of management, from individual contributor to manager to organization leader in charge of hundreds of people.
  • It is no longer your job to do the work yourself; instead, your role is to mentor, motivate, and guide your team to do the work, while you maintain the connection to the big-picture vision/strategy and make it easier for your team to get things done.
  • For example, you should be well practiced at letting go of micromanaging and instead trusting the people on your team to do good work (i.e., delegation).
  • It becomes even more critical that you get clarity from your leadership on what successful outcomes will look like for you and your team, and that you do the hard work today for big-picture results tomorrow.

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Away with them

  • It’s a tale of exploitation of the poor and struggling by executives born rich and privileged; of the unfair, disproportionately harsh and negative scrutiny that women CEOs get; of the inherent cultural toxicity of constant surveillance (Away banned emails and DMs, insisting that all communication took place in public Slack channels); of the need for tech workers fo unionize; of the need for young workers to toughen up and live in the real world, which sometimes has asshole bosses.
  • Fine, I’ll take a paragraph break, but I’m not done: a tale of how not to apologize (clue: don’t try to exercise draconian control over your employees’ personal social media accounts on the same day you’re publicly apologizing for your previous draconian mistreatment of them); of the sacrifices required to build a startup; of how the real problem boils down to mismanagement and misaligned incentives, and the rest is noise; of how what previous generations considered shitty but acceptable boss behavior is now judged as completely unacceptable toxic abuse.

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